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Chapter 176: 176 The Rogue-Like Bearen

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176 The Rogue-Like Bearen

The following morning, the villa’s door was wide open and Su Bai was laying in the yard, soaking up the rays.

The nun led the children to sing children’s songs, and they were having a good time in the villa.

Because of his hard work, Li Yan had already returned to the academy early in the morning to prepare for the academy’s holiday training camp.

Last night, Su Bai had given Li Yan the Beast egg he got from the auction.

Li Yan’s eyes widened. Never in his dreams would he have thought that bidder no.188 was Su Bai!

Su Bai did not explain and Li Yan chose to believe him.

After the pact was made, the Water Cheetah that hatched was charmingly naive.

Li Yan couldn’t help but like it.

Before Li Yan left, Su Bai gave him $5 million as funds for training the Water Cheetah.

“I won’t let you down, Su Bai!” Li Yan hugged Su Bai with his eyes reddened, causing the scene to be a little emotional.

The yard was quiet now. Su Bai immersed his consciousness into the Spiral Realm in the Beast Space.

The Third Heaven was still the same, but the smell of blood there was much lighter.

With Su Bai’s order, the Dawn Bugs were no longer unrestrained and began to recuperate.

The Second Heaven was the exact opposite.

Bearen was simply like a local ruffian, attracting troubles everywhere.

Bearen had challenged almost all of the most powerful Beasts here, especially the Sprite Foxes. Bearen challenged the Sprite Foxes at least four to five times a day.

In the beginning, Bearen could not deal with Sprite Fox’s illusion at all. Therefore, Bearen was beaten until its head was dizzy.

Fortunately, Bearen had Dream Wing’s help to save itself.


However, after a while, the Bearen that had recovered once again brought its good friend, Black Ursus, and ran to the other party’s territory to challenge them.

In the end, the same thing happened again. The Sprite Foxes were so depressed that they simply surrendered.

However, Bearen couldn’t just give up like that. It put on a stance that said, “If you don’t beat me into submission today, I’ll beat you into submission.”

The Sprite Fox had no choice but to give the Bearen another round of beating.

After all, the Sprite Fox was a Gold-level Beast.

No matter how strong Bearen was, without Su Bai’s leadership, it could only be rebuffed.

“You really know how to cause trouble.” Su Bai helplessly looked at Bearen whose head was full of bumps.

But it was alright, the Sprite Foxes wouldn’t have any killing intent because of Dream Wing.

Otherwise, with Bearen’s bad temper and attitude, it would already be good if the Sprite Foxes did not turn hostile.


Bearen widened its big watery eyes in a grievance, expressing its unwillingness and grievance.

However, Su Bai realized that Bearen’s resistance towards illusion had increased a little.

Su Bai found that Bearen’s resistance to illusion had increased a little. Obviously, that farce was not without gains.

“Forget it, as long as you’re happy.” Su Bai said to Bearen. He shook his head and smiled, “But you can only go once a day. Otherwise, I will lock you up in the Fourth Heaven.”

As soon as Su Bai said that, Bearen panicked and hurriedly nodded and agreed.

To Bearen, the Second Heaven was simply a paradise!

Other than the Sprite Foxes, there were also other powerful Beasts. To be able to fight to its heart’s content, it was simply a Bearen paradise.

Except for this incident, Su Bai was satisfied with everything else.

This was because the Bearen had challenged the Beasts everywhere.

Bearen took in a large group of underlings, all of whom followed Bearen’s lead.

If Su Bai had come a few days later, Bearen would have built a Beast City in the Third Heaven.

After going around in circles and patrolling the Spiral Realm once, Su Bai withdrew his consciousness.

He spent the day leisurely and lazily. The next morning, he packed his luggage and prepared to return to the military.

“Remember to take good care of yourself. Don’t work too hard. The money you sent us is enough for us to last for several years. Don’t overwork.” the nun advised reluctantly.

“I know.” Su Bai nodded with a smile.

After leaving the villa area, Su Bai prepared to hail a taxi.


Unexpectedly, there was a jeep parked at the door. The person rolled down the window and it was Feng Hai.

“Your wonderful holiday is over. Hurry up and get in the car. It’s been a little lonely without you for the past three days. I happened to be in the city to buy something, so I came to give you a ride.” Feng Hai said happily.

When Su Bai got in the car, he found the back of the car was full of bags.

“Where are you going?” Su Bai asked.

“You didn’t know? Looks like you’re living quite comfortably, kid. You don’t even know what happened in the military recently,” Feng Hai raised his eyebrows.

“Feng Hai, don’t keep me in suspense. Tell me quickly.” Su Bai urged.

“Alright, we’ll talk on the way,” said Feng Hai as he drove away from Los Monstaria.

Along the way, Feng Hai told Su Bai everything that had happened in the past three days.

To put it simply, the most important thing was that Los Monstaria obtained first place in this year’s Spiral Realm trial!

Naturally, Los Monstaria would receive a huge amount of resources.

Therefore, the most important task for the military now was not to hunt Beasts, but to start operating and distributing resources reasonably. It was a huge commotion.

“I really envy you. You actually have a holiday. I’ve been so busy these days,” Feng Hai said bitterly. “Even if I wanted to take an afternoon nap, the captain would chase me out with a whip.”

The Ninth Legion was at the bottom of the pyramid, so the chores were definitely several times more tiring than the other legions.

Therefore, Su Bai’s vacation was definitely worth it!

“Haha.” Su Bai smiled. He asked, “Other than digesting the resources, is there anything new?”

“Yes!” Feng Hai revealed a mysterious smile. He added, “But I can’t tell you. You’ll know when we get back.”

“You’re keeping me in suspense again,” said Su Bai.

“Hehe, who asked you to be comfortable for three days? I’ll make you uncomfortable for a few hours. It is more important and it concerns your future mission. The impact alone can affect most people in the military.” Feng Hai patted his chest and said.

“Pressing the defensive line?”

Su Bai only knew that Los Monstaria’s territory would expand every year because of the results of the war. It was not child’s play.

If they wanted to defend the territory that they had fought for, they needed soldiers to guard it. That was the case where the military was stationed.

“You guessed wrong. And it doesn’t matter at all,” Feng Hai said with a sly smile.

The more curious Su Bai was, the more satisfied Feng Hai felt.

‘That childish temper of his.’ Su Bai thought. He had no choice but to give up.

Anyway, Su Bai would know when he went back. There was no hurry.

A few hours later, Su Bai stepped into the camp of the Nineteenth Squad.

It had only been three days, but Su Bai felt as warm as home. He couldn’t wait to go to Mt. Six-peaks and have a great fight. He felt the same way as Bearen.

Su Bai’s squadmates in the camp also greeted him warmly when they saw Su Bai return.

However, each of them had something to do, so they quickly left the camp.

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