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Chapter 50: 50 The Intense Youth Training Camp Life

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50 The Intense Youth Training Camp Life

As newbies, Su Bai and Liu Yiyi were very curious about everything in the youth training camp.

It was noticeable that there was a camp for official soldiers a few hundred meters away from the youth training camp.

The aura exuded by those soldiers was exactly the same as the one Su Bai had met in the wilderness.

There was a world of difference between them and the students in the youth training camp.

At the same time, they got to see some rare beasts!

“That’s an Emineko!

“And that’s a Pyroar!”

Along the way, Liu Yiyi was so happy that she almost fainted.

She was quite obsessed with beasts.

She did not expect to see so many famous beasts in the youth training camp today. It was as if she had entered a paradise.

Su Bai, on the other hand, had something else on his mind. ‘Those students look busy, as if they are in a hurry. Li Xin was not kidding. As soon as I entered the youth training camp, I could immediately feel the tense atmosphere.’

Very quickly, the two of them arrived at the reporting area.

After undergoing a series of procedures, they received an identity card.

It was the proof to show they were members of the military youth training camp, and it could also store their merit points.

However, it was different from merit points gained by an official soldier.

Their merit points could only be used in the youth training camp. The camp members usually redeem various supplies with merit points.

At the same time, it was the same as the merit points earned through the school training.

Merit points could also be used to exchange for beast equipment, but the choices were more abundant than what the school offered.

They even offered beast eggs to trade.

There was even the right to live in Los Monstaria!

However, the price was extremely high, and each person could only buy a limited number of them.

It was no wonder that the youth training camp was a place that many people dreamed of. After all, the cost of living in Los Monstaria was astronomical.

Moreover, there was a limited quota every year, so it was a rare chance.

Most importantly, one could also redeem merit points for the qualification to graduate from the youth training camp.

It required 50,000 merit points!

Therefore, the members of the youth training here would save and live frugally, striving to graduate as soon as possible and officially serve the army.

“In addition to accidents that could occur daily, please take note that 50 points will be deducted from you daily. Newcomers are exempted from the deduction in the first two days. After that, if you have less than 50 points, you will have to leave the camp,” the staff member said with a smile.

“Time is so tight.” Liu Yiyi frowned.

She didn’t expect that the newcomers like them would only have two days to adapt. After two days, not only would they have to maintain their merit points daily, but they would also have to maintain their member status daily with 50 points.

‘No wonder that those people in the youth training camp are all in a hurry.’

“Yes, but I don’t recommend you to take on a mission now. You should see around instead.”

“Many thanks.” After the whole process, Liu Yiyi and Su Bai already understood the rules of the youth training camp.

Su Bai accepted the staff member’s suggestion.

He didn’t plan to take the risk by taking on a mission on his first day.

Although two days was indeed very short, he had to be cautious.

He didn’t want to take a risk when he was still uncertain about the situation there.

After they left the registration office, Liu Yiyi said goodbye to Su Bai because she wanted to meet someone she knew in the youth training camp.

After the two of them parted ways, Su Bai went to the location where the missions were issued.

Looking at the mission board, there were about a hundred missions densely packed together, and each mission’s difficulty level would be marked.

The lowest level mission’s reward was ten merit points.

The mid-level mission’s reward was between twenty and thirty points, but the number of missions was obviously less than the lower-level mission.

It was noon now, which meant that most of them had been taken.

Mid-level missions were undoubtedly the most popular.

As for the highest-level missions, only a limited number of them were announced every day. Out of ten, there were eight left now.

This meant that not many people had the ability to take on missions of that level.

“Interesting.” Su Bai casually took a look at the missions with high difficulty level.

It was stated that the mission was deadly, so they advised trainees not to simply accept it. One must be fully prepared before taking it.

Then Su Bai went to the supermarket.

It was several times bigger than the supermarket in the school!

The items inside were also dazzling. Su Bai’s mouth twitched when he saw the price.

A normal bottle of water actually cost five merit points. The price was outrageous.

In fact, the youth training camp did not provide anything for free.

Any daily necessities, including accommodation, needed to be redeemed using merit points.

Coincidentally, not far from Su Bai, there were a few other trainees who had just arrived.

When they saw the prices here, they cursed in anger.

“Gosh, this packet of instant noodles costs eight merit points. This is daylight robbery!”

“Let me count how many missions we have to accomplish in a day for us to stay here…”

“Oh my god, just basic needs alone will cost dozens of points a day. Is the army trying to enslave us? ”

“I think we’ll have to eat dirt in two days.”

“How long will it take to earn 50,000 merit points for graduation?”

Su Bai could only smile bitterly when he heard the complaints.

No wonder Li Xin would say those words.

The more he understood the youth training camp, the more pressure he felt.

Just living in the youth training camp was a challenge, not to mention that he had to save 50,000 merit points in six months to become a real soldier.

After six months, those who had not accumulated enough merit points would be directly terminated from the camp.

Su Bai had taken the whole afternoon to visit all places.

The place was packed with members.

Among them, a burly man stood on the high platform and shouted to the crowd, “My fellow newcomers, pay attention. Stop and listen to me!

“I know this is your first day here and you’re a little confused.

“Listen to your senior’s advice. A lone wolf will never have the chance to graduate here!”

His voice was loud and clear, and it immediately attracted many people.

Seeing that most of the newcomers had arrived, he immediately shouted again, “But don’t be afraid. If you join our guild, the Tygras, not only will you be assigned to a team, but you’ll also receive 100 merit points every day. Occasionally, we’ll organize guild events and accept the highest-level missions.”

As soon as he said this, the crowd burst into an uproar.

The highest-level missions had a reward of over 1,000 points, and some even had a reward of over 10,000 points!

As he spoke, he summoned his beast.


A huge Earth Dragon suddenly appeared, and its roar resounded through the scene.

Many beasts started to shiver.

Even Whitey, who was in Su Bai’s pocket, quivered as if it felt threatened.

Apparently, that Earth Dragon was not weak!

“Those who are interested, you are welcome to learn more about our guild. I’m Xu Xiaolong, the Tigras’s 13th gen leader.

After Xu Xiaolong finished speaking, he walked down from the platform.

“Interesting.” Su Bai had already learned that there were many specialized organizations in the youth training camp.

He didn’t expect to meet one so soon while it was there to recruit newcomers.

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