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Chapter 302: 302 The Extraordinary Su Bai

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302 The Extraordinary Su Bai

The ranking competition was about to begin, and the three thousand participants had already begun to get ready in the hall.

Ampoc went up on stage and went through the motions before announcing the rules.

The ranking competition was to repair and improve Mark-413.

This was an alchemical robot invented by a Platinum-level Alchemist in Heavencraft City. Its characteristics were varied.

Mark-413 was capable of lifting and was equipped with a combat system. However, the combat system was very worrying.

Most importantly, Mark-413 was unable to circulate the energy in its body. In other words, it was a lump of iron.

If it encountered a Beast with a slight combat strength, it would be completely useless.

There are three thousand Mark-413 placed in the hall. Every contestant had to repair and upgrade them.

Without a doubt, repairing it was not difficult. The challenging part was how to upgrade it!

If one could not amaze the world with a single feat and make the judge’s eyes light up, one would be eliminated.

The time limit was six hours. The contestants were all ready for battle, each of them wearing a serious expression. Even for the genius Hubala.

At that moment, Su Bai came to his seat and glanced at the Mark-413.

It had to be said, the precision of the Mark-413 was quite astonishing. It was not inferior to the Beast-core Cannon.

“Let the competition begin!”

At the scene, with Ampoc’s shout, everyone immediately went forward to check the damaged parts of those Mark-413.

The rules of the ranking competition were very rough. They were not as strict as the pre-selection. As long as the participants could achieve optimization and level up, it would be fine.

So Su Bai took a look at the small alchemy furnace beside him and started to put the materials into the Spiral Realm. He did something that made the surrounding people in an uproar.

“What is this guy doing? It’s fine if he doesn’t repair it, but he’s tearing it down crazily?!”

“I don’t understand…”

“Who cares, I guess that’s just a mistake.”

“F*ck, this Mark-413 is too damaged!”

As time passed, the hall was filled with busy people.

Naturally, Ampoc was talking to his brother, Anves. However, Anves only smiled and did not seem to mind Ampoc’s mockery.

Su Bai did not refine materials to repair the Mark-413 like the other contestants. Instead, he took the Mark-413 apart.

In less than five minutes, it was already in pieces. Not a single part of it was intact.

If it were any other contestant, they would definitely not dare to do so.

Without sufficient proficiency, it would take a considerable amount of time to reassemble it.


But Su Bai did not care. He thought, ‘This isn’t hard enough…”
Su Bai was holding a gear in his hand. After looking at it carefully for a while, he had an idea to improve it. Then, he began to refine the gear to an improved version in the Spiral Realm.

Based on the original structure, Su Bai’s improved gears were harder and lighter.

At the same time, Hubala was not far away. When he saw the improved parts in Su Bai’s hands, he was shocked.

Hubala did not expect Su Bai to repair and upgrade the Mark-413 at the same time!

Any experienced Alchemist would not do such a half-hearted thing.

This was not a matter of ability, but attitude and precision. It was the consensus of many Alchemists.

The higher the rank of an Alchemist, the more they understood the rarity of high-grade materials.

Naturally, after decades of experience, they would cultivate a rigorous attitude towards each alchemy.

Obviously, Su Bai was different from ordinary people.

Soon, the other contestants found out about Su Bai’s situation.

“He doesn’t have the professional standards of an Alchemist. He actually dares to multitask!”

“Hmph, I think he will definitely be eliminated this time!”

Amidst everyone’s mockery, even the dwarf judges on the high platform gave a relatively low evaluation.

Such unprofessionalism!

Those were the words pinned on Su Bai’s forehead by the dwarf judges.

However, Su Bai did not get tired of it. He took out the refined parts from the Spiral Realm one by one and began to install them on the Mark-413’s frame.

Time passed by the seconds. There was also a live broadcast to all the dwarves in the city. They were paying attention to the Alchemy Festival.

As for the only human present, there was no doubt that there was quite a lot of discussion about him.

However, most of them were similar to the comments of the contestants.

Lu Le and the others who were sitting in front of the television frowned as they listened to the live broadcast reporter’s jabber. They did not understand a word at all.

After coming to Heavencraft City for a few days, they had been restricted by the dwarvish.

Only Bing Qingqing was smart and studious, so she could understand some of the dwarvish.

“Captain will definitely advance!” said Lu Le. He had only one word for Su Bai, trust!

Bing Qingqing was even more so.

In this short half a year, Su Bai was like a top magician who could always bring unexpected surprises. It was as if there was nothing Su Bai could not do.

Three hours passed in the blink of an eye. Currently, five of the participants had made the fastest progress, and one of them was Hubala.

The Mark-413 that Hubala had repaired was already in a brand-new state, and the focus of the optimization was on functionality.

As an alchemical robot that carried heavy objects, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to expand into a combat type.

Therefore, it was better to change direction.

Hubala pressed the button, and a crisp bell rang.

Then, a staff member began to transfer Hubala’s Mark-413 onto the high platform, and the judges began to comment.

“The restoration is not bad!”

“Yes, the original functionality is perfect, and the optimized functionality… Wonderful!”

Hubala added some additional functions and allowed the Mark-413 to do delicate work. It was no longer just brute force that could only carry heavy objects.

The Mark-413 was a product of the Heavencraft City. It did not have much value in itself, because the precise structure could do very ordinary things.

Hubala’s optimization allowed the Mark-413 to be competent for twisting screws or cleaning windows.

“Not bad, not bad!”

The dozen or so referees nodded in succession.

In just three hours, it was already quite good that Hubala had been able to improve the Mark-413 to that extent.

The results would be announced at the end, but Hubala was already confident that there were very few competitors present who could threaten him.

Hubala turned to look at Su Bai. It was just a casual glance at first, but then his eyes gradually blurred.

‘What the hell is he doing?!’ Hubala thought.

In a corner of the stage, Su Bai fiddled with something. His Mark-413, which was previously a lump of iron, had now changed its appearance.

It had a tougher interior and a rougher appearance. Its body had expanded by more than three times, and its overall height had become nearly three meters!

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