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Chapter 287: 287 If One Shot Fails, Try Two!

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287 If One Shot Fails, Try Two!

The soldier riding on his flying-type Beast jumped down and landed on the city wall to salute the governor.

“Report, signs of spider-type Beasts have been sighted on Mt. Anxiong!”

Hearing that, Lu Xingping clenched his fists.

Mt. Anxiong was less than 20 kilometers away from Great Peace City, and it was still in the initial stage of the Beast tide. Once it was official, it would attack like a monstrous wave.

All they needed to do was to charge the Beast-core Cannon.

Not far away, Lu Le asked softly, “Captain, is that thing really useful against the Beast tide? Why do I feel like it’s just for show?”

Bing Qingqing and the other Beastmasters were also curious about that.

“Whether it’s useful or not, we’ll know later.”

Su Bai did not say it with confidence.

“It’s said to be made by the dwarves, so this place is very close to the Dwarf Kingdom?” Bing Qingqing asked.

“It’s indeed very close. Because of the Dwarf Kingdom, the border of Great Peace should theoretically be the area with the lowest risk factor,” Lu Le said with a smile.

Theory was theory after all. There were few species of Beasts here, and the resources were also very scarce. As a result, the number of Beastmasters at the border of Great Peace plummeted.

That was why Great Peace City could only rely on the Great Wilderness City to survive.

Soon, an hour had passed. As the scouting Beastmasters kept reporting, a large-scale Beast tide was heading towards Great Peace City.

According to the report, the number of spider-type Beasts mobilized was more than 100,000 this time! It was only a rough calculation.

According to the experienced Beastmaster soldiers, there were at least 200,000 spider-type Beasts.

Lu Xingping looked into the distance at the Beast tide that had already raised waves of dust. His expression was so nervous that his forehead was covered in sweat.

The last time, a Beast tide of this scale had brought great losses to Great Peace City. A total of more than 700 Beastmaster soldiers had died, and thousands were injured. It was unacceptable to Great Peace City.

“Mr. Lu, they’ve already entered the shooting range. Let’s fire once!”

Su Bai’s words made the eyes of the minister light up.

The minister had long wanted to see with his own eyes how domineering was the so-called masterpiece of the dwarves.

“We’ll leave everything to Captain Su.”

Lu Xingping had no objections. He immediately arranged for people to head down and begin to load the Bronze-grade Beast-cores into the Beast-core Cannon to charge it.

The maximum load that the Beast-core Cannon could hold was 5,000 Gold-grade Beast-cores.

However, the current conditions did not allow them to do so.

Besides, Su Bai was only going to try it out, so there was no need to spend such a huge sum of resources.

“Report! Charging the Beast-core Cannon!”

“Charging reached 10%!”


The Beastmasters outside the city wall were all looking forward to the soldier’s continuous reports. They could not wait to see how capable the iron lump was.

“Charging complete, ready to fire!”

A loud voice rang out.

The atmosphere started to get intense. Everyone was waiting for Su Bai’s order.

With Su Bai’s eyesight, he could see clearly the appearance of every Beast in the Beast tide.

There were really all kinds of spiders. There were the Red-bladed Spiders he had seen before, huge Eight-Eyes Spiders, and colorful spider-type Beasts that he could not name.

In terms of numbers, it was just as the report said, at least 100,000 of them!

“It’s about time. Fire at the center of the Beast tide!”

“Prepare to fire!”

This time, the person in charge of the operation was the minister himself. He excitedly controlled the remote sensing and aimed the cannonball at the center of the Beast tide.

It was the place where the Beast tide was the densest.

The minister’s hands trembled with excitement.

This excitement was something that he had never felt before when he advanced to a Gold-level Alchemist!


The minister’s eyes instantly turned serious.

The Beast-core Cannon’s muzzle condensed an incomparably violent energy. Under the powerful thrust, it drew an arc in the sky and accurately landed in the middle of the Beast tide.


The scene shocked all the Beastmasters present, and they held their breaths. They didn’t know how many spider-type Beasts had been killed by this cannon blast, but at least nearly ten thousand had been killed!

That was because the range of the flames covered one-fifth of the Beast tide.

“Quite effective.”

Su Bai smiled, walked to the cannon, and started to check the materials.

The cannon had unleashed 30% of the cannon’s power, which was completely within the range of the diamond.

“Load higher grade Beast-cores and continue charging,” Su Bai said.

Only then did the Beastmaster, who was stunned to the side, wake up. He hurriedly called for the other soldiers to bring the Silver-grade Beast-cores over.

While the cannon was constantly charging, the spider-type Beasts had no intention of retreating after being hit by a huge blow.

“Report, a Platinum-level Black-Gold Spider has been discovered!”

The scouts sent back the news.

Platinum-level Beasts were extraordinarily powerful. Most of the Beastmasters in Great Peace City were only at Silver-level, and the team Su Bai brought was only at Gold-level.

However, everyone did not feel worried because of that. Instead, they clenched their fists and shouted.

“Let those b*stards have a taste of the power of the Beast-core Cannon!”

“That’s right. If one shot can’t do it, then two!”

The power of the Beast-core Cannon had already made them feel the terrifying power. With the cannon around, not to mention one Platinum-level Beast, even ten of them would not be a problem!

The minister in charge of the launch was even crazier now.

As an alchemist, to be able to personally operate the masterpiece created by the dwarves one day was definitely a glorious feat that could be boasted about for a lifetime!

After a long while, the minister realized that the Beast-core Cannon had been recharged. This time, it was locked and loaded with Silver-grade Beast-cores!


The minister turned around and looked at Su Bai.

After the first attempt, Su Bai already knew the specific damage range of the cannon’s energy.

Although the area of effect was large, there was no way to completely wipe out the Beast tide, so they needed to strike an accurate target.

However, Su Bai was smiling.

“Up to you. The charging energy from the Silver-grade Beast-cores has a larger range.”


The minister took a deep breath and aimed at the approximate location of the Platinum-level Black-Gold Spider. Holding his breath, he pressed the shooting button again.


The commotion this time was far more intense than before. The flames and impact that erupted directly smashed a huge pit.

The loud sound covered the entire Great Peace City.

The civilians who lived there fled back home like crazy, thinking that the sky was about to fall.

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