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Chapter 323: 323 Changes in First City

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323 Changes in First City

Back at the hotel, Su Bai went back to his room to rest.

It was only a week away from the Alchemy Festival, and two days away from entering the First City.

During this period, he would not be idle naturally. But there was no good place to go in the slums on the surface.

Su Bai gave Golden Dragon and Bearen special training in the Spiral Realm.

Golden Dragon was practicing breaststroke on dry land, spit, etc as usual. It was already so familiar that it could be any more familiar.

As for Bearen, Su Bai found him a book on rod techniques, Arway Thirty-Six Forms.

Su Bai had asked Anves’s help to get that.

It was said that a dwarf named Arway liked to wield spears and rods, and he created a set of rod techniques.

Su Bai looked through it. There was indeed a way for Bearen to learn, so he let it try out.

Bearen was practicing excitedly.

At night, Su Bai retracted his consciousness and went to the hotel cafeteria for dinner.

Coincidentally, Su Bai bumped into Gao Zhilong and Zhang Yan who had just returned.

“Su Bai, you’ve really screwed me up.” Gao Zhilong’s face was haggard. He smiled bitterly and said, “It was as if you didn’t even tell me when you ran away. It made Mr. Roger look like he had gone crazy, looking for you everywhere. In the end, he almost locked me up in the factory.”

Gao Zhilong had originally begged to learn something from the Diamond-level Alchemist, but in the end, he had not learned anything. Instead, he had been blocked at the door.

If word got out, no one would believe him.


Zhang Yan could not help but laughed, “It was really funny.”

After a short time together, Su Bai was more or less familiar with Zhang Yan.

On the surface, Zhang Yan looked difficult to get along with, but in fact, he was warm-hearted.

If not for Zhang Yan, Gao Zhilong might not be able to come back in one piece today.

“I’m treating you to this meal to express my apologies.” Su Bai smiled.

At that point, Gao Zhilong sat down and ordered a few local specialties.

Su Bai had wanted to persuade him. After all, he knew the unique taste of the dwarves’ food too well.

Obviously, it was not Zhang Yan’s first time coming to First City. When he saw Gao Zhilong’s order, he looked like he was watching a good show.

“Well, if you ask me, that Mr. Roger is really something.”

When the dishes were served, Gao Zhilong picked up a large piece of unknown meat and put it into his mouth. He shouted, “He clearly wants to take you in as his disciple, why did he have to block my…Ugh!”

Before he could finish speaking, he spat out the meat in his mouth on the spot. His face turned as red as a pepper.

“Water! I need water!”

In his panic, Gao Zhilong immediately gulped down the drink that had just been served.

Su Bai shook his head, ‘This drink was the same as the one that Lu Le drank previously.’

As expected, Gao Zhilong spat out the drink in the next second. His face turned from red to pale.

Zhang Yan, who was beside Gao Zhilong, was already laughing so hard that he was flipping over.

Today could be said to be Gao Zhilong’s most unlucky day. He was almost depressed.

But he was an optimistic person. It was not an issue for him, and he quickly recovered.

Just after the three of them had a meal, a middle-aged dwarf passed by suddenly and stared at Su Bai with undisguised hatred.

“You know him? It looks like he can’t kill you enough even if he wants to.” Gao Zhilong asked.

“I guess you could say he’s an acquaintance.” Su Bai shrugged.

The middle-aged dwarf was from Paris’s family.

Now, Paris had failed to assassinate him and was locked up in prison by Anves. He had no chance of participating in the Alchemy Festival.

Therefore, it was not strange for Su Bai to be hated. The only regret was that Paris could not deal with the problem smoothly.

Su Bai felt like he was dragging things out with this troublesome little tail.

However, the strange thing was Su Bai felt with his spiritual energy that the middle-aged dwarf had a hint of expectation besides hatred.

‘What was he expecting?’ Su Bai pondered.

With this question in mind, after bidding farewell to Gao Zhilong and Zhang Yan, Su Bai went to Anves.

“Paris?” Anves sat on the sofa and smiled. “Don’t worry. After the Alchemy Festival is over, he will be escorted back to Heavencraft City.”

“Then, it will take at least half a month to deal with it?” Su Bai asked.

“More or less.” Anves raised his eyebrows. He asked with narrowed eyes, “Are you in such a hurry to take revenge?”

“Not really.”

Su Bai told him the whole story.

After learning about it, Anves thought for a while and promised, “Although Paris’s family has a branch in First City, you don’t have to worry. They can’t cause any trouble.”


After a short chat, Su Bai left.

Anves’s expression instantly turned solemn.

A lot of things have happened in First City these days, and it affected not only Su Bai but also Anves!

Normally, the procedure to enter the underground First City was only meant for other races. It did not apply to Anves and the others.

He only needed to go through the procedures and it would take him less than two hours to enter the underground First City.

But, it had already been two days and there was still no news about Anves’s application.

Anves did not dare to guess what that meant.

Naturally, Anves’s worries could not hide from Su Bai. He immediately told Lu Le and the others to pay attention to the surroundings.

If there was anything wrong, they had to report to Su Bai at once.

On the third day, the hotel was already overcrowded.

There were thousands of participants or accompanying personnel participating in the Alchemy Festival.

The hotel did not have that many rooms. Therefore, they hurriedly arranged for other locations to settle everyone down.

Because of that, the crowd complained and protested.

At noon, Lu Le and Bing Qingqing rushed to Su Bai’s room together and reported the intelligence they had found.

Lu Le stated, “After running around for a day yesterday, I found something wrong with the soldiers of First City. Since the Alchemy Festival is being held here, they must have arranged for more people to maintain order with the increase in the number of outsiders. However, they did not do that at all!”

“That’s right. I’ve already asked around. There were at least seven hundred Beastmasters stationed on the ground in First City, but they’ve been reduced to three hundred in the past few days. That’s half the number!” said Bing Qingqing.

At a time when the management of military forces was needed the most, half of them were transferred away. It would make people think otherwise.

“What about the Beast-core weapons and others?” Su Bai asked.

“That topic is a little sensitive. If I really ask, I’m afraid I’ll be arrested as a spy.” Lu Le smiled bitterly.

Up until now, Su Bai was helpless.

To those with discerning eyes, the changes in First City were quite strange.

If they did not prepare in advance, they might become sitting ducks.

Then, Su Bai went to Zhang Yan, the Beastmaster of the escort team.

They had sent a total of three Platinum-level and seven Gold-level Beastmasters to escort Gao Zhilong and the others from the Royal City.

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