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Chapter 211: 211 Bearen and Its New Found Treasure

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211 Bearen and Its New Found Treasure

The azure Thunderstone nestled in Su Bai’s hand, and his palm could feel a slight numbness.

If it was Bing Qingqing, she wouldn’t be able to hold it for long and would let go.


Bearen in the Second Heaven was jumping around anxiously. Su Bai sent a spiritual command to it to behave.

Bearen immediately sat on the ground like a wronged puppy. Dream Wing was laughing at Bearen.

On the other hand, the Golden Dragon was focused on doing the funny breaststroke on land.

Su Bai had planned to give the Thunderstone to Bearen to use it. After all, he wasn’t a regular alchemist, so he didn’t have such needs.

“Do well, and it will naturally be for yours.”


When Bearen heard that, it immediately stopped crying and behaved seriously.

When Bearen’s bestie, Black Bear, saw that, it could not believe that its bestie had become like that.

After a short rest, Su Bai gave the Thunderstone to Bearen.

Bearen hugged the Thunderstone tightly as if it had gained a treasure, absorbing the endless thunder energy.


Bearen has absorbed electricity and gained 1,000 experience points!


Bearen has absorbed electricity and gained 1,000 experience points!


Bearen has absorbed electricity and gained 1,000 experience points!

Su Bai was quite surprised when he heard the constant notifications in his head.

‘Good heavens, the Thunderstone was indeed extraordinary.’ Su Bai thought.

The Thunderstone allowed the Beast to gain 1,000 experience points per second.

It was much more than the experience points Bearen usually received from completing missions.

Normally, Bearen could only gain 20,000 experience points per day by guarding the sockets in the room.

After all, it was a residential building and not a nuclear power plant. The amount of electricity absorbed was considered small.

Now, the thunder energy that the Thunderstone could emit made Bearen extremely excited.


Bearen has leveled up to the Upper-7 Silver level!


Bearen has gained enlightenment and its talent, Thunderstorm, has been upgraded to the Epic grade!


Bearen has gained enlightenment and its skill, Lightning Strike, has been upgraded to A-Level!


Bearen has gained enlightenment and its potential has increased to Lower-Diamond level!

The system’s voice sounded again.

Su Bai was both surprised and delighted. He immediately opened Bearen’s information panel.

Name: Bearen

Level: Upper-7 Silver

Potential: Lower-Diamond

Element: Thunder

Nature: Combative

Talent: Thunderstorm (Epic)

Skills: Lightning Strike (A-Level), Bare Physique (B-Level), Lightning Armor (A-Level), Fatal Weakness (A-Level), Thunderfury (A-Level)

Although Bearen’s attributes were not as good as Dream Wing’s, as Su Bai’s first Beast, it was already pretty good.

Bearen’s overall combat strength had increased by more than one level. The Thunderstone also increased its potential by one level, reaching the Lower-Diamond level!


Bearen felt the changes in its body and was extremely excited. It could feel that its body was filled with strength, and it could fight for 300 rounds, but it had no opponents.

Because of the continuous battles and running, the Su Bai and Bing Qingqing were more or less tired. They found a dead end at the corner and lit a bonfire to rest.

Su Bai immersed himself in the Beast Space and made a routine inspection.

The Fourth Heaven had unknowingly expanded to 500 square meters.

But for some reason, it was still a wasteland and Su Bai often used it as a warehouse.

As for the Third Heaven, as per Su Bai’s orders, the Dawn Queen was very obedient and did not show any abnormalities.

The Second Heaven was considered the most lively place.

And Bearen, which was the noisiest, was currently hugging its Thunderstone, looking intoxicated. That made the Sprite Foxes in the corner feel a little uncomfortable.

After all, Bearen had not come to cause trouble today, so the Sprite Foxes were not used to it.

As for the First Heaven, Su Bai had already made plans to build a residence with the remains of the town.

Now, Su Bai was more and more proficient in controlling the Spiral Realm.

Not long after, Su Bai would be able to enter the Spiral Realm physically.

Su Bai retracted his consciousness and smelled the fragrance.

“Let’s eat!”

A sizzling sound came from the roasted meat on the bonfire.

Bing Qingqing wiped the sweat off her forehead, satisfied with her masterpiece.

The Great Wilderness City was rich in resources. Usually, when they were on missions, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing would solve their own food problems.

But ordinary food couldn’t be stored in the Beast Space. Su Bai could, but he didn’t want to expose the Spiral Realm.

Therefore, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing decided to buy some edible Beast meat.

The meat on the cooking pit was the Delicious Demon Cow that Su Bai had bought for more than ten Bronze-grade Beast-cores!

Due to the Demon Cow’s meat being fresh and tender, it could be said to be a top-notch delicacy among the many Beasts. Thus, it was given the name Delicious Demon Cow.

When Su Bai heard it for the first time, he thought the salesperson was joking. Turns out it was really named that way.

Su Bai wondered if the Delicious Demon cow knew that its fate was so tragic. A dignified Beast actually had no dignity.

Su Bai bit off a piece of roasted Demon Cow.

The two of them enjoyed the sweet juice in their mouths.

“Everything is good, but it’s too expensive.”

Bing Qingqing was satisfied with the meal, but she was worried about the Beast-cores.

Just this piece of Delicious Demon Cow cost more than a dozen Bronze-grade Beast-cores. Bing Qingqing wondered what kind of family could afford to eat that every day.

Bing Qingqing was more willing to spend all her resources on her Beasts.

“Then let’s make a trip to Mt. Qinghua next time.” Su Bai chuckled.

The place where the Delicious Demon Cow often appeared was on Mt. Qinghua. If Su Bai went there, he would capture one and raise it in the Spiral Realm’s Second Heaven. From then on, he would not have to worry about getting hungry.

“Great! One isn’t enough. We have to catch two!” Bing Qingqing nodded happily.

Although the scale was still too small, He was ready to raise a hundred of them. Thinking of that, Su Bai chuckled.

It’d be great to be able to eat the fresh Delicious Demon Cow at any time and place.

Of course, that was a secret that couldn’t be told.

After that, one of them rested while the other was responsible for standing guard. They rested for three hours.

Soon, the two of them returned to the original main passage.

Time passed quickly, more than half of the 24 hours had passed.

Unfortunately, the labyrinth ruins were too big. Half of the Beastmasters were still wandering around the first level, while the rest had already gathered on the second level.

Just as Su Bai and Bing Qingqing were choosing the next path forward, they suddenly noticed two Beastmasters acting suspiciously.

“What are they doing?” Bing Qingqing asked curiously.

“We’ll know when we follow them.”

“Let’s go!”

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing followed behind the two Beastmasters, but the other party turned around.

“Why are you following us? Go, somewhere else, and don’t bother us.”

However, the man in the lead said, “It’s fine if you want to follow us, but we’ll charge you. One Gold-grade Beast-core from each of you.”

“That expensive?!”

The expensive price made Bing Qingqing dumbfounded.

‘What’s so special about them charging us a Gold-grade Beast-core?!’ Bing Qingqing thought.

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