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Chapter 124: 124 The Reinforcements Have Arrived!

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124 The Reinforcements Have Arrived!

Dream Larva nibbled on the seed, and chewing was heard. Soon, it was all in its stomach.


Dream Larva has killed the Mid Silver level Bloody Vines and gained 15,000 experience points!


Dream Larva has leveled up to Upper-7 Iron!


Dream Larva has leveled up to Upper-8 Iron!


Dream Larva has leveled up to High-10 Iron!

In just a few seconds, Dream Larva’s fatigue was caused by activating the Mirror of Illusion, and the long duration of Invisibility disappeared. It was in high spirits.

At the same time, the massive amount of experience points allowed the Mid-6 Iron level Dream Larva to leap up to the High Iron level!

“Wow, that’s really effective!” Su Bai was amazed.

The young lord had already died, and the Bloody Vines seed had vanished. All that remained was to feel the assaults that the Mirror of Illusion had to endure while waiting for reinforcements.

The whole process seemed long. Su Bai was lying in Bearen’s arms. Its soft fur was very comfortable.

It contrasted with the Salvation Sect Beastmasters outside, sweating profusely from anxiety.

Ten minutes later, the Mirror of Illusion finally shook. Su Bai opened his eyes and stood up.

During that time, Su Bai thought about the possibility that the Mirror of Illusion had been broken and the reinforcements had not arrived yet.

The next challenge might be even more dangerous than facing the young lord.

After all, the strength of the elders of the Salvation Sect was still unknown.

If it was only at Gold-level, he might be able to deal with it for a while, but if it was Platinum-level, Su Bai would be under much pressure.

“It’s about to break.” Dream Larva’s voice rang in Su Bai’s mind.

Su Bai was ready. Once the Mirror of Illusion was removed, he would immediately become invisible.

Su Bai adjusted his breathing and was ready in his best state.

However, the attack abruptly ceased, and the Mirror of Illusion was kept in a state where it could collapse at any time.

“What’s going on?” Su Bai didn’t dare to be careless and waited silently.

The outside couldn’t see into the Mirror of Illusion, and the inside couldn’t see the outside.

Even Dream Larva, who was the domain master, was the same.

Su Bai guessed that Dream Larva might be too weak to fully control its ability.

However, none of that was important now. More importantly, Su Bai cared about what was going on outside more.

Time passed, and ten minutes later, the Illusion Domain finally collapsed.

At the same time, Su Bai immediately became invisible. He began to observe the surroundings.

If something was wrong, he would immediately leave without staying here for a second!

However, just as Su Bai turned invisible, a familiar face shouted, “Su Bai… Where the heck is he?”

It was Feng Hai from Squad Nineteenth.

Su Bai scratched his head and mumbled, “Something’s not right. I saw that kid just now. How did he disappear in the blink of an eye?

“Wasn’t this place clean and tidy just now? Why did it suddenly change?”

Su Bai was also confused, but then he heaved a sigh of relief.

The surrounding scenery was a mess, and the corpses of the Salvation Sectists could be seen everywhere.

It was obvious that the reinforcements had arrived long ago. They failed to realize the Mirror of Illusion and caused Su Bai to be passive.

Very quickly, Zhu Di and the rest arrived as well.

“Did you find Su Bai?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Then what are you still doing here? Hurry up and find him! He must be inside the stronghold!” Zhu Di said anxiously.

Upon hearing this, Feng Hai suddenly had an idea.

“I know, he’s there!”

Zhu Di saw a chaotic scene in the direction that Feng Hai was pointing at and became very angry.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m not joking!”

Feng Hai swallowed his saliva and softly explained, “Do you remember the bicephalic serpent? That kid must have a Beast that can enter stealth mode.

“I’m guessing that must be the case.”

As expected of an experienced soldier. Feng Hai only needed to think briefly before confirming it was Dream Larva’s Invisibility skill.

The only thing that puzzled Feng Hai was the sudden collapse of the tent and the traces of an intense battle.

But he didn’t take it to heart. After all, they were currently in an Illusion Domain.

“Are you kidding me?”

Zhu Di looked at Feng Hai as though he was an idiot. He gritted his teeth and said, “Since you said so, why didn’t Su Bai show up when we came?”

“Uh …”

Feng Hai was rendered speechless by Zhu Di’s words. He immediately shouted in grievance, “Su Bai, come out quickly. If you don’t, I’m going to suffer!”

The soldiers passing by saw that and cast confused looks at Feng Hai.

Fortunately, Su Bai didn’t show up, or he would have felt embarrassed in front of the military.

It was not that Su Bai was unwilling to show himself. It’s Dream Larva’s Invisibility had a fixed time of ten seconds after it was used. It could only dispel after ten seconds.

“I think you’re just itching for a beating!” Zhu Di could no longer suppress her anger as she rolled her sleeves and closed in.

This caused the burly Feng Hai to shiver.

“Zhu Di, forget it.”

Suddenly, a sound rang out.

Zhu Di replied angrily, “Forget what? Never mind if you’re not serious normally. But now, you even dare to joke around!”

“Crap, it’s Su Bai!”

Feng Hai’s eyes were wide open as he pointed to the side of Zhu Di.

However, as Feng Hai joked too many times, it would be hard for others to believe him later.


The punch landed, and Feng Hai’s eyes were immediately filled with dark circles.

Zhu Di realized that Su Bai was standing beside her.

“Where did you come from?”

“Uh … I just got here, just got here.” Su Bai looked at Feng Hai’s dark circles and grinned.

“Damn, you still dare to laugh!” Feng Hai straightened his neck and looked somewhat aggrieved.

On the contrary, it was even funnier.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, Zhu Di quickly apologized. However, the proud Feng Hai was determined not to forgive her. Ultimately, Zhu Di had to use her fists to force Feng Hai to forgive her.

Then, Su Bai went to the main tent of the stronghold and saw Gu Lin, who was in charge of the military.

There was also an elder whose chest had been pierced by a long spear and was lying in a pool of blood.

A battle was going on here while Su Bai was hiding in the Mirror of Illusion, and the situation could be described as overwhelming. There were few signs of a battle nearby.

“Su Bai?” Gu Lin’s eyes lit up when he saw Su Bai.

But in the next second, his face turned into one of disgust. Su Bai was wondering how he had offended him, but it turned out that Bing He was here too.

“Su Bai, you did well this time!” Bing He walked over happily and said excitedly. “The magic formation has been destroyed. You’ve contributed a lot to this operation!”

They were cleaning up the battlefield and preparing to send those Salvation Sect Beastmasters who surrendered back to Los Monstaria.

On a narrow road, however, enemies are bound to collide. Su Bai’s eyes met Gu Lin’s as he was asked to leave as soon as he finished speaking.


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