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Chapter 111: 111 Coax, Deceive, and Subdue the Dream Larva

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111 Coax, Deceive, and Subdue the Dream Larva

‘There’s actually a sound coming from inside?’ Su Bai thought as he was shocked.

He didn’t expect there to be something fishy with the vine tree.

Su Bai used the Ice Dagger in his hand to work even harder, constantly breaking the tough vines on the outside.

But as the hole got bigger, the voice became more anxious.

“Don’t… Come over here…”

“I-I’m s-scared…”


The tender voice continued, but at the same time, Whitey’s performance became more and more exciting.

Like a hungry wolf, it tore apart the vine tree with its sharp legs.

In the end, when the hole was more than ten centimeters wide, Whitey couldn’t wait to rush in.

“Stop!” Su Bai stopped Whitey.

He didn’t know what was inside the vine tree, so it was better to be safe than sorry.

After being stopped, Whitey dared not to protest even though it was complaining. It could only return to Su Bai’s shoulder pitifully.

Su Bai carefully peeked through the tree hole.

He gazed at the tree hole, and it wasn’t completely dark. On the contrary, It was very bright. A fist-sized larva was wrapped in the thin vines.

‘The voice was actually coming from this larva?’ Su Bai thought as he opened his eyes wide.

Su Bai didn’t expect that not only was Whitey so anxious to activate its divine sense, but there was also a Beast larva in the vine tree that had activated its divine sense.

He could feel that the energy in the vine space was surging wildly, and it was being absorbed by the vines from the larva.

“This larva is not that simple! A life force that can support the vine tree is definitely not something an ordinary Beast can do!” said Su Bai.

When ordinary Beasts were entangled by the vine tree, their vitality would be directly drained after their blood was sucked dry. Even if they could break free, they would be seriously injured, and their movements would be affected.

Not only could the larva inside the vine tree be one with the vine tree, but it had also already activated its spiritual sense.

“Little guy, let me see what you’re capable of.”

Su Bai immediately activated the system and looked at the virtual panel of the larva.

Name: Dream Larva

Level: Mid-6 Bronze

Potential: Grand High

Talent: Mirage (Legendary)

Element: Dream

Nature: Gentle

Skills: Spiritual Domain (S-Level), Mirror of Illusion (S-Level), Invisibility (A-Level)

After checking, Su Bai couldn’t help but have a drop of cold sweat.

‘Incredible! It’s actually a dream-type. On the virtual panel, it was considered powerful, and it has two S-Level skills and a legendary talent!’

The larva’s talent was Mirage, which could be said to be the top illusion enhancement.

The S-Level skill, Spiritual Domain, allows users to condense spiritual energy and radiate it to strengthen other skills.

Another skill with the same level was the Mirror of Illusion. It could be activated under the Spiritual Domain to construct an illusory sealed space. The size varies depending on the user’s spiritual power. It was a top illusion skill!

Su Bai was a little confused. ‘How could such a legendary beast be caught by the vine tree?

It clearly had an S-Level Spiritual Domain, and with the A-Level Invisibility, it was able to make it impossible for even Diamond-Level Beastmasters to see through it.’

“Don’t … Eat me …”

The Dream Larva communicated with Su Bai again with its consciousness.

“Who wants to eat you?” Su Bai asked after calming down.

But after Su Bai asked, he immediately looked at Whitey on his shoulder.

“Master, it’s delicious!”

Sure enough, Whitey also communicated with his consciousness, revealing the reason for its excitement.

Su Bai was utterly speechless.

It turned out that Whitey was so excited to break it just for a bite of food.

Although Su Bai had not stayed in the academy for many days, he had learned much from the ancient books on Beasts.

According to the records, the Crackantula was a predatory Beast. If a wild Crackantula wanted to grow, it had to constantly fight and eat the flesh and Beast-cores of other Beasts.

However, that changed after being tamed by a Beastmaster.

It would only eat when food was given and being pampered.

It didn’t need to live such a hard life anymore. At most, It would have to eat it once in a while.

The Dream Larva that was imprisoned in the tree hole was very afraid.

It was because of the existence of the predators that it was threatened.

Its main body had no combat power, and the means it could rely on to survive had been cut off.

It couldn’t use its skill anymore, so it was trembling now.

On the contrary, the Dream Larva was a top-grade delicacy for Whitey!

Su Bai finally understood what was happening, and his gaze landed on the Dream Larva.

A top-level dream-type Beast larva was definitely enough to drive countless Beastmasters crazy.

After all, an egg of an illusion-type Beast could fetch a high price in normal circumstances. Not to mention one at the highest level!

“Don’t come any closer…”


“I’m scared…”

“Master, it’s delicious!”

The two little guys were facing each other, crazily transmitting their consciousness into Su Bai.

“Stop! Both of you!” Su Bai shouted. He felt helpless, stepped back, and whispered to Whitey, “You can’t eat it.”

“B-But why…” Whitey said with confusion.

As a Beast, it had only been born less than a year and displayed the instincts of a predator toward Dream Larva.

Perhaps there would be an increase in strength after eating it, but in reality, eating a larva that had yet to grow was not as much as spending a day or two on Mt. Six-peaks. The amount of experience gained was not as great.

‘Since that was the case, Whitey shouldn’t waste on the such good stuff!’ Su Bai thought.

“There, there. I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat when we return,” said Su Bai.

“Okay…” said Whitey.

Like a child who didn’t get a good toy, Whitey was a little disappointed, but it could only give up.

Su Bai immediately turned to the Dream Larva in the tree hole and smiled.

“Little one, you don’t want to be eaten either, right?”

“I don’t!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you be eaten, but …”

The Dream Larva heaved a sigh of relief, but a ‘but’ was enough to keep it hanging.

“You won’t be eaten, but it won’t be long before you’re still eaten by these vines,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai put on an expression of pity and sighed, “These vines are too hard. It’s too difficult to break them, but it would be great if I could keep you in my Beast Space.”

His words stunned the Dream Larva.

“Right…The vines are hard…Gluttonous…I was caught…”

The well-behaved Dream Larva went along with Su Bai’s words and directly explained how it was imprisoned by the vines.

The Dream Larva was another glutton.

If it had not been for the Dream Larva’s gluttony, it would not have been detected by the vines, much less imprisoned.

Seeing that the time was right, Su Bai didn’t try to hide anything.

“I have a way to save you. Do you want to hear it?”

“I want to …”

“Are you willing to become my Beast? That way, you won’t be eaten by these vines.”

Upon hearing that, the Dream Larva fell silent.

Opening up its divine sense meant that its intelligence was extraordinary and already had the most basic self-thinking ability.

The Dream Larva was probably in a dilemma right now.

‘To save myself? Or to become someone else’s Beast? It was a choice.’ Dream Larva thought.

“I’ve indeed made things too difficult for you.” Su Bai pretended to sigh, stepped back, and was ready to leave.

The frightened Dream Larva immediately answered, “Yes, I will!”

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