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Chapter 719

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Chapter 719: Final Move!


Wrapped in Cyan blue Tenseigan Chakra, Kuroto cut the rain curtain and rushed toward Danzō in a flash.

As Kuroto got closer and closer to Danzō, time seemed to slow down.

Kuroto could see all kinds of emotion flash on Danzō’s face, astonishment, anger, fear, hope as well as excitement appeared on his face in an instant.

Kuroto could even see the step-by-step changes taking place in Danzō’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan approached closer and closer to evolution.

The former scarlet and black started to disappear as a tinge of lavender started to appear, these changes in colors became more and more obvious as time passed, and with these changes in color, even the pattern in the eyes also began changing.

The original complex pattern started to become simple ripple-like circles, although, there were some differences from other Rinnegan patterns Kuroto has seen or known based on his memories, these eyes are also Rinnegan, Kuroto can be sure of that.

No doubt, the process of evolution of the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in Danzō’s eye sockets is coming closer and closer to an end.

Noting all these changes, rather than panic, Kuroto showed excitement… he knew that he acted at the right moment and he would be able to complete what he wants to do just a few instants before those eyes completely evolve into the Rinnegan.

And as for Danzō?

Although Danzō could see Kuroto coming at him, he couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Truthfully speaking, if Danzō really tried then although not enough to effectively stop him, he should have been able to set up a few countermeasures… of course, those countermeasures wouldn’t have worked, but he could have at least tried to hinder Kuroto for a few moments… However, he didn’t!

Now Danzō’s panic senses were frantically warning him; such a scenario has never happened before, and Danzō didn’t need to think twice he could feel that he won’t be able to resist Kuroto’s attack, feeling such a threat Danzō subconsciously wanted to use ‘Izanagi’.

‘No… not at this point… if I use Izanagi, then everything will be for naught… I just have to complete the evolution… it will be over before he can attack me!’ With such reasoning, Danzō convinced himself, and forcefully suppressed his instincts.

He could feel his eyes completely evolving within four to five breaths, so he decided to take the risk.

‘The moment my eyes evolve, the victory will be mine… this is my only chance!’ Danzō roared in his heart and speeded up the absorption of Visual Prowess from Tsukihi’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

Between his life and power, Danzō decided to go with the latter and chose power… As for whether he made the right choice or not is something only time will tell.

Of course, Danzō spared no effort to hinder Kuroto and frantically directed various Jutsu at Kuroto.

Countless trees vines, shards of colorful crystals, lightning clouds, and acidic steam attacked Kuroto, trying to stop him, however, all these attacks proved to be fruitless as Kuroto didn’t stop for even a microsecond… just a simple barrier of Truth-Seeking Orbs was more than enough to prevent any of that attacks from touching him as he arrived closer to Danzō.

“Damn it!” Danzō’s face twisted in anger and madness… but the very next moment, all expression on Danzō’s face froze as he subconsciously exclaimed in panic, “NO….!”

He had done it now… using the cover of all those Jutsu, Kuroto had speeded up, and just as Danzō shouted ‘Damn it’ in anger Kuroto had already arrived in front of Danzō and gouged out the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan–that had nearly evolved into the Rinnegan–from Danzō’s eyes… causing darkness to cover Danzō’s vision.

“Noooooooo!!” There was a desperate roar in the surroundings… Kuroto wasn’t exactly sure whether the roar was made by Danzō, or by the pair of dojutsu he gouged out of Danzō’s eye sockets… but he could feel a sharp pain from that roar… it was like a demon’s cry and it hurt all those who heard it.

Not understanding what just happened, Kuroto decided to not focus on the matter too much, and while holding the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in his one hand, Kuroto molded the Truth-Seeking Orb into a sword and telekinetically controlled that sword to cut off Danzō’s hand that held Tsukihi by the throat and then used Banshō Ten’in to bring her towards him as he distanced himself from Danzō.

Having completed what he wanted, Kuroto completely ignored Danzo and focused his attention on the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan he just gouged out of Danzo’s eye sockets. He put the pair of dojutsu in a small nutrition capsule and then observed them through the capsule.

Perhaps because the evolution was interrupted in between, the pair of eyes that have almost evolved into Rinnegan had regressed back into Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, ‘I see… it’s a bit strange, but not too unexpected…’ he thought then observed Tsukihi’s eyes.

Kuroto could feel that the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in Tsukihi’s eye sockets seemed to be exhausted because too much Visual Prowess has been absorbed from them.

“It seems that both these pair of eyes need some rest only then they will be able to recover,” muttered Kuroto in conclusion.

Although both pairs of eyes were damaged and exhausted to a certain extent, the injury wasn’t too serious and will recover soon.

On Shisui and Itachi’s side, as they noted that Kuroto has saved Tsukihi and also plucked out the pair of Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan from Danzo’s eyes, both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Ignoring Danzo who was still wailing on the ground, Shisui walked to Kuroto’s side and said, “Fortunately you made it here Kuroto-san… otherwise the consequences would be terrible.”

Itachi also nodded, “Yes.” Then he looked at unconscious Tsukihi floating beside Kuroto and asked, “Is Tsukihi-san going to be all right?”

“For Danzo… don’t feel sad… even I underestimated him.” Said Kuroto, then he looked at Tsukihi and nodded to Itachi, “She will be fine… don’t worry… as I said previously, she is only exhausted, she will be able to recover after some rest.”

Hearing Kuroto’s words, both Shisui and Itachi nodded lightly, then focused their attention on Danzo.

At this moment, Danzo stopped howling and tried to get up from the ground in order to escape, but just as he got up, he stumbled and fell to the ground. He could feel that his legs and waist have become numb as the decay caused by the Truth-Seeking Orb continued to invade his body…

Unable to comprehend what was happening to him, Danzo exclaimed, “What… what’s happening to my body?!”

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