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Chapter 285: 285 Restoring the Beast-core Cannon

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285 Restoring the Beast-core Cannon

Without the help of the dwarves, no one could fully translate the key points of the maintenance manual.

The most important thing was, some materials and components could only be provided by the dwarves.

As the saying goes, one can not make something out of nothing.

“If I couldn’t fix it. I’ll bear the cost.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You have…”

Before the minister finished his sentence, Su Bai had already taken out an Elemental Beast-core.

The minister’s eyes were wide open.

After becoming a Beastmaster for so many years, Alchemist, in particular, was extremely familiar with Beast-cores. He was also aware of the value of an Elemental Beast-core.

The minister took a deep breath and asked, “Are you sure you want to waste your time?”

“How would we know if we don’t try?”


Then, the minister left in a hurry.

Su Bai took advantage of this time to go to the warehouse and take a closer look at the Beast-core Cannon.

If it was before this, he would not have noticed what the Beast-core Cannons lacked. But now, it was as if he had a consciousness of seeing through.

He easily dismantled the parts of the muzzle.

“This is a consumable. And this”

In less than ten minutes, a complete Beast-core Cannon had been dismantled.

This scene had already attracted the attention of the other Alchemists, and they all came over to observe.

“We’re done for. Our head will definitely go crazy when he comes back!”

“I have to say that this kid is a genius. I heard that a Grandmaster Alchemist spent two days dismantling half of this thing!”

“Bah! That’s because the Grandmaster didn’t want to destroy the Beast-core Cannon!”

Some people admired Su Bai’s attitude, while others looked down on him.

Although they had the intention to step forward and stop Su Bai.

However, Su Bai was brought here by the governor and had already known about it.

In Great Peace City, Su Bai’s status was no less than Lu Xingping’s. After all, he was a ruthless man who could suppress the rebels with thunderous means.

Su Bai was completely immersed in the exquisite structure of the Beast-core Cannon.

After conducting some checking, a total of 273 parts were dismantled.

According to the maintenance manual, these parts were not irreplaceable.

The key was that it was impossible to find the materials used to make the components with the resources in Great Peace City. Therefore, Su Bai had to find a replacement.

Undoubtedly, the diamond that Su Bai needed was one of them. It was extremely hard, and because of its special characteristics, diamonds were very resistant to wear and tear. It could support the Beast-core Cannon for a while.

Su Bai was not sure how much it was needed. After all, this was an attempt. It was an insignificant sentence recorded in the repair manual.

The technological products created by the dwarves were natural products that had been created after countless failures and layers of repetition.

The diamond was a material that had achieved some success in the past.

Not long after, the minister returned with a military truck. It was loaded with the materials Su Bai needed and was moved to the warehouse.

“Please leave me be. I’ll look for you if I need anything.”

Su Bai’s words sent everyone out of the door. The minister’s face turned ashen.

Chasing the others out was only one of the reasons. The main reason was that Su Bai had broken the cannon into pieces!

“Mr. Governor, we definitely can’t let him do whatever he wants!”

The minister dialed Lu Xingping’s number and shouted angrily, “This is our unique Beast-core Cannon. If we let him destroy it, how will we explain it to the dwarves in the future?”

A sigh came from the other end of the phone.

Lu Xingping forced a smile and said, “I know this is ridiculous, but Captain Su has already signed a contract.”

“Yes, the repair fee this time will be tripled if he fails.”

Tripling it would mean 3,000 Gold-grade Beast-cores. This amount was nothing for Great Wilderness City, but it was a considerable income for Great Peace City.

The contract with the dwarves was indeed very important. However, it had been decades since then, and the contact between the humans and the dwarves could be counted on one hand.

Only the heavens knew when both races would be able to form an alliance again. So, Lu Xingping and Su Bai signed the contract under Su Bai’s persuasion.

It was completely beneficial to Great Peace City, so Lu Xingping accepted this agreement.

“Just for 3,000 Gold Beast-core?!”

“Yes, just for 3,000 Gold grade Beast-core.”

After receiving Lu Xingping’s answer, the minister slumped in his chair, his expression filled with bitterness.

As a department head, how could he not know the situation in Great Peace City?

As the saying goes, a straw can break a camel and Great Peace City was this camel.

At this point, using a useless Beast-core Cannon in exchange for 3,000 Gold Beast-cores was no doubt a profitable trade!

“Got it.”

The minister gave up the final struggle and hung up the phone.

“Sir, are we really going to let that kid do whatever he wants?”

“That’s right!”

“That was the masterpiece of the dwarves. I can’t bear to see it torn apart like that.”

“If that kid doesn’t put it back in one piece, I guarantee that he won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Everyone’s words made the minister’s head hurt even more. He dismissed them and sat alone at the entrance of the warehouse.

Currently, there was still no movement from the warehouse, as if Su Bai had already left.

“Wait, why didn’t he ask for the alchemy furnace?”

The minister frowned.

As an Alchemist, the alchemy furnace was the essential tool for work, just like a farmer’s hoe.

However, just as the minister was about to enter the warehouse, a white spider was staring at him from the doorknob.


“F*ck, you can talk!?”

Whitey’s words scared the minister.

“My Master has ordered that no one is allowed to enter.”

“Then can you help me pass the message?”


The minister who was rejected returned to his seat in shock. He did not expect at all that Su Bai ordered his Beast to guard the door.

The minister could not help but be more curious about what Su Bai was doing in the warehouse and what secrets he had.

At the same time, a flame condensed on Su Bai’s palm in the warehouse. It was a skill he had learned in the elven labyrinth ruins.

Only humans or dwarves would use a medium like an alchemy furnace. For the elves, it was not that troublesome.

Within the energy flame was a diamond. This extremely hard material gradually began to change shape under the urging of energy.

If the minister saw this, he would definitely think Su Bai was a monster!

A Gold-level Alchemist would need at least half a month to do this, but Su Bai only finished it in half a minute.

This was not something that ordinary people could understand! However, this was not a skill that humans could master, so it was very normal.

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