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Chapter 297: 297 Heavencraft Pavilion

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297 Heavencraft Pavilion

Everyone followed Anves into the carriage. The inner structure could be said to be no different from an ordinary one. Except for the fact that the height was a little short.

Tall people like Lu Le and Su Bai needed to bow.

As the Slime Train started moving, Su Bai did not feel any shaking at all. If he had not seen the moving track through the window, he would have thought that the train had not started yet.

“This is my masterpiece!”

Anves smiled and said proudly, “This is my masterpiece! Back then, I spent a lot of effort taming the Slimes. How about it?”

“It is indeed not bad.”

Su Bai looked at the scenery outside the window and found that the exterior structure of the carriage was also very interesting.

The gears responsible for balance also had long wings.

A Slime could accommodate multiple carriages, and its speed was also fast in the early stages.

Without stopping, it only took less than half an hour to circle around Heavencraft City!

It brought great convenience to the dwarven residents of Heavencraft City, which Su Bai admired.

Very quickly, Anves led the group to the entrance of a building after passing through three stations.

The sign on the building was written Heavencraft Pavilion. Undoubtedly, this was an important department of Heavencraft City.

Anves had arranged for someone to entertain Bing Qingqing, Lu Le, and the others. Then Anves left with Su Bai.

Lu Le and the others did not mind at all. There were countless eye-opening and interesting alchemy products in the Heavencraft Pavilion.

It would take at least a few days to see all of them.

In the long corridor, Su Bai followed behind Anves.

“What do you think, Su Bai?”

Anves looked at the portraits hanging on the wall and said happily, “These are all epoch-making alchemy inventions!”

There were more than a hundred portraits of different sizes. Among them, was the initial model of the Beast-core Cannon.

“The Dwarf Kingdom really lives up to its reputation. But Mr. Anves, what will the dwarves do when they are facing a single powerful Beast?”

No matter how domineering the Beast-core Cannon were, they were only effective against Lower to Mid-level Beasts. If it was Diamond-level and above, these alchemical products would probably be a little stretched.

“Good question. What do you think is the roof of alchemy?” Anves asked seriously.

“The essence of alchemy is to use energy for our own use!” Anves stopped and pointed to a painting in front of him. “Look at that.”

Su Bai looked over and saw a ring in the painting.

“Mr. Anves, please enlighten me.”

“There’s no need to be so polite. This ring isn’t a simple thing. It’s a Beastmaster equipment forged by a Legendary Alchemist!”

“What’s its effect?”

Anves shook his head and said, “I had no idea. We’ve already experienced the situation you’re talking about. Indeed, these alchemical products are too useless and can’t completely solve the problem. However, at that time, an Alchemist wore this ring and killed a Diamond-level Beast!”

Su Bai frowned. It was hard to imagine that.

Not only Su Bai, but even Anves also could not imagine it either. Because no one had witnessed that with their own eyes. But what happened was real.

After passing through the corridor, they arrived at Anves’ private area. To be more precise, it was a studio.

There were alchemy furnaces of different sizes and mountains of alchemy materials inside.


At a corner of the wall, the designs and materials of alchemy were so messy that Su Bai almost suffocated.
Even Anves had to spend some effort to find a book for Su Bai.

“This is a collection of basic design concepts related to Beast-cores. It should be enough for you to read for a while.”

“That thick?”

“It’s not thick. This is only the first volume.”

Su Bai held the book like he was holding a brick.

The Alchemy Festival was only a week away. It would take an ordinary person at least a few years to digest this book.

Therefore, Anves warned Su Bai not to dig in too deep before Su Bai left.

After all, Su Bai was a genius that Anves had taken a fancy to. Su Bai only needed to understand the simple structure.

After returning to the room arranged by Anves, Su Bai opened the first page of the book.


The Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell has been detected. Comprehending it can be simplified into just performing eye exercises!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?


Without any hesitation, Su Bai started to do eye exercises after activating the simplification.

Half an hour later, Su Bai could not calm down for a long time after receiving a lot of knowledge. He did not expect that a simple Beast-cores weapon would be researched to such an extent by the dwarves.

Take Su Bai’s Ice Dagger for example. It belonged to the lowest level of alchemy according to the concept in the book, which was form.

In the dwarves’ alchemy concept, there were five levels: form, refine, vessel, spirit, and soul!

The lowest level, form only retained the characteristics of the alchemy material itself.

It was not too difficult to make a relatively sturdy alchemy product with sturdy materials. As long as it was a beginner Alchemist, it could be done.

When one reached the level of training, one would have to mix in the concept of energy.

Su Bai had already come into contact with vessels. That was the existence of the spiritual vessel!

This kind of thing was considered unorthodox by human Alchemists, but it was a basic concept for the dwarves.

It was enough to prove that if the dwarves were graduates in alchemy, then the humans were at most elementary students who were about to advance to junior high school.

After calming down, Su Bai started to think about making some Beast equipment for Bearen and other Beasts.

After all, Su Bai had arrived in a great country of alchemy, so he had to make something. Otherwise, he would be here for nothing.

Previously, it appeared that the Beast equipment was unnecessary due to Su Bai’s Beasts’ exceptional individual powers.

However, things were different now.

After understanding the concept of alchemy, Su Bai could equip his Beasts such as Bearen and Golden Dragon with exclusive alchemical equipment!

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. When Su Bai opened the door, he did not expect to see Anves with a big bright smile.

“Su Bai, how’s your study going?” Anves asked and he entered the room. He saw the book that had been opened and laughed, “If there’s anything you can’t comprehend, you can come to me and I’ll answer your questions at any time.”

Su Bai was shocked.

Logically, one could not learn much when one had only received the book for less than an hour.

Anves must have come with a goal in mind for him to rush over to check on Su Bai.

Su Bai had a rough idea about Anves’s purpose.

Seeing that Su Bai did not respond for a long time, Anves sat down and said seriously, “I’m here to walk you through the Alchemy Festival. The difficulty this time is much higher than the previous ones. If you don’t mind…”

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