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Chapter 227: 227 The Golden Dragon's First Battle

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227 The Golden Dragon’s First Battle

The next morning, Su Bai brought Bing Qingqing to the Mission Center.

There were almost no other Beastmasters at the deserted entrance. The staff member looked at the pile of missions worriedly.

The appearance of the labyrinth ruins was a huge matter for Beastmasters. It was also a big deal to the staff members of the Mission Center.

If no one came to take the mission, it would pile up like a mountain. If this month’s performance was not up to standard, the staff member’s bonus for this year would be reduced again.

“Can I have a look at the mission list?” Su Bai asked as he appeared at the front desk.

“Please wait a moment!”

The staff member’s eyes flashed as he quickly took out the mission form. There were nearly 30 of them, and each list had 20 missions.

It had only been two days since the labyrinth ruins appeared, and there were so many missions. Su Bai couldn’t help but feel a little exaggerated.

After looking through those mission lists for a while, Su Bai noticed that the majority of the missions were of a higher class that could not be taken previously!

Now that Su Bai’s team was a B-level, they naturally had to accept a B-class mission. Shortly after that, he received a Beast hunting B-class mission.

“It has been registered successfully.” The staff member quickly operated and then smiled respectfully. “Due to special circumstances, you can continue to accept missions.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Su Bai. He didn’t hesitate and accepted three Beast hunting B-class missions at once.

If this was before, Su Bai would be considered lucky to be able to accept ten B-class missions in a month. He couldn’t believe that he would be able to take three in a day!

After taking those missions, Su Bai took Bing Qingqing to the destination immediately.

The difficulty of the B-class missions was acceptable. Most of them were hunting Mid to Upper-Silver level Beasts. There were very few missions that were hunting Gold-level Beasts.

Not to mention Su Bai, if given enough time, Bing Qingqing could complete a B-class mission quickly.


Crakantula has killed an Upper-Silver level Thunderbolt Monkey and gained 1,600 experience points!


Crakantula has killed an Upper-Silver level Thunderbolt Monkey and gained 1,500 experience points!


Crakantula has killed a Mid-Silver level Thunderbolt Monkey and gained 900 experience points!

After finishing the first mission, Su Bai took Bing Qingqing to the second mission location.

Since no other competitors were competing for it, the number of Beasts in the wild had increased explosively in the past two days.

This was the harsh environment at the border, and there would usually be many Beastmasters suppressing the Beasts. When the suppression was lessened, the Beasts would attack again like tidal waves.

After killing the Beasts, Su Bai would not let go of their materials. Those materials were useless other than selling them for money. Therefore, the materials were given to the Mission Center along with the corpses to exchange for more team points and rewards.

But now it was different. With the elven skill, Steel Tempering, Su Bai could already refine gold by himself. Since there were no competitors, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing finished both missions in the morning.

After completing another mission in the afternoon, Su Bai realized he still had plenty of time. So he returned to the Great Wilderness City and took an additional B-class mission.

Su Bai would never dream of completing four B-level missions in a single day. The team’s points and rewards were easy to obtain.

In his spare time, Su Bai looked at the official forum of Great Wilderness City. The situation was the same as yesterday. The only difference was that someone had begun to purchase Elemental Beast-cores in bulk.

The price was still the same. One Silver-grade Elemental Beast-core could be exchanged for 100 Gold-grade ordinary Beast-cores!

However, Su Bai was not tempted. The reason Elemental Beast-cores was so expensive was that such resources were almost all in the hands of Platinum-level Beastmasters.

Although Su Bai did not have any use for it now, there was no need for him to exchange it for a Gold-grade Beast-core.

Soon, three days had passed. Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had completed 13 B-class missions within those three days, which was four missions a day on average. They had gained nearly three thousand team points.

Su Bai’s team was still two thousand points away from advancing to the A-level team. What surprised Su Bai, even more, was the growth of Whitey and Bearen.

Bearen’s experience points had increased crazily after it had the Thunderstone. It had already reached the High-10 Silver level yesterday!

Whitey was also catching up and had reached the High-10 Silver level as well.

Those two Beasts were about to step into Gold-level, and it would be a big deal for any Beastmaster.

Golden Dragon’s condition was not bad either. Its two skills had been upgraded to A-level, and its talent had also been upgraded to Outstanding. Its potential had once again risen to the Mid-Gold level!

In terms of improvement, the Golden Dragon’s progress was much more exaggerated than Bearen and Whitey!

Su Bai arrived at the location of the last mission of the day. He summoned the Golden Dragon to battle since the Beasts he was hunting were all Lower-Silver level.

“Is this still that dragon hatchling?” asked Bing Qingqing.

Bing Qingqing had been quite concerned about the Golden Dragon’s condition, but she didn’t expect to see its surprising transformation!


The Golden Dragon soared into the sky and danced wantonly in the air. Its roar resounded in the surroundings. The weak Beasts felt its majestic Dragon Aura. All of them trembled and shrunk in the corner.

“Golden Dragon, attack those Bomber Bugs!” Su Bai ordered.

The Golden Dragon had already noticed a large number of Bomber Bugs around him. The nature of the Bomber Bugs was as mentioned in their name. Once it was attacked, it would immediately self-destruct.

The Bomber Bugs was a completely unreasonable Beast. They were like self-destructing soldiers, putting their trump cards on the table. If anything attacked them, they would destroy each other.

Therefore, even if the Bomber Bugs’ level was low, it could still be classified as a B-level mission.


When the Golden Dragon discovered that its opponent was a bug, it was furious. After all, a dragon should be facing a formidable foe, if not a proper foe.

But the Golden Dragon couldn’t disobey Su Bai’s order. It came to a Bomber Bug and slapped it with its claw.


An explosion instantly sounded. As the flames dissipated, the Golden Dragon was unscathed. It was the result of an A-level Golden Physique, which also was the reason the Golden Dragon dared to withstand the explosion with its body.

‘That’s all?’ The Golden Dragon thought. It didn’t care and began to squash all the Bomber Bugs. It stepped on the Bomber Bugs wherever they were.

“Is it alright?” Bing Qingqing asked. She stood aside and was scared. The Golden Dragon killed the Bomber Bugs as if they were a joke under her watch.

The Bomber Bugs were Upper-Bronze to Lower-Silver level Beasts, and the power of their explosion was not low. How could the Golden Dragon withstand the attack at such a young age?

“It’s fine.” Su Bai chuckled.

The Golden Dragon was pure-blooded, after all. Even if it was born weak, it was incomparable to ordinary Beasts. In addition, its Golden Physique had advanced to A-level.

It was just an explosion, and it was not as good as the feeling of tickling the Golden Dragon.




Explosions continued to ring out in the wilderness.

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