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Chapter 716

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Chapter 716: How could it be you?

“So it seems that my guess is correct… you really can’t use anything except Wood Release while in this state… huh?”

Hearing Tsukihi’s words, a trace of doubt appeared on Danzo’s scorched face.

He has been in a state of high tension for a few months now, so his intuition has become sharper and sharper in the last couple of months, this is the only reason he has been able to escape life and death crises several times, and listening to Tsukihi’s words just now, Danzo suddenly felt very uneasy, a sense of panic, for a completely unknown reason, suddenly surged in his heart.

Facing the intuitive warning, Danzo decided not to ignore it and carefully examined the battlefield, trying to find any piece of the puzzle that he might have missed or ignored, but that’s where the problem came, the more he looked the more doubtful he became because he couldn’t find anything that would pose a threat to him.

In fact, other than him and Tsukihi, only Shisui and the male Homusubi are present on the battlefield, both Shisui and the male Homusubi seem to be running out of their chakra and are occupied trying to protect themselves from hundreds of tree vines constantly attacking them, so obviously, they aren’t in any condition to harm in any way.

And Tsukihi, who might have posed a threat to him is currently strangled by him as all her chakra and Visual Prowess are being absorbed by him, she has no power to resist or break out from his grip, let alone threaten him… ‘So, where is this sense of unease coming from?’

Everything on the battlefield is under his control, there is no possibility of anyone present on the island being able to threaten him, so Danzo also can’t figure out the reason for unease.

Danzo couldn’t find the reason no matter how he looked, and this made him more and more anxious, and his heart became heavier and heavier.

Unable to find anything, Danzo shifted his gaze back to Tsukihi and shouted hysterically, “Why aren’t you afraid?! Answer me…! I am draining all the chakra and Visual Prowess out of you, yet why are you not afraid? Do you think some miracle will happen? Why don’t you just accept your damn fate of being my stepping stone?!”

“Fa.t.e… is… some.thin.g…… I… n.e.ver… acc.ept…” muttered Tsukihi without giving any regard to the loss of chakra and visual prowess, and asked in return, “… ab.out… y.ou…? W.hy… don’t… yo.u… ac.cept… yo.ur fate?!”

Danzo scowled, and roared hideously, “My fate is to become the Hokage… unite the Shinobi World and rule over it! This is my fate! Your fate is to be my stepping stone, even the leaders of the Akatsuki Organization weren’t able to kill me… because it’s my fate to evolve and become stronger! I am the true God of this Shinobi World, only I am the one who will surpass the Shodaime Hokage-sama and become the true god! Not only do I have powers of both Shodaime Hokage-sama and Uchiha Madara, but I also have five other Kekkei Genkai… and once I finish absorbing all the chakra and visual prowess from you, I will become invincible!”

“Hahahahaha…” Hearing Danzo’s claim about his fate Tsukihi couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “It’s funny… Hahahaha… too funny… hahahahaha…! You… You really think your fate is to become the Hokage and unite the Shinobi World? Hahaha… I am sorry I can’t control my laughter…”

Danzo’s face got darker and darker as Tsukihi laughed.

Tsukihi didn’t care about Danzo’s anger, and continued, “Do you think you are the protagonist of some story” she took a pause and said in a deep tone, “I’ll tell you what your fate is… your fate is to die an abandoned dog’s death… without anyone even feeling sadness over it… If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be here talking all this shit… why do you think you have been alive this long? Because you were useful to us! If not for that, we would have disposed off long ago, and nobody would have cared!”

Tsukihi’s words confused Danzo, at the same time, the sense of unease he was feeling increased.

Having confirmed that Danzo can’t use any other Sharingan ability while he is absorbing the visual prowess of her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Tsukihi whispered lightly, “Let me tell you a secret old man, those who think that they have become the God of this Shinobi World before truly becoming the supreme power and all-knowing are the ones who fall first… Nagato will always lose because he thinks he is already a God, and I will always win because I know that I am still not a God!” Leaving these words, Homusubi’s head inclined forward and she lost consciousness

“You?!” Danzo was stunned, he couldn’t understand what Tsukihi was saying.

But before he could ask anything, he felt that something disappeared from Tsukihi’s body, but because he was engaged in absorbing visual prowess from her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, he couldn’t perceive what it was that disappeared from her body.

And this further elevated his uneasiness… all his goosebumps stood up in fear and panic and his internal senses were screaming at him to give up on absorbing Tsukihi’s Visual Prowess and run away!


Suddenly, lightning rumbled in the clouds and the downpour became heavier.

The sudden rumbling of lightning brought Danzo out of his stupor and he shouted at the unconscious Tsukihi, “Uchiha Tsukihi, although I don’t understand what you meant, mark my words… no one will be able to stop me today, not even the end of the world!”

Danzo ignored the warning that his senses were giving him and continued to greedily absorb visual prowess from Tsukihi’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and as more and more Visual Prowess integrated into his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, the pattern of his Dojutsu began to change.

The red and black’s of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan started to fade and lilac color with a ripple-like pattern started to emerge.

“They’ve started to change… the evolution is not far away!” Feeling the changes in his Dojutsu, Danzo became ecstatic.

Danzo could feel unfathomable power starting to emerge from within, and this made him extremely excited, so much so that he had completely forgotten about the danger and uneasiness he was feeling until a few moments ago.

Just as Danzo felt that he is reaching closer and closer to evolution, he suddenly sensed an indescribably powerful chakra, and this chakra was approaching the battlefield at an extremely fast speed, the speed is so fast that not even Danzo can achieve, even when relying on Swift Release.

Sensing this chakra approach him, it felt as if his doom is approaching, and Danzo’s heart started to thump violently, for a moment Danzo even felt as if his natural enemy is coming and his body couldn’t help but instinctively cower in fear.


Accompanied by an ear-piercing scream of wind, a cyan blue figure crossed the sky and rushed towards the sinking Toto Island.

Danzo noticed the figure approaching and his eyes widened in shock and panic, but before he could move, the figure still far away had already appeared behind him.


As Danzo spurted out blood and turned around his head, he was shocked to find the person he had never expected standing behind him… seeing him, Danzo’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief, “Hyuga… Hyuga Kuroto?!”

Without a doubt, it was Kuroto in his main body who stood behind Danzo, and because he wasn’t wearing the Amatsukami uniform and no mask, so Danzo was able to immediately recognize him.

After confirming that Danzo is unable to use any of the abilities of the Sharingan, Kuroto decisively pulled out his soul from the Tsukihi Clone and transferred it to the main body that was present on the Ancor Vantian that is floating not too far away from the Toto Island.

Because he needed to rush here before Danzo completes the process of absorbing the Visual Prowess, so Kuroto didn’t bother to wear Amatsukami’s uniform and came here in his usual clothes.

Obviously, Danzo couldn’t accept that the person who appeared is Kuroto… He stared at the cyan chakra cloak wrapped around Kuroto’s body, he stared at Kuroto’s Tenseigan in disbelief and asked, “How could it be you? A mere member of the Hyuga Branch Division… How can you be the leader of Amatsukami?!”

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