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Chapter 1115

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Chapter 1115 There is an intruder in the realm


Liam had tried the same with his soul minions before but they were not able to heal his injury.

However, he had a feeling that this time things would be difficult. This time he might be able to get everything back.

He was on the cusp of getting it right even before but now he had broken through. He was sure of it.

Liam did not know why he felt what he felt but the drake pushing him to a corner was the best thing that happened to him. It forced him to push his boundaries and go beyond his limitations.

He inhaled, his eyes cold and indifferent, as he rapidly started absorbing one soul-blood beast after another.

Thin streams of energy slowly started seeping into him and his body began absorbing them like a sponge soaking up water.

Each strand of energy was like a thread, weaving and merging with his own soul, mending the tears and fortifying the weakened parts.

[Ding! You have obtained the Dao seed of Soul Manipulation]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

Several system notifications popped up on the side but Liam did not pay attention to any of them.

His mind was clear and still as he continued to patiently manipulate the numerous swirls of soul energy that were coming his way and integrated them with his own soul.

Seconds ticked by and his confidence grew. He gradually increased his pace and soon the process became akin to a black hole drawing everything into its center.

The soul-blood beasts, which were once wild and unpredictable, now found themselves inexorably pulled towards Liam.

Their roars and howls, previously filled with madness and fury, turned into cries of despair as they were absorbed by Liam.

Each absorption was accompanied by a rush of energy and sensation. The fragmented memories, the raw power, and the lifetimes of experiences from the creatures coursed through him.

It was overwhelming, but he remained focused, drawing on his sheer willpower and resolve to prevent himself from being lost amidst the deluge.

One by one, the creatures vanished, their existence reduced to pure energy which Liam meticulously integrated into his core.

The number of soul-blood beasts had already been reduced by half. Liam still felt unsatiated but he could feel his strength surging exponentially with each beast absorbed.

He could feel the injury in his soul, once deep and irreversible, now mending. The power of the soul-blood beasts acted as a balm, sealing the cracks and rejuvenating his essence.

Finally, as the last soul-blood beast was absorbed, Liam let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. The rush of power settled down, and he could feel the significant changes in his being.

He took a moment to stabilize himself, ensuring that all the energy was properly assimilated.

The once chaotic soul energy within him now flowed harmoniously, like rivers joining an ocean, making him an embodiment of soul essence.

He slowly opened his eyes which were back to their former self.

Liam took a deep breath. He then opened his mouth.

"Army." He mouthed and the next second wisps of soul appeared all around him and his soul army which was blocked until now, stepped out into the open.

Perhaps because of the abundant soul energy present all around the world, or perhaps because they reflected the mood of their commander, the entire soul army growled in synergy, letting out an imposing aura that stood unyielding and indomitable.

Liam nodded in approval and then dismissed everyone. His battle and movements just now for sure would have attracted too much attention. He needed to leave first and hide.

No. He needed to go somewhere with more soul-blood beasts.

After the entire ordeal, he felt more attuned with soul energy so he tried to sense if there was any abundant soul energy signature near him.

However, it seemed he had overlooked something right near him.

The drake's soul was still lingering in the vicinity.

A smile appeared on Liam's face as he unceremoniously shoved the soul into a white marble. He tossed it back into his spatial artifact and immediately left the area.

Not long after, several beams of light descended from the sky, each one carrying a powerful presence and attracted by the massive surge in soul energy.

These were elite beings from various elven clans, some of them even wearing the royal sigil.

The elves hurriedly scanned the area, trying to decipher what had occurred. The remnants of the soul-blood beasts, the fluctuations of power, everything indicated that a major battle had taken place.

A middle-aged elf with sharp eyes, adorned in blue robes, squinted at the ground. "Something profound happened here. This isn't just any ordinary battle."

A younger woman, draped in silver, nodded in agreement. "The residual soul energy is dense."

Another elf, with a long white beard and dressed in green, waved his hand, producing a crystal. After channeling a bit of his energy into it, he shook his head.

"The one responsible is no longer in this vicinity. But… the way the energy has been manipulated and absorbed is unlike anything I've ever seen."

"They've managed to absorb and integrate the soul-blood beasts." He added. "And not just a few. I can feel the abundance of newly freed up blood essence."

"We've been studying these beasts for decades, and no one has achieved such a feat." Another elf exclaimed.

"We must find this person. They should have gained something from the mystic realm, a powerful inheritance perhaps." the man in blue declared. "Such power can tip the balance of power in our realm."

The three of them, along with the other elves, began scanning the area, trying to pick up on any clues or trails left by the mysterious individual.

Soon they all stared at a particular direction and it was the same direction Liam had headed off to.

"The aura leads this way," said the elder elf, pointing in the direction with his staff. "And it's not the aura of an elf. There is an intruder in the realm."

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