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Chapter 292: 292 Diamond-level Black Tarantula, a Deadly Culprit!

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292 Diamond-level Black Tarantula, a Deadly Culprit!

“Yes. Sorry for the trouble.” Su Bai smiled.

Being able to come into contact with a Legendary Alchemist’s work, this trip would definitely not be a loss.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he could obtain outstanding results in the top ten of the Alchemy Festival.

Su Bai was still at the most basic stage of alchemy. He could make Anves or other Alchemists exclaim and admire him, but it did not mean that he had mastered it.

“Good, good, good!”

Lu Xingping was all smiles. No one was more excited than him at this moment.

“Thank you for your understanding, Captain Su. If you have any questions, just let me know!” Lu Xingping said gratefully.

“Let’s deal with this little fellow first.”

“The Little Beast-core Cannon?”

“Yes, I plan to build five first. I’ll have to trouble Mr. Lu with the diamonds.”

Su Bai’s words put a lot of pressure on Lu Xingping.

The cost of the Little Beast-core Cannon was not as high as the Beast-core Cannon, but it was not a small sum either.

Lu Xingping had no reason to refuse what Su Bai was doing now since it was from the standpoint of Great Peace City.

Immediately, Lu Xingping started to allocate funds to collect the alchemy materials he needed.

As the minister of the Military Industry Department, he had a complicated smile on his face.

“After working for so many years, this is the first time I’ve seen so many diamonds.”

As a Gold-level Alchemist, he could not help but feel the gap between people was sometimes so big that it made people despair.

When the materials had been prepared, Anves also began to get busy and started making those Little Beast-core Cannons.

With Su Bai’s help, it took less than a day to finish the five Little Beast-core Cannons.

At the same time, these five Little Beast-core Cannons had new enhancements.

“How wonderful!” Anves looked at each Beast-core Cannon in surprise and praised, “This one is actually equipped with an engine. Although it’s a lot heavier, it also can move! And this one, it’s designed to fire continuously, which can make up for the lack of firepower!”

With Su Bai’s help, each of the five Beast-core Cannons had its own unique function.

“Su Bai, you’re a f*cking genius!”

The idea was simple. But it was not as simple as talking to create it.

Su Bai smiled, “Mr. Anves, you flatter me. I just had a sudden interest and made a small modification!”

‘A small modification?’ The minister of the military industry was a little confused.

That was not a small modification, and as an Alchemist, he understood that.

Everything was based on theory. To do that, one would need solid knowledge and skills. Su Bai happened to have both!

The minister was starting to doubt his life! Compared to Su Bai, he was not even worth a handyman.

Staying in the Military Industry Department, there was no sense of existence.

On the other side, Anves laughed foolishly.

Obviously, he was already used to Su Bai’s modesty and was more open-minded than the Minister of Military Industry.

“Mr. Minister, I’ll have to trouble you to supervise the actual combat of these five Little Beast-core Cannons.”


The minister was a little flattered.

Su Bai nodded and said, “Yes, I have other things to deal with. You can make a report on these five prototypes and give it to me when you’re done.”


This job was deeply ingrained in the minister’s heart, so he accepted it without hesitation.

Then, Su Bai left with Anves and went to the meeting room of the governor’s mansion to discuss the next battle opportunity with Lu Xingping.

After the outstanding demonstration from the Beast-core Cannon, the Beast tide led by the Platinum-level Beasts had been repelled. It was a complete victory.

Now, all they needed to do was continue to work hard. With the addition of six Little Beast-core Cannons, the Great Peace City was redoubled power.

The pressure on Su Bai’s shoulders was much lighter, especially on Lu Xingping.

In the next three days, the Beast-core Cannon would be repaired by Anves, and the Little Beast-core Cannons had performed outstandingly in the small-scale Beast tides!

In just three days, there were a total of seven small-scale Beast tides and zero casualties in Great Peace City! It was a huge advantage that Lu Xingping had never felt before!

Without wasting a single soldier, the Beasts within a hundred meters of Great Peace City were all blasted into pieces!

The only flaw was it consumed many resources. However, for a border city, the price was something that could be endured by gritting their teeth.

The turmoil in Great Peace City was less severe than before. When the civilians heard of the successive victories, it only took three days for them to believe it.

The situation of the rebels was also stable. Su Bai had not been idle during this period. He led a team to search for clues at the border. In the end, there was no gain.

But Su Bai had already mastered the current situation.

Lu Le rode a Beast back to the camp and said happily, “We didn’t find any Beast nests ahead, but there’s another good news!”

“Don’t keep us in suspense, tell us quickly!”

“Hehe. Just as you guessed, Captain. Most of the terrain is full of holes. Their nest must be underground!” Lu Le laughed.

Su Bai gazed at the skyline with a smile, “It’s about time to go back.”

He felt the feedback of his spiritual power. The spider-type Beasts under their feet were moving out in full force, clearly acting strangely.

If Su Bai’s guess was correct, the scale of the next Beast tide would be greater than usual, and whether the culprit behind it would appear would depend on tonight’s battle!

The team rushed back to Great Peace City overnight. After Lu Xingping received the news, he immediately led a group of Beastmaster soldiers to go to the city wall.

They began to prepare for battle!

The cold wind blew, and none of the Beastmaster soldiers dared to relax.

The bright lights on the city wall made the civilians in the residential area restless.

Very quickly, a long siren sounded throughout the entire city!

“Report, a large group of spider-type Beasts has been discovered three kilometers away and is rushing over!”

“Send out the scouting Beastmasters immediately!”

“Yes, sir!”

One by one, the scouting Beastmasters mounted their flying Beasts and began to move.

After issuing the order, Lu Xingping stared excitedly into the distance outside the city. He was extremely eager to end this nightmare tonight!

A week ago, he was still anxious about the Beast tide, but now, looking at the exquisite cannons, there was nothing to be afraid of!

Half an hour later, a scouting Beastmaster returned.

“Report, Mr. Governor, the culprit of the Beast tide has been discovered. It’s a Diamond-level Black Tarantula!”

Lu Xingping’s pupils were constricted.

It was indeed a Diamond-level Beast, and it was a bloodthirsty Black Tarantula. Its threat level was extremely high among spider-type Beasts, and its individual combat ability was powerful!

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