Scum Gong Walks the Career Line in the Crematorium

Scum Gong Walks the Career Line in the Crematorium
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Lin Hanchuan possesses a handsome appearance and a fortune of billions. Countless men and women are infatuated with him, but he only has his career in mind. He coldly rejects numerous confessions, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

Due to his scummy behavior, he is thrown into a world within a book by a system, with the goal of transforming him into an outstanding attack.

‘Scum Gong’: If I reject someone who likes me, does that make me scum?

This unrepentant scum gong, who believes he has done nothing wrong, has no intention of completing his mission.

There’s no such thing as rescuing a heartbroken protagonist or pursuing a spouse at a crematorium!

The scum gong, who falls in love with the employer’s contracted lover, refuses to let money insult his feelings.

The spoiled young master, who has a pure heart but marries the scum gong, declares, “I will never fall in love with you.”

The spatial ability user who pushes the gong into a horde of zombies seeks redemption after reincarnation.

The transmigrator who only cares about raising favorability ratings passes through various worlds, not getting involved with anyone…

Facing these protagonists awaiting their turn at the crematorium, Lin Hanchuan remains expressionless, turning his attention to his work and career. He strives to make it big and strong! No one will hinder his work!!

As the protagonists wait and wait, even until the flowers wither, they never witness the crematorium for the scum top. Instead, his career thrives and reaches new heights!

Protagonist: Wait, that’s not how the script was written!?

Small Theater 1:

In each world of his missions, Lin Hanchuan always encounters someone pitiful—whether it’s a malicious supporting character he cannot have, a ruthless and heartless villain boss, or miserable cannon fodder…

Lin Hanchuan picks up this pitiful character, dusts off the dirt on them, and turns them into the most dazzling star.

Small Theater 2:

Everyone says that Ran Xing is a thorny beauty with a snake-like nature. Beautiful indeed, but unfortunately, his methods are ruthless. Little do they know, he has nothing and must fight for everything on his own.

One wrong move, and he loses everything… In his most desperate moments, Ran Xing meets someone who protects him and makes him realize that he can also shine brightly.

Amidst the attention of the masses, the newly crowned charismatic movie emperor has eyes focused on only one person.

—The stars twinkle only for you

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