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Chapter 108: 108 Setting off Again! Into the Danger Zone!

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108 Setting off Again! Into the Danger Zone!

The scene surprised them even more when the trio rushed back to the camp.

The medical staff treated the wounded everywhere, and the soldiers quarreled with each other.

Soon, a soldier took Feng Hai away to hear the information he had brought back.

As for Su Bai and Zhu Di, they went to the lounge.

Ten minutes later, Feng Hai came to the lounge, looking exhausted.

“How is it? Do you have any news about the captain and the others?” asked Zhu Di.

“Yes, the captain and the others came back earlier than us, but because one of the teams was short of manpower, they were transferred over. But there’s good news that’s not bad,” Feng Hai said with a bitter smile.

“What?” Zhu Di asked.

“Gold-level Beasts have already started to appear in the dangerous zone. We’re considered to be the lucky ones.”

Zhu Di shrugged her shoulders and lay on the bed, closing her eyes to rest. She wasn’t surprised at all.

The scale of the battlefield this time was unprecedentedly large, so it was not strange for rare and dangerous Beasts to appear.

Moreover, the military couldn’t send all their soldiers here. Many Beastmasters had to be left behind to guard the place.

This was the current situation, and it was impossible to end the battle swiftly and save Howl City.

“Su Bai, your intelligence has been reported. They said they would have a word with you at any time.”

After Feng Hai conveyed the message, he sighed, “I heard that the higher-ups are taking this matter very seriously. They’ve already sent our deputy commander, Bing He, to take charge.”

It was obvious that the development of the situation was gradually getting out of control when asked the deputy commander to take charge.

“Understood.” Su Bai answered and continued to rest.

Despite their injuries, the military would take care of them and provide them with the best medical care possible.

The ointment made from Beast-cores was applied to the wound. The wound would heal completely in less than an hour without leaving a scar.

Similarly, Beasts could also be treated with supreme-grade healing ointments.

A few hours later, another piece of news arrived.

Three elite teams were attacked by the Gold-level Beasts. Although no one died, they were almost unable to fight and were sent back to Los Monstaria to recuperate.

Currently, the military camp is constantly receiving information.

Soon, a soldier summoned Su Bai.

After Feng Hai and Zhu Di gave some instructions, Su Bai came to a tent.

The first one he saw was the deputy commander of the Ninth Legion, Bing He. He looked serious and forced a smile when he saw Su Bai.

“I heard that you’ve been doing well recently.”

“You’re too kind,”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to thank me. You should be aware of the current crisis in Howl City. According to the intelligence from the frontline, the vines are definitely the most suspicious point!

“There was a team that tried to completely destroy the vines, but in less than ten minutes, the vines appeared again in that place.

That information proved that cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots was useless against the vines!

The military didn’t know how the vines reproduced and then spread, let alone where they came from.

After many of the military’s efforts were spent, they learned about the vine from Howl City, and the result was no more than what they knew.

They had learned about the vine from Howl City, and there was no more than what they knew.

Therefore, they could only rely on themselves to solve this problem.

Su Bai had experienced the Beast tide in the town, and the higher-ups had heard about it. That was why he was called here for questioning.

“Just tell everything. The more detailed, the better.”

“Yes, sir!”

Then Su Bai told him about the Beast tide in the town that day and described the strangeness of the Tweeting Warbler in detail.

In other words, other than being able to exude a Scarlet Mist-like effect, it had nothing in common with the vines.

“I see. You should head back first and be careful when you carry out the mission.” Bing He nodded.

Bing He was very protective of a new generation of talents like Su Bai, even in this critical moment.

Su Bai went back to the lounge. Feng Hai and Zhu Di were already up and had received their orders. They needed to act immediately!

“No problem, Su Bai? Don’t force yourself. Just let us know if you need to rest,” Zhu Di said softly.

“I’m fine.” Su Bai smiled indifferently.

The intensity of the previous mission was not enough to exhaust him.

As Captain Huo Hua and the others had not returned, their team still had only three members.

Even though Feng Hai had tried to ask for more help.

However, the military camp lacked manpower, so they could only rely on the three to move.

“This is a walkie talkie.” Feng Hai handed Su Bai a walkie talkie and explained. “Don’t be fooled by the old-style buttons. They all have a special channel, so we can keep in touch even in dangerous situations.”

There were three in total, just enough for everyone to carry.

That way, even if they were to be separated, they could still contact each other in time.

They could also call for other military squads around them to ensure their safety when in danger.

After the preparations were made, the three left the military camp and again set foot in a dangerous place.

“Let’s go!”

Su Bai was still the vanguard, leading Bearen to cut through the obstacles.

The mission they had accepted this time still prioritized intelligence. After all, with the combat strength of three people, there was no way to ask for more.

The only problem was that they were going to set foot in a place they had yet to reach.

Under Su Bai’s lead, the three formed a triangular formation and commanded their Beasts to move forward.

When they encountered an unstoppable Beast attack, Whitey would deal with it as quickly as possible.

“You really do have a second Beast!”

Feng Hai and Zhu Di’s eyes were wide open within the group.

They had spent half a month together.

Even though they had been in a team with Su Bai, he had always used Bearen as his primary fighting force.

One of the most basic rules Beastmasters had was not to reveal their trump cards in case they were targeted.

The registration form in the military only required the information of one Beast.

Su Bai registered Bearen in the system, and Whitey was always in his pocket.

However, after spending a long time together, they would eventually give themselves away, such as the fatal wound on the Beast’s corpse.

Su Bai did not try to hide that.

That was why everyone on the team had guessed that Su Bai had a second Beast, but they had never had the chance to prove it. Now, they finally got to see Whitey’s true appearance.

“So it’s a little Spider, no wonder.”

“It’s quite cute.”

They were so fond of Su Bai’s Beast that they even forgot they were in danger.

“Don’t be distracted. Pay attention to your surroundings.” Su Bai ordered helplessly. “We’ve advanced for almost five kilometers. At this speed, we must retreat back to the camp before ten at night.”

“Alright, alright, alright. Su Bai, you really have the makings of a captain.”


The team passed through the plains and soon arrived at a rare mountainous area. The trees here had been invaded by vines and turned into dead wood.

There were also many dried-up corpses of Beasts on the ground.

The danger level would increase from the plains to the mountains if they continued forward.

But suddenly, Whitey jumped on Su Bai’s shoulder and bounced back and forth in excitement.

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