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Chapter 257: 257 Attacking the Governor’s Mansion!

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257 Attacking the Governor’s Mansion!

Military trucks carrying Beastmasters drove on the streets of Great Wilderness City. The surrounding passers-by poked their heads out and felt curious.

Whenever something happened in the Great Wilderness City, there would always be people who wanted to get involved. However, they couldn’t understand.

The truck left the Great Wilderness City and headed towards the Black City.

Su Bai had already informed the other Gold-level Beastmasters of his next move during that time. Everyone was worried about capturing the governor of Black City.

“I heard that the Black City’s governor’s strength is at the Platinum-level. Even if we have more people, it will be difficult, right?”

“The Black City has never been peaceful, it is indeed troublesome.”

“I didn’t expect that the Black City’s governor is actually a traitor. He deserves to be killed!”

“Captain, don’t you have a more specific plan? With the current information, our best option is to rescue Xu Qingshan and expand the scale of our team,” Lu Le asked.

“There’s no need.” Su Bai shook his head. “Mr. An will take care of Xu Qingshan. We just need to do our job. ”

It was too difficult to rely on themselves if they wanted to uproot the Salvation Sect from the border of the Great Wilderness.

Therefore, An Qingpu would take a series of actions and start a vigorous clean-up at the border.

Su Bai didn’t know the details. Moreover, the current situation was not the most critical.

Given Black City’s situation, the Salvation Sect would not place too many spies in the city.

Therefore, as long as Su Bai and his legion arrived at the fastest speed, the Salvation Sectists would be caught off guard.

Along the way, Su Bai closed his eyes to rest.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand the rush along the way. However, with his powerful spiritual force and S-level skill, the Penta-Elements Physique, his physique far surpassed Beastmasters of the same level.

Therefore, Su Bai just closed his eyes and rested.

A few hours later, they finally arrived at Black City after a long journey.

Su Bai was not hindered from entering the city because he had the token given by the Great Wilderness City.

However, when such a large truck drove to the governor’s mansion, it alerted the guards of Black City and they rushed over.

“What are you guys doing in the governor’s Mansion?!” a guard berated.

Lu Le got out of the car and took out the token given by the Great Wilderness City’s governor.

“We’re just following orders. Kindly make an exception and don’t make things difficult for everyone,” said Lu Le.

“The Great Wilderness City? Even the people from the capital have to abide by the rules!” The guards did not buy it and led other guards to block the way.

Lu Le frowned when he saw that. When he was about to go back and report to Su Bai, Xu Sanshu suddenly arrived with a group of people.

“What’s going on? I received news that someone is coming to the governor’s mansion to cause trouble.”

“That’s right, it’s them!”

Xu Sanshu looked at the military trucks and his expression became even more solemn.

As the captain of the guards, Xu Sanshu knew about the recent turmoil in the Black City, but he didn’t expect it to attract so many Beastmasters from the Great Wilderness City.

Even though nothing can be done in the absence of rules, the Black City was now under the protection of the Great Wilderness City. Life in Black City may not be ideal, but it would not face the disaster of destruction.

Therefore, Xu Sanshu was very cautious when receiving Beastmasters from Great Wilderness City. But when Su Bai got out of the car, Xu Sanshu was delighted.

“Su Bai, what happened? Why did you bring so many people to Black City?” Xu Sanshu asked.

“By the orders of the governor of Great Wilderness City, we are here to capture Hao Wanyang, the governor of Black City!” Su Bai stated.


Xu Sanshu was shocked when he heard that. He hurriedly asked, “For what reason?”

“Well…” Su Bai smiled bitterly. “I can’t tell you for now. Please make an exception, Captain Xu. If you continue to stop me, we will inevitably have to fight.”

The implication was already very straightforward. It would definitely cause a fight.

Xu Sanshu was in charge of the security of the Black City and knew that if a fight broke out in the city, it would definitely cause panic.

Xu Sanshu, as captain of the Black City’s guards, was responsible for the safety of the governor’s mansion in addition to protecting the civilians in the city.

“Could you let me inform the governor?”

As soon as Xu Sanshu finished speaking, he laughed at himself. He knew that his actions were unnecessary.

The other party had traveled thousands of miles to capture Governor Hao Wanyang, and he actually had to ask for instructions. Wasn’t that equivalent to informing him?

“I can lead the way, but try not to hurt others.”


“Then I’ll take you there myself.”

Xu Sanshu immediately dismissed the guards and got into the military truck. Then, he saw all eleven Gold-level Beastmasters staring at him.

Once there was any strange movement, the Gold-level Beastmasters would immediately take action.

Xu Sanshu could not help but reveal a bitter expression.

This time, the Great Wilderness City obviously attached great importance to this matter.

Xu Sanshu had no idea what the governor had done to attract the attention of the Great Wilderness City.

“Su Bai, I can’t control what happens next. When we reach the governor’s mansion, it’ll be the territory of the guards, Xu Sanshu said. ” As the captain of the guards, my words won’t work. ”

“When we reach the governor’s mansion, it’ll be the territory of the personal guards. My words as the captain of the city guards won’t work,” Xu Sanshu said.

“Understood.” Su Bai nodded.

Soon, the military trucks arrived near the governor’s mansion, and the Beastmasters got out of the truck one by one.

The scale of a hundred people terrified the civilians. They fled to prevent themselves from getting involved. It was the norm for the Black City’s commoners.

However, all of this attracted the attention of the personal guards and they immediately came forward to investigate.

Xu Sanshu went forward to chat in detail a few times, but unfortunately, the effect was not great.

“I don’t care where you guys came from. If you want to see the governor, you have to get the governor’s permission! If you want to cause trouble, you have to weigh your own abilities!”

Facing the team of Beastmasters from the Great Wilderness City, the personal guards didn’t show any fear. Their attitude was very firm. They were personally selected and nurtured by the governor.

Su Bai had no doubt about their loyalty to their master. Therefore, he did not plan to talk to them properly from the beginning.

“First team! Attack the governor’s mansion!”

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Le did not hesitate to turn around and shout at the team members, “Attack the governor’s mansion!”

Xu Sanshu and the guards’ expressions changed. They didn’t expect Su Bai to attack without hesitation!

“Who dares to take a step forward!” The personal guards released their Beasts and blocked the way.

However, Lu Le would not waste his breath on them. The Demon Black Serpent’s huge body swept across in an instant, pushing the guards and Beasts more than ten meters away.

The remaining Silver-level Beastmasters also went forward, holding hemp ropes to restrain all the personal guards.

Xu Sanshu could not help but tremble when he saw this terrifying scene.

“All teams, listen up! Capture the governor of Black City, Hao Wanyang! Arrest all those who block the way. Kill all those who resist!” Su Bai stated coldly.

The Beastmasters moved out in full force, instantly swarming into the governor’s mansion.

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