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Chapter 259: 259 Su Bai Ruled With an Iron Fist

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259 Su Bai Ruled With an Iron Fist

“Let’s see how you escape now!” Hao Wanyang shouted. He leaned forward swiftly, wanting to break out of the encirclement and kill Su Bai by force.

Hao Wanyang’s hatred for Su Bai had reached the extreme.

If it wasn’t for Su Bai, Hao Wanyang’s ten years of hard work wouldn’t have gone to waste. If it wasn’t for Su Bai, the Salvation Sect’s foundation would have been completed.

“Stop him!”

A few Gold-level Beastmasters were about to step forward to stop Hao Wanyang.

The sudden appearance of the Human-faced Spider made the Beastmasters unable to move at all.

However, a white figure abruptly moved out. It was like an assassin in the night. Its sharp foot landed on Hao Wanyang’s thigh.

It happened so suddenly, Hao Wanyang lost his balance as he felt the pain. However, he reacted quickly and tilted his body to the Great Earthen Drake to erect an Earthen Shield.

It was truly amazing how quickly Hao Wanyang responded. But Su Bai wasn’t just going to stand by and watch.

Su Bai charged forward and shattered the Earthen Shield with a punch. At the same time, the energy fluctuation made Su Bai’s invisibility lifted.

“It’s you?!”

The moment Hao Wanyang saw Su Bai, his pupils trembled.

Hao Wanyang didn’t expect Su Bai to suddenly appear at this moment and shatter the Great Earthen Drake’s Earthen Shield with one punch.

“We meet again, Mr. Hao.” Su Bai smiled coldly and immediately approached Hao Wanyang. It was something that no one present had expected.

It was insane for a Silver-level Beastmaster to compete physically with a Platinum-level Beastmaster.

“Since you’re here to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Hao Wanyang threw a punch at Su Bai while laughing wildly, but not only did it miss, Su Bai caught it and controlled it.

Whitey’s innate talent, Extrasensory was not just for show. With its support, Su Bai could easily see where Hao Wanyang’s fist landed.

At the same time, Whitey did not stay idle. It approached the Human-faced Spider calmly and easily tore its intestines open with its sharp legs.

The Human-faced Spider was not a Beast known for its defense. Without Hao Wanyang’s order, it could only react instinctively.

After struggling for a while, the Human-faced Spider’s limbs gradually stiffened and it died completely.

“Who exactly are you!” Hao Wanyang shouted. He was pressed to the ground by Su Bai at that moment. Hao Wanyang roared hoarsely, “I’m going to kill you and cut you into pieces!”

Hao Wanyang’s mind was still filled with rage.

Su Bai was amazed. He thought, ‘Could it be that the Salvation Sect was already in dire straits? Even this kind of trash could take up the position of an elder?’

At that moment, all the Beastmasters present were shocked. They knew that Su Bai was very strong. After all, they had already guessed it when they fought Lu Le.

But now, Su Bai controlled Hao Wanyang in just a few rounds! This was definitely not something an ordinary Beastmaster could do.

“Is Captain Su really a Silver-level Beastmaster?”

“He might be hiding his strength.”

“I think so too. This is too ridiculous!”

Hao Wanyang was a Platinum-level Beastmaster, but he was being trampled under Su Bai’s feet.

It was enough to prove that Su Bai was more powerful than they had expected.

“Take him away. Send at least ten Beastmasters to watch over him.”

“Yes, sir!”

The attack on the governor’s mansion came to an end with Hao Wanyang’s imprisonment.

The next step was the most troublesome. He needed to interrogate every staff member and guard in the Black City strictly.

In this aspect, Su Bai naturally could do nothing.

Lu Le, who was poisoned, was fine after receiving timely treatment. At most, he would not be able to get out of bed for two days. He had to get rid of the poison in his body before he could move normally.

In the long years of battle, this was not a big deal. The Beastmaster who was traveling along informed Lu Le, who had woken up, of the situation at that time.

Lu Le was stunned.

“You mean… Captain Su might be a Platinum-level Beastmaster?”

“Nonsense.” The man rolled his eyes. He said, “These are all other people’s guesses. Don’t make me take the blame!”

Lu Le smiled bitterly and shrugged. He knew Su Bai was powerful from the fight.

Therefore, Lu Le had the same feelings as the Beastmasters who had witnessed Su Bai’s battle. He was shocked and admired.

At such a young age, Su Bai’s strength had already surpassed them. It meant that Su Bai’s potential was far more than that. He could go further on the path of Beastmaster!

“Then how is Black City’s situation now?”

“It’s just so-so.” The man peeled the orange in his hand and sighed. “Everyone is quite busy. The prison is full of people now. There are about 2,000 of them.”

“That many?!”

“This isn’t the end. I heard that there are still a few batches on the way. They will be escorted here soon.”

“The Black City is about to change. I didn’t know Su Bai could rule with an iron fist.” Lu Le smiled bitterly.

At the same time, in the meeting room of the governor’s mansion.

Bing Qingqing came in with a name list and reported to Su Bai, “These are all the names Hao Wanyang has contacted frequently in recent years.”

Su Bai flipped through the list and felt a headache. He thought, ‘Hao Wanyang really had a lot of free time. In the past month alone, he had come into contact with more than 600 people.’

As more and more people confessed, more and more people were implicated. There were even some Beastmasters from other cities.

Su Bai only had a hundred people at his disposal, which was not enough.

“How many people have been under control?”

“More than half. I’ve contacted the Great Wilderness City. They want you to act according to the situation,” said Bing Qingqing.

“You didn’t mention anything about increasing the number of members?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

“No, I haven’t.” Bing Qingqing smiled bitterly and said, “I heard that Mr. An is busy with other things now. This matter will be handed over to the executive officer.”

Su Bai had seen Li Wan’er, the executive officer of Great Wilderness City. He had a good impression of her. She was able to plan an A-class mission in detail.

However, the problem now was that there was a lack of manpower, causing any progress to be relatively slow.

Su Bai was good at fighting but he was a newbie in this situation.

Soon, a piece of good news came.

Li Wan’er quickly finished her work and called Bing Qingqing and informed her that they would arrive at noon tomorrow at the latest.

Su Bai lay on the chair and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, as the door kept opening, the Beastmasters reported what was happening in Black City.

Su Bai still felt a sense of melancholy.

After working for half the night, Su Bai finally felt a sense of peace. Although he had never seen An Qingpu’s work, he could imagine how torturous it was.

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