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Chapter 187: 187 A Decisive Kill Eliminated the Mercenaries

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187 A Decisive Kill Eliminated the Mercenaries

Su Bai’s sudden move caught the other three mercenaries and Xie Bing off guard.

“Brat, you’ve gotten yourself into big trouble!”

“Kill him, Blazedrake!” One of the mercenaries shouted.

Although it was called a drake, it was actually a huge centipede.

Blazedrake had only moved a few meters when it was stepped on by Bearen whom Su Bai summoned.


Bearen was extremely excited. It stomped on Blazedrake’s head with all its might.


Bearen has killed a Mid-Silver level Blazedrake and gained 1,500 experience points!

There were only three mercenaries left who could fight, but other than Xie Bing, the other two were silently enveloped by Dream Wing’s Nightmare Cage.

This was the domineering aspect of an illusion-type Beast.

Even if one was at a disadvantage in numbers, one could rely on the illusion-type Beast’s characteristics to turn the situation around!

A Beast without a Beastmaster was like a plate of loose sand.

Under the coordination of Bearen and Whitey, they killed the rest of the Beasts all one by one.


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Silver level Pinnacle Croc and gained 1,500 experience points!


Bearen has killed a Lower-Silver level Skytiger and gained 900 experience points!

The situation was reversed in an instant. Xie Bing, who was the only one left, was unable to split his attention at this moment.

Darkboa and Four-eared Glazecat were currently fighting.


A wind blade instantly struck. The Darkboa relied on its speed to dodge it before pouncing forward. However, the Four-eared Glazecat’s speed was not bad either.

Both Beasts were of agility type, and the battle became a little tense.

“You’re good. I was tricked by you!” Xie Bing stared at Su Bai who was not far away. He said coldly, “Six is the treasure of the Charlie Mercenary. If you kill him, you won’t be able to escape!”

No matter where a Spiritualist Beastmaster was placed, they were considered precious talents.

But Su Bai shrugged with a smile, “Even if I can’t run away, I have to make you stay here first.”

After saying that, Su Bai waved his hand. Bearen and Whitey immediately supported Four-eared Glazecat and surrounded the Darkboa together.

Darkboa’s level was not low. Its strength was at the Upper-8 Silver level, far higher than the other Beasts.

However, no matter how strong the Darkboa was, It was not strong enough to face a group attack from Beasts such as the Bearen.

A moment later, the Darkboa was grabbed by Bearen and smashed to the ground.

“Bearen, kill him.” Su Bai shouted since there was only one person left to deal with.

Bearen threw the Darkboa in its hand and rushed forward, swinging its thick bear paw at Xie Bing.

However, at that moment, an earthen wall appeared in front of Xie Bing.

Bearen’s brute force crashed down, but the earth wall was not directly broken, only countless cracks appeared.

“Pity, that’s a Darkboa that I spent a lot of money on.”

A gray gecko climbed onto Xie Bing’s shoulder. His eyes revealed a fierce look as he said, “I’ll settle this score with you.”

As a wanted criminal all year round, the Darkboa was definitely not Xie Bing’s only Beast.

Su Bai looked at the gecko’s information right away.

Name: Earth Dragon

Level: Lower-3 Silver

Potential: Mid-5 Gold

Talent: Advanced Earth Element (Outstanding)

Element: Earth

Nature: Cold-blooded

Skill: Earthen Shield (B-Level), Breath of Earth (B-Level), Camouflage (C-Level)


As soon as he said that, Xie Bing’s body instantly merged with the background.

It was a skill similar to the Dream Wing’s Invisibility.

However, the difference was that the Earth Dragon’s camouflage wasn’t due to spiritual energy manipulation. Instead, it was due to the Earth Dragon changing the Beastmaster’s original color.

“Trying to escape? Kill him, Whitey!” Su Bai ordered.

Whitey attacked like a hunter. It used its innate Extrasensory to sense the general direction and then waved its sharp feet to attack.

Just as the attack was about to land, an earth wall rose from the ground again.


Whitey’s attack landed on the earth wall. With its speed and piercing move, it directly penetrated a hole.

The Earthen Shield could withstand Bearen’s brute force, but it couldn’t stop Whitey’s attack.

Whitey landed on the ground and jumped up. In an instant, its sharp foot slashed across Xie Bing’s chest, leaving a wound that was more than ten centimeters long.


The Earth Dragon’s camouflage was broken, and Xie Bing was kneeling on the ground with his hands on his chest. He looked up and met Su Bai’s eyes. It was cold and heartless.

“You dare to kill me? My brother is the deputy leader of the Charlie Mercenary. If you kill me, you won’t have a good time in the Great Wilderness City!” Xie Bing panted.

“Do it.” Su Bai ordered.

“How dare you!” Xie Bing shouted.

The white light instantly fell. Xie Bing, who was struggling at death’s door, could not fight back at all and fell into a pool of blood.

Su Bai would never be indecisive when facing an enemy.

The scene was a mess. The only surviving Beastmaster of the Ancient Gale finally sat on the ground in peace, revealing a forced smile when he saw his enemy’s tragic death.

Whitey’s sharp legs had become shockingly sharp after continuous improvement.

Almost none of the mercenaries who died under its sharp feet had a complete body.

“Let’s go down the mountain,” said Su Bai.

After a short rest, Su Bai brought the two of them down the mountain and went back to the logistics department at the foot of the mountain.

After the administrator learned the whole story, he immediately reported it to the governor’s mansion of Great Wilderness City.

“Thank you for saving my life. I am extremely grateful!”

The only surviving Beastmaster of the Ancient Gale bowed to Su Bai and Bing Qingqing.

“What do you do next?” asked Bing Qingqing.

“I don’t know.” The man shook his head with a bitter smile.

The man’s teammates were all dead, and now he was all alone. If he wanted to continue surviving at the Great Wilderness border, he had to find another team.

“Consider this my repayment.” The man handed Su Bai two team cards and smiled bitterly, “I can’t do anything with it, so it’s useless to me.”

The Ancient Gale and the Homecoming Heroes were B-level and C-level teams respectively.

The two parties had more than 2,000 points! If the points were all gathered in Su Bai’s team, his team would be promoted to a B-level team!

“Then I’ll accept it.” Su Bai had no reason to refuse.

Although the task of transporting the corpses of the Beasts was not completed, this was still a considerable harvest.

“Goodbye, my savior. If you need anything, you can come to Team Karl to find me.” said that man. He left the logistics department after saying that.

Before that man left, he even left a phone number.

As for the Charlie Mercenary, according to the administrator, they probably wouldn’t cause too much trouble.

The Charlie Mercenary was extremely powerful.

Now, only a few of them had violated the taboos of the Great Wilderness City, and they were all dead.

Therefore, there was no way to investigate.

“We have to be careful these days. I didn’t expect a wanted criminal to have the brother of a deputy leader and I worried that they would seek revenge.” Bing Qingqing said in a low voice.

“Indeed. But at least they won’t do anything for a while.” Su Bai nodded.

The responsibility of the matter could not be traced to the Charlie Mercenary, but they still had to give some face to the Great Wilderness City and wouldn’t make a move for the time being.

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