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Chapter 225: 225 Simplification! Steel Tempering.

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225 Simplification! Steel Tempering.


After evaluating Su Bai, the virtual Beast asked Chun another question.

Chun hadn’t officially become a Beastmaster to begin with. She couldn’t possibly comprehend Whisper in such a short period of time. She was clueless of what was going on and tried to pretend that she knew.

Unfortunately, it was useless for Chun to pretend.


The virtual Beast came to Su Bai respectfully and said, “Those who pass, please follow me to continue the assessment.”

“What about me? What about me?” Chun asked.

“You failed. Please leave immediately.”

“Tsk, I don’t care!”

Chun was fuming because she was being rejected.

Su Bai laughed hoarsely. He then recalled Chun back to the Second Heaven. Chun reminded him to be careful before she left.

In the past, there were only five elves who completed the fifth floor’s assessment.

“Please stand still.” said the virtual Beast. Then, it activated the teleportation circle.

Su Bai only felt weightlessness for a moment, and the teleportation was completed.

The second floor of the pagoda was no different from the first floor. The only difference was that it was freezing here, and the ground was covered in a layer of frost.

“You may begin learning.”


Su Bai walked to the slab and observed it carefully.

It was also a skill that only the elves could have, and it was a skill that Su Bai could not learn in the true sense.

The content of the assessment was very simple. One had to endure a cold environment for an hour.

The temperature was close to -30 degrees Celsius.

Su Bai exhaled a mouthful of white mist. He didn’t feel much. The energy in his body was circulating, and he didn’t need this technique to easily resist it.

At the end of the day, these assessments were prepared for elven rookies who were becoming Beastmasters for the first time.

Most of them were at Iron-level and Bronze-level. Su Bai was superior in terms of level.

Su Bai sat down cross-legged and waited.

Time passed by, Su Bai was covered in a layer of frost after an hour.


The virtual Beast’s voice sounded.

The scene changed to the Highcloud Pagoda’s third floor, which was extremely hot.

“The same assessment again?”

Su Bai didn’t care and continued to wait.

The frost on his clothes melted rapidly and soon turned into steam and disappeared.

When the time was up, the virtual Beast spoke again.

“Congratulations, Great Elf. You have completed the third floor’s assessment. You have two choices now.”

“Choose to withdraw and take the rewards for the first, second, and third floors or continue challenging the fourth and fifth floors.”


Su Bai answered without hesitation. He had come here for the Life Water. How could he be sent away with a mere reward?

When Su Bai reached the fourth floor, the environment there was no longer harsh. He checked the stone slab in the room.

The content of the fourth level was very simple. It was an extraction method, a skill created by the elves. The test was a piece of cake for Su Bai.

Su Bai took out his Ice Dagger and started fiddling with the virtual Beast corpse. He had finished it swiftly and gained the materials that could be used, as well as Beast-cores that were 99% complete!

The test was so simple that Su Bai felt embarrassed.


The virtual Beast nodded and activated the teleportation circle.

Su Bai arrived at the highest floor. The stone slabs here were even larger than before, and there were as many as three of them.

Su Bai read it carefully and was shocked to find that it was alchemy!

“Please use the prepared materials to refine a Silver-grade product. You only have one chance. If you fail, you will be eliminated immediately.”

The words of the virtual Beast echoed in Su Bai’s ears. If anyone else heard that, they would definitely go crazy! It was impossible for a beginner to produce a Silver-grade product on their first try.

Su Bai had some experience in the Alchemist Association of Los Monstaria. Through the system’s simplification, he indeed had some knowledge of alchemy.

But what truly shocked Su Bai was that the elven technique did not require external objects like a furnace. It could complete alchemy by relying solely on its own energy!

In addition, Su Bai continued to deepen his understanding of the technique and was more and more convinced by it.

The human alchemy books paled in comparison. The descriptions of all aspects were quite detailed.

“No wonder there are rumors that alchemy was taught to humans by the elves.” Su Bai chuckled.

Even so, it was still difficult to refine a Silver-grade product on the first try.

It was not surprising that Chun said that very few people in the past could complete the fifth floor’s assessment. This was the true difficulty.


The Elven skill, Steel Tempering, has been detected. Cultivating it can be simplified to exercising eight sets of warm-up calisthenics!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?


Finally, there was a test that could make Su Bai excited. He would definitely not miss it.

Putting the excitement aside. Su Bai, who hadn’t done calisthenics for so many years, had forgotten how to do it.

Fortunately, the memories of Su Bai’s previous life gradually surfaced.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…”

“Run in place…”

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…”

Fortunately, there was no one around, and the virtual Beasts were only relatively old-fashioned settings. They did not have their own consciousness.

Otherwise, if others saw Su Bai like that, they would undoubtedly look at him as if he was a fool.

After completing one set, he had already achieved a small success. He immediately started the second set, and his movements were even more practiced.

He immediately started the second set, and his movements were even more skillful.

After five rounds of warm-up calisthenics, Su Bai felt the changes in his body and his mastery of Steel Tempering.

Su Bai walked back to the stone slab and took the alchemy materials that were prepared.

Su Bai circulated his energy and the materials floated in the air as if they were weightless.

“It’s starting.”

Su Bai concentrated and gathered his energy. He circulated his energy, heating up the materials and fusing them together.

The entire process was smooth, and it didn’t look like it was his first time.

A moment later, a high-quality Silver-grade dagger was refined!

Even Su Bai was amazed at himself. He thought that the elves were indeed unfathomable. The alchemy skill, Steel Tempering, that they mastered could easily refine an item.

It took less time than the human Alchemists, and it didn’t need external items like furnaces.

If this skill were available to humans, it would definitely cause a huge uproar. It was even enough to initiate a new revolution among Alchemists.


The virtual Beast immediately announced the results after the product was completed, “Respected Great Elf, you have completed the challenge of the Highcloud Pagoda’s fifth floor. You will be rewarded handsomely. The reward is being distributed…”

Su Bai retracted his excitement.

According to Chun, the labyrinth ruins had not been repaired for so many years, so there might be some problems.

Therefore, it was not safe to complete the assessment. It was also expected that the reward would have been lost long ago.

Soon, a box was sent to Su Bai.

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