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Chapter 283: 283 Simplification! Consuming Beast-Cores.

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283 Simplification! Consuming Beast-Cores.

“What if we invite a higher-level Alchemist?” Su Bai asked.

“We can’t. A Grandmaster Alchemist had already tried it back then, but he gave up the idea of repairing it after taking a look.” Lu Xingping shook his head.

A Grandmaster Alchemist was already a top-notch existence among the humans. There were only three of them.

Even such a powerful existence couldn’t repair the technology of the dwarves. It was enough to imagine the value of the Beast-core Cannon.

Su Bai continued to read through the files. He found that the Beast-core Cannon not only had a blueprint, but also a maintenance manual.

It proved that even if there was a method, the Grandmaster Alchemist was helpless. This was indeed a matter that made people despair.

However, Su Bai found a way to solve the crisis at the Great Peace’s border. He could do what a Grandmaster Alchemist could not do.

As long as Su Bai had the maintenance manual and blueprint, he would be able to learn the dwarven technology through the simplification system!

“How about you bring me to take a look?”

“Of course.”

Although Lu Xingping was a little puzzled, he did not refuse.

Then Lu Xingping brought Su Bai to the Department of Military Industry, which was the department where the military Alchemists worked.

However, it was a barren border city after all. There were less than ten Alchemists here, and the highest level was only at Gold-level.

In the Great Wilderness City, it was at most a small workshop.

“Mr. Governor! I’m afraid that the production of the recent order will be delayed by a month,” the minister of the military industry bowed and asked.

Although there were less than ten people in the Department of Military Industry, they were still responsible for the equipment of nearly a thousand Beastmasters in Great Peace City.

Lu Xingping immediately felt a headache hearing that. Although he was not here for the production capacity, it was still bad news.

“Sorry about that, Captain Su.” Lu Xing smiled awkwardly and helplessly. He said, “Take us to the warehouse where the Beast-core Cannon is stored.”

“Yes, sir!”

The minister led the way. After passing through the messy corridor, they arrived at a room.

As the minister lifted the dusty black cloth, a Beast-core Cannon that was five meters tall, seven meters wide, and weighed ten tons appeared in front of Su Bai.

Decades had not left a single mark on the Beast-core Cannon.

“Mr. Governor, it’s been so many years. Why are you still looking at this old thing?” the minister asked with a bitter smile.

The Beast-core Cannon was supposed to be the most powerful weapon in Great Peace City, but now, they were in the middle of nowhere like a pile of gold coins. It could not be used and had no value.

Lu Xingping also shrugged with a bitter smile. He didn’t know what Su Bai wanted.

‘Perhaps he just wanted to witness the masterpiece of the dwarves.’ Lu Xingping thought.


Su Bai touched the cannon and felt its exquisite structure. The materials used to make it were decades old and still contained dense energy.

To put it bluntly, this was the most amazing Beastmaster equipment Su Bai had ever seen!

Judging by its grade, it was at least Diamond-grade!

“Do you have any other maintenance manuals?” Su Bai asked the minister.

“Yes, there is. What do you want with it?”

Su Bai smiled calmly and said, “I’m just curious. If you don’t mind, give it to me now.”

“Well… Mr. Governor”

The minister looked at the governor. After Lu Xingping nodded, he immediately took out the maintenance manual.

A book about ten centimeters thick was placed in front of Su Bai.

“This is all and it’s the original copy,” said the minister.

“Thank you.”

Su Bai nodded. He opened the maintenance manual and read it page by page.

This action attracted the attention of the other Alchemists in the Department of Military Industry.

“Who is this? Why is he in our department?”

“Could it be that the Royal city is finally going to use force!”

“It can’t be?”

“Why not? Back then, the Royal City had wanted to borrow this Beast-core Cannon several times. Fortunately, the governor wasn’t so easily deceived, so he insisted on keeping it.”

“Come on, no matter how tough our governor is, can he still resist the Royal City?”

“Isn’t that so?”

“The Royal City must have some ideas about the Beast-core Cannon, but they don’t want to deepen the misunderstanding with the dwarves, so they left the cannon here.”

“So that’s how it is!”

While everyone was talking, Su Bai was starting to get a headache.

This maintenance manual was actually an incomplete version. More than half of it was written in dwarvish.

It was no wonder that even a Grandmaster Alchemist could not comprehend it.

“Captain Su, are you trying to repair this cannon?”

The minister sensed something was amiss. Beside him, Lu Xingping’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment.

Lu Xingping doubted that Su Bai could repair something that even a Grandmaster Alchemist couldn’t repair.

“I’ll try my best.”

Su Bai chuckled.

The minister almost could not hold his laughter. He thought, ‘This was definitely the biggest joke I had ever heard since I was born.’

The item had already been placed here for decades, yet there were still people who were ignorant and came here to gamble their luck.

In this world, luck could be used to bet on anything. But in the field of technology and alchemy, luck was not used even for 10%.

“Captain Su, we don’t have much time to waste on this.”

Lu Xingping also frowned and reminded, “The next Beast Tide is in two days. We must think of a countermeasure as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t take too much time.”

Su Bai smiled. At the same time, the system’s voice sounded in his ears.


A Beast-core Cannon Maintenance Manual has been detected. It can be simplified to be comprehended by consuming Beast-core!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?

Su Bai was astonished.

Hearing the system’s words, he was almost unable to recover from his daze.

Su Bai thought, ‘What kind of madman would consume a Beast-core of a Beast? Can the system be more ridiculous than this?’

Beast-cores could indeed be digested, but that was something that only a Beast with a strong physique could do.

Even a Diamond-level Beastmaster wouldn’t dare to swallow a Silver-grade Beast-core. Not only would there be no benefits, but he would also be severely injured. It was not worth it.

“Hey System, are you messing with me?” Su Bai expressed his doubt, a serious doubt.

Rest assured, Master. Although it is difficult for the human body to withstand the energy of a Beast-core, you already learned the Penta-Elements Physique. Not only is there no harm in ingesting Beast-cores, but the more, the better.

“There’s such a thing?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and got an unexpected answer.

He had already cultivated the Penta-Elements Physique to the great success stage. In theory, there was no room for further improvement.

But now, there was a way to consume Beast-core. It was astounding for Su Bai.

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