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Chapter 294: 294 A Modified Diamond-Level Beast!

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294 A Modified Diamond-Level Beast!

The huge Black Tarantula’s front claws were less than ten meters away from Su Bai, and could easily cut off his head in three seconds.

But Su Bai was indifferent. Against the Diamond Black Tarantula, he did not only rely on Dream Wing’s illusion.

What’s more, the Black Tarantula was not as fine as it looked.

After all, it had been bombarded by the Beast-core Cannon. Its internal organs were in a mess, and it had suffered serious injuries.

At the same time, under Su Bai’s spiritual power detection, cracks of varying degrees appeared on the Black Tarantula’s eight claws.

It was obvious how terrifying the dwarves’ alchemy weapons were. It had actually forced this Diamond-level Black Tarantula to such a state.

“Bearen, Golden Dragon, kill it!”

At Su Bai’s order, Bearen and the Golden Dragon arrived in front of the Black Tarantula.

Bearen’s paw directly smashed into the Black Tarantula’s head and Golden Dragon’s claw easily cut through the Black Tarantula’s abdomen, black blood instantly gushed out.

After the two of them went through a round of torment, the Black Tarantula showed signs of breaking through the illusion.

However, before that time came, it had already been dismembered into several pieces by Bearen and Golden Dragon.


Lu Xingping was so shocked that his eyeballs almost popped out. He could understand that Su Bai’s Beasts could split a Gold-level Poison-Fog Spider into two, but he could not understand why the Diamond-level Black Tarantula could not fight back!

As the governor of a city, Lu Xingping finally realized that Su Bai was not as simple as he looked.

‘The Black Tarantula’s movement suddenly stopped. It definitely had something to do with spiritual power!’ Lu Xingping thought.

On the city wall, Anvers was shocked by Su Bai’s actions.

The head of the Military Merit Department sighed, “Captain Su, that’s amazing!”

The Diamond-level culprit of the Beast tide had actually been killed just like that. It was a simple matter that none of them had ever imagined.

The Beast tide continued attacking even though the culprit had already been dealt with. It took nearly five hours.

Only when the sun had already risen, did Great Peace City finally quell this calamity.

When the joyous news spread, the commoners of Great Peace City cheered.

In the governor’s mansion, everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

The crisis surrounding Great Peace City was finally resolved.

A cold aura surrounded the Beast-cores, and a huge amount of poison elemental energy was gathered inside.

The Beast-core was the size of a fist. It made the minister of the military industry envious. The value of such a Beast-core was enough for his department to operate for three years!

As for the ownership of the Diamond-grade Beast-core, Lu Xingping had already given it to Su Bai.

In this short week, Su Bai’s arrival had already given Great Peace City a great gift.

Of course, Lu Xingping would not be myopic and offend Su Bai for a Diamond-grade Beast-core.

With the item in hand, Su Bai threw it into the Fourth Heaven. The only thing he was interested in was the eight claws of the Black Tarantula’s corpse.

Those claws were far sturdier than diamonds! Moreover, it also carried poison elemental energy, making it an excellent material for alchemy.

“No, why do these three claws seem to have been repaired after birth?”

Su Bai frowned. He immediately took out the Ice Dagger, carefully inserted the blade into a crack in the claw, and then pried it open with a slight force.

However, Su Bai did not expect the Ice Dagger to be broken in less than three seconds.

After all, it was a low-level Beastmaster weapon. It was obviously a little difficult to use it against a Diamond-level Black Tarantula, especially with its hardest part.

Anves just arrived at the Military Industry Department at that moment. Su Bai immediately asked him about the three claws.

“Let me give it a try!”

Anves took out a metal opener without hesitation.

This opener wasn’t as simple as it looked. It was even sturdier than the claws of the Black Tarantula.

Su Bai shook his head in surprise and laughed. He asked, “Mr. Anves, what material did you use to make this opener?”

“Ah… I remember it was a Beast called something turtle. Who cares? Anyway, that turtle isn’t even the size of a palm. The metal turtle shell is even rarer, so I used it to make a toy.” Anves said.

Anves’s personality had always been one that did not care about trifles. However, his hands were extremely delicate, and a piece of the shell from a claw was removed.

However, the things inside shocked everyone present. The metal tubes were definitely not part of the Black Tarantula. They were man-made claws.

“Mr. Anves, what is this?”

Su Bai frowned and observed it carefully. He found that this claw was very exquisite from top to bottom.

From the perspective of outsiders, these were thin metal tubes, but in the eyes of Alchemists, the refinement of the tubes was no less than a piece of Diamond-grade Beastmaster equipment!

“Let’s look at something else first!” Anves did not answer directly.

Then, Anves began to break down the other parts of the Black Tarantula. Su Bai was moved by the shocking scene.

One-fifth of the Black Tarantula had traces of artificial modification!

‘No wonder the continuous bombardment of the Beast-core Cannon had caused such great damage to it. It’s because the Black Tarantula’s body was not original!’ Su Bai thought.

Anves put down the opener in his hand and sighed, “I’m sorry. Looking at the modification mechanism, it should be done by my clansmen.”


When the minister heard that, he said angrily, “Mr. Anves, you’re saying that this Beast tide was caused by your people!”

Anves did not reject that statement immediately.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became subtle.

“Mr. Anves, do you have something you can’t say?”

Su Bai could feel Anves’s emotional fluctuation. He knew that the reason was not simple.

Anves smiled bitterly and said, “You can say that. Actually, I don’t have too much of a grudge against you humans. However, many dwarves hate you, humans, for that accident decades ago. I sincerely apologize for that!”

Anves turned around and bowed deeply to Su Bai, the minister, and the others.

However, Anves’s apology could not quell the minister’s anger.

‘The Beast tide that Great Peace City had suffered over the years had cost countless lives. How could it be resolved with just an apology?’ the minister thought.

Just when the minister was about to speak, Su Bai gave him a look. Only then, the minister did not probe further.

“I know that an apology cannot be redeemed for what we did. But I can guarantee that the city I’m in definitely didn’t do such things!” Anves raised his head and said solemnly.

“Mr. Anves, you don’t need to blame yourself. This matter really has nothing to do with you.”


Su Bai was very clear. Things between the two races were like tangled wires. Su Bai did not think he could solve them all one by one.
But at least for now, Anves was still a reliable ally. He had nothing to do with the modified Black Tarantula. That was enough to convince Su Bai to put aside the grudges for the time being.

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