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Chapter 181: 181 Bearen, Do as You Wish

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181 Bearen, Do as You Wish

The surrounding Beastmasters had already gathered around to watch the show.

Such a scene would happen a few times a year.

The newcomer was being lectured by the senior. When the newcomer became the senior, he would teach the newcomer a lesson. It was a never-ending cycle.

The Royal City also had arenas specially set up for Beastmasters to spar with each other. Most of them were built to resolve disputes.

“Sure, but there’s no need for that.” Su Bai nodded and said.

“What, are you afraid?” The young man immediately said arrogantly. “If you don’t have the ability, then don’t come and embarrass yourself. Don’t let your lousy team be wiped out in the Great Wilderness Mountain Range in a few days. No one will bury your dead body.”

“What I mean by unnecessary is that there are no benefits. We are all adults and time is precious.” Su Bai smiled.

These words instantly made the surrounding people laugh.

“That kiddo’s words are reasonable!”

“Hahaha, indeed!”

“If I was still a student back then, I would definitely fight with him to the end if he scolded me like this!”

“What about you now?”

“Now? As long as it’s not a mission, I’m too lazy to move.”


At that moment, the young man’s face was a little dark.

In the Great Wilderness City, the young man had never felt so aggrieved before. He was actually teased by a newcomer.

“Then what kind of wager do you want?” the young man asked.

“Not too much. A hundred Silver-grade Beast-core will do,” said Su Bai.

“You little…!” the young man was furious. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Words are useless. If you have the ability, take out a hundred Silver-grade Beast-cores!”

Most Beastmasters who could survive at the borders of the Great Wilderness weren’t weak.

However, one could get rich here, and the resources were also very expensive.

A Silver-level Beastmaster could only accumulate three to four hundred Silver-grade Beast-cores at most after staying in the Great Wilderness City for a year and a half.

Su Bai dared to bet 100 of the Silver-grade Beast-cores at once. It was almost all of the young man’s worth.

“Of course I can take it out. What about you?” Su Bai asked.

“I …” the young man’s face turned red as he gritted his teeth. He shouted, “Alright, I’ll see you at the dojo in half an hour. Don’t be a coward and not dare to come!”

With that said, the young man turned around and left.

Seeing that something was interesting to watch, everyone quickly ran in the direction of the dojo.

“You don’t have to be bothered by him. We’ve just arrived at the Great Wilderness City and there are many things we need to spend with the Beast-cores we have in hand,” said Bing Qingqing.

“That’s right, I can earn a hundred Silver-grade Beast-cores from him,” said Su Bai. His words made Bing Qingqing confused because she didn’t mean that!

However, the other party had already issued a battle to Su Bai and he had already agreed. Bing Qingqing didn’t continue to persuade Su Bai.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at the dojo as promised.

There was another woman beside the young man. She was wearing a hot red dress and had a lazy expression on her face, “Little fellow, we agreed that we would split the prize 60 and 40 percent for the Beast-cores we win.”

“Got it. Just wait and see, you’ll get forty Silver-grade Beast-cores!” the young man said impatiently.

“Have you brought the Beast-cores?” the young man asked.

Su Bai took out a hundred Silver-grade Beast-core from the Beast Space and placed them on the table.

The young man did not waste any time and took out the hundred Silver-grade Beast-cores as well.

The silver Beast-cores piled up like a small mountain and made the surrounding Beastmasters jealous.

“Gosh, that newbie is very rich. It’s a pity that I’m not the one battling him.”

“Newbies nowadays are young and impetuous.”

“That’s right. That young man is a member of the Brave Eagle. Whether it’s strength or experience, he’s definitely not something a rookie can compare to.”

“I’m really afraid that the newbie will be beaten until he can’t recover.”

In any place, Beastmasters respected strength. That was why Su Bai was never afraid of any provocation.

“Judging from your expression, you must be worried about Su Bai. No wonder you joined his team. Women in spring indeed are the most passionate.” Ting teased.

“I didn’t!” Bing Qingqing’s face turned pink instantly.

However, no matter how Bing Qingqing tried to explain, Ting was already smiling like a flower.

“Why would I like him? We haven’t talked much, and…we…”

The more Bing Qingqing tried to explain, the hotter her face became. Su Bai’s face unconsciously appeared in Bing Qingqing’s mind.

The evening light shone on the girl’s face, making it look especially red as if it had exposed Bing Qingqing’s disguise.

‘D-Did I really like him?’ Bing Qingqing thought and her heart was beating wildly.

On the other side, the young man summoned his Beast, Lightning Eater.

Name: Lightning Eater

Level: Lower-3 Silver

Potential: Upper Gold

Talent: Death Charge (Outstanding)

Skill: Lightning Strike (C-Level), Lightning Absorption (B-Level), Thunder Rolling (B-Level)

Nature: Arrogant

That Beast’s personality was exactly the same as its master. At that moment, they were all standing on the stage with arrogant expressions.

From the information, the Lightning Eater was barely worth mentioning.

“Bearen, it’s time to come out and exercise.”

With a thought, Bearen was summoned from the Beast Space.

In an instant, Bearen’s burly body made the 1.5-meter-tall Lightning Eater seem small.


Bearen raised its paw and scratched the back of its head. Clearly, it was confused about the situation.

Bearen was free and unfettered in the Second Heaven. It was either fighting or on the way to fighting.

However, Su Bai’s warning last time made it not dare to be so reckless again. So it lay on the grass and took a nap.

When Bearen saw its opponent, it immediately understood why Su Bai summoned him.


Immediately, Bearen excitedly displayed its battle intent.

“Hehe, do you think that just because you’re big, it’ll be to your advantage? I don’t want to bully you, but the Lightning Eater is best at using its small size to defeat a huge monster that is twenty meters tall!” the young man sneered.

Su Bai smiled without saying anything. He thought, ‘If someone is the bully, that would be me.’

Comparing the thunder element energy with Bearen was clearly showing off in front of an expert.

With the announcement of the referee, the match had begun.

“Lightning Eater, strike it with lightning, then use Thunder Rolling to crush it!” the young man ordered.

A bolt of lightning struck Bearen’s body, and at the same time, Lightning Eater activated its second skill, Thunder Rolling.

“I don’t need to give any commands for this level of battle. Bearen, you do as you see fit.” Su Bai said.

A hundred question marks floated in everyone’s mind.

“What kind of Beastmaster is that? How can he fight like this?”

“He’s so arrogant!”

“He’s finished. Those who underestimate Thunder Rolling won’t have a good ending.”

“Yeah, how did the pitiful Bearen end up with such a Beastmaster?”

“In terms of solo combat, the Lightning Eater is indeed too strong, especially its skill, Thunder Rolling. As long as it hits the target, it can heavily injure the opponent.”

The experienced Beastmasters shook their heads helplessly. They were very disappointed with the excitement of this battle.

The Lightning Eater, which had shrunk into a ball, charged at the Bearen.

At the moment of collision, lightning flashed in all directions.

“You’re going to lose!” the young man’s proud eyes flickered, and the smile on his face was obvious.

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