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Chapter 174: 174 The Anxious Zhou Li

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174 The Anxious Zhou Li

“With that talent, you could definitely become an Alchemist!”

“Su Bai, I didn’t expect you to be a hidden millionaire!”

“What a strong energy. Su Bai, are you just pretending or what?”

Su Bai was surrounded by the crowd and became the center of attention.

Zhang Kun, who was standing alone at the back, felt very depressed. He had made ample preparations to humiliate Li Yan so that Zhu Lili could see the difference between him and Li Yan.

Suddenly, Su Bai came out of nowhere and ruined Zhang Kun’s plan.

Even if Li Yan failed again later, with Su Bai supporting him, Zhang Kun wouldn’t be able to make use of this opportunity to make a fuss.

“It’s indeed not bad. This isn’t your first time doing alchemy, is it?” Zhou Li asked with a smile.

“I’ve only learned a little bit about extracting Beast-core. It couldn’t be considered my first time.” Su Bai nodded.

However, it was such a simple sentence that made Zhou Li’s smile freeze.

Extracting Beast-core had always been a skill that Su Bai learned by himself to save time.

However, if Beastmasters could refine this skill, they would basically shift their focus to becoming an Alchemist without a reason.

It was precisely because of the high threshold of being an Alchemist that even an ordinary Alchemist could receive better treatment and status than Beastmasters of the same level.

For example, Zhou Tianwen was a Diamond-level Alchemist.

There were more than 20 major cities around Los Monstaria, including those that had grudges against Los Monstaria. They would not reject Zhou Tianwen’s visit.

In this aspect, even governor Gu Yan could not compare to Zhou Tianwen.

“Then you are indeed talented. Do you want to try something more difficult?” Zhou Li asked.

Zhou Li was a little excited. He didn’t expect to meet another student with potential.

“I could try.” Su Bai nodded.

Then, Zhou Li brought over a box that contained a dagger and the horn of the Iron Ox.

“Relax, it doesn’t matter if you fail. Judging from the density of your energy, I’m sure you’re not weak. It’s enough to melt the Iron Ox’s horn,” said Zhou Li.

Su Bai took the box and put all the materials into the furnace.

Then, Su Bai activated the flame with his energy, and at the same time, the crisp sound of snapping fingers appeared again.


‘Why did he snap his fingers?’ Zhou Li pondered. He was a little confused.

But Zhou Li didn’t interrupt Su Bai who was refining in case something went wrong.

In less than three minutes, the Iron Ox’s horn melted under the burning flames and covered the entire dagger.

The entire dagger was renewed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“So awesome…”

Li Yan and the others looked on in a daze. As laymen in the field of alchemy, they didn’t feel much other than seeing that the effect of the refinement was good. However, it was completely different for Zhou Li.

Refining a dagger was different from refining a ring. The ring only needed the refined iron to evenly cover the surface, while the dagger’s blade needed to be covered with a further fine coating.

As long as one completed this step, one would be qualified to become a Bronze-level Alchemist!

But now, Su Bai not only finished the fine coating but also solved the last regret perfectly. The dagger did not have any rough edges.

“You…” Zhou Li calmed down for a while. Then he asked ecstatically, “Hey, are you interested in joining the Alchemist Guild?”

“I don’t have such plans for the time being.”

“Nonsense!” Zhou Li suddenly said solemnly. He added, “The earlier you become an Alchemist, the better. You’re talented. As long as you concentrate on cultivating in the guild for three years, it’ll be easy for you to become a Gold or Platinum-level Alchemist in the future!

“You don’t have to worry about the resources for the Beast’s training. The guild would guarantee to provide you with plenty!”

Every Alchemist had the same thirst for talent as Zhou Li.

Alchemists didn’t need to fight like Beastmasters. They only needed to devote their hearts and souls to refining and creating divine weapons as an achievement.

The Alchemists only needed to devote their hearts and souls to refining and creating divine weapons as an achievement. Therefore, they valued like-minded people.

For example, most Alchemists would gather together every year to discuss new materials or new conclusions.

It could be said that to become an Alchemist, one didn’t need to be as cunning as most Beastmasters and got themselves murdered and their corpses exposed in the wilderness.

“Su Bai has the potential to become a Platinum-level Alchemist?!”

When the students heard Zhou Li’s words, they fell into a daze.

They knew very well what a Platinum-level Alchemist meant. It was linked to both status and wealth! These two are within reach!

“I’m sorry, I still have a lot of training to be done at the moment.”

“Why are you so stubborn?”

Su Bai kept refusing, which made Zhou Li anxious.

First, Zhou Li recounted the benefits of becoming an Alchemist, and then he talked about his lofty ideals. He was almost tempted to show Su Bai the figures in his bank account.

Zhou Li wanted to tell Su Bai how glorious it was to be an Alchemist.

The other students were so envious that they wanted to press Su Bai’s head and agree.

“Su Bai, don’t be stupid!”

“That’s right. Alchemists can do whatever they want. We don’t even have the qualifications to do so!”

“I don’t think there’s anyone who could make Mr. Zhou anxious except Su Bai.”

“Li Yan, do you want to persuade him? The status of Alchemists is far from what ordinary Beastmasters can compare to. Su Bai’s talent isn’t bad at all,” Zhu Lili said softly.

“Forget it. Let Su Bai decide for himself.” Li Yan smiled.

Li Yan grew up with Su Bai and knew that Su Bai was not a fool.

Since Su Bai didn’t want to be a high and mighty Alchemist, he naturally had his reasons.

“How about this?!”

Zhou Li was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. He took out a Silver-grade Gilded Longsword from his Beast Space.

The Gilded Longsword looked old, and there were many potholes on it. It seemed to be a weapon that had been used on the battlefield for a long time.

“If you could repair this weapon, then I won’t pester you!”

“You sure?”

“Of course, I’m a Silver-level Alchemist after all. Why would I lie to you?”

Zhou Li said with a wise and majestic expression.

Su Bai looked at the Gilded Longsword and felt a little tempted.

During the refining process, Su Bai could clearly feel the changes in Whitey’s energy, which made it easier for him to use it.

There was even a moment when Su Bai thought he was Whitey.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Su Bai nodded.

Although Zhou Li’s lame excuse did not seem like he was willing to let Su Bai go, it was not bad to have the opportunity to come into contact with the repair of Silver-grade Beast-core equipment.

Su Bai immediately activated the energy flame again, and at the same time, he snapped his fingers again.

Throughout the entire process, Zhou Li looked at the furnace nervously.

Even Zhou Li, he had to be very careful when refining the Gilded Longsword.

If Su Bai took a wrong step, he would have to start over. Two mistakes and the longsword would be completely useless.

The process of repairing and refining was very slow. After all, the craftsmanship and details of the longsword were more complicated.

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