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Chapter 92: 92 Breakthrough to the Silver Level

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92 Breakthrough to the Silver Level

For the ordinary members of the youth training, 50,000 merit points were the hope of entering the military.

But in Su Bai’s hands, it was the cost of sleeping in the training room for a long time.

“Su Bai is back?!”

Su Bai had just entered the youth training camp, and the news soon spread.

The news that he won first place in the military selection was big news here, especially when he was framed by Sun Qi, and Sun Qi hired an assassin to assassinate him.

They even pushed the name Su Bai to the peak.

It was even more resounding than when he was rumored to be the genius of the Xuanyuan family.

Soon, Su Bai entered the training center, exchanged 5,000 points for the purple stone stele, and entered the training room. A large group of his fans came in.

“Where is Su Bai?”

“I really miss the time when Su Bai was still here. His service was so professional. Look at it now. All the second-rate services often exceed the time limit!”

“That’s right. If we’re talking about a hunting service provider, we should find Su Bai.”

“Is he really that godly?”

At that moment, Su Bai was already lying in the training room with Bearen and fast asleep.

One had to know that many people outside missed his professional service.

Su Bai would probably not know whether to laugh or cry.

Many things could be done with 50,000 merit points, but Su Bai’s main goal was to help his two Beasts reach the Silver level!

Since he couldn’t break through in a battle, he would turn to the stone stele.

He was now a C-rank soldier.

Su Bai was treated very well. He had ten places in Los Monstaria and could bring his family to the orphanage.

They didn’t have to live in fear in the small town outside.

Soon, the first purple stone stele was used up.

When Su Bai woke up, he found that Bearen had not changed. No experience points gained, no talent, no skill, nothing.

It was equivalent to wasting all 5,000 merit points.

However, he didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately bought the second purple stone stele and continued to sleep.

If it were any other youth training member, they wouldn’t be able to accept the 5,000 points being wasted just like that.

But Su Bai didn’t care. Xu Chu was the one who gave him those 50,000 points, after all.

It would be a waste if Su Bai didn’t use it. It was also unnecessary to exchange it for other resources. He might as well try to help his Beast breakthrough!

Soon, the purple stone steles were consumed one by one, and the merit points were all spent like flowing water.


Bearen has broken through to Lower 1 Silver level!

For the seventh time, the melodious sound of a notification finally rang out!

Su Bai excitedly opened Bearen’s virtual panel.

Name: Bearen

Lineage: Bear

Level: Lower-1 Silver

Potential: Upper Platinum

Nature: Combative

Talent: Thunder (Outstanding), Rolling Thunder (Outstanding)

Skills: Lightning Strike (B-Level), Bare Physique (B-Level), Heavy Strike (B-Level), Thunderfury (A-Level), Lightning Armor (A-Level)

At that moment, even if Bearen’s at the Silver level, it was still considered luxurious!

It had two talents and two A-Level skills.

It was a Beast that any Beastmaster would be envious of.

Bearen’s Bare Physique and Heavy Strike, originally C-Level, had been upgraded to B-Level after continuous battles.

At the same time, Bearen had leveled up to Silver level, and its strength was ten times stronger than before.

‘So strong!’ Su Bai felt Bearen’s share of strength. His physical quality was far better than his own, and he had become powerful.

Using Bearen’s skill, the lightning Su Bai summoned from his fingertips crackled.

Su Bai could only use about 5% of Bearen’s power when he borrowed it. Still, the borrowed power had significantly improved now that it had reached the Silver level.

Judging from the power, it was enough to electrocute a person to death.

This was the difference between the Silver and Bronze levels.

The enhancements it brought were not limited to the Beasts themselves but also, to a large extent, to the Beastmasters themselves.


At that moment, Bearen was even more excited. He couldn’t wait to find a Beast to fight with.

But the next second, Su Bai kept it back into his Sigil, exchanged it for more purple stone steles, and brought Whitey into the training room.

The surprise of Bearen’s breakthrough made Su Bai even more determined that the night wasn’t meant to be peaceful.

With only 10,000 points left, Su Bai entered the training room again.

This time, he didn’t disappoint. After he woke up, a notification sounded.


Crackantula has broken through to Lower-1 Silver level!

Name: Crackantula

Level: Lower-1 Silver

Potential: Lower Diamond

Nature: Perseverance

Talent: Extrasensory (Epic)

Skills: Massacre (S-Level), Sharp Blade (B-Level), Ripple Scamper (A-Level), Rip (A-Level)

The two Beasts’ successful breakthrough was beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

He had initially thought that Whitey’s chances were slim.

After all, he didn’t leave many merit points for it, but it was still worth it.

The strength that Whitey shared with Su Bai was also a surprise, but since Bearen was the first one, the second time wasn’t as great.

It wasn’t always better to have more Beasts for a Beastmaster.

It couldn’t be explained by the concept of one plus one equals two but rather by the marginal effect.

Otherwise, a Beastmaster could train a dozen Beasts directly to increase their strength.

Su Bai heaved a sigh of relief and, at the same time, felt the pressure on his shoulders increase.

Bearen and Whitey’s equipment had not improved as much as before. He had to upgrade them as well.

At the same time, due to the breakthrough of his Beast, his Beast Space had expanded to 500 square meters, like a microworld.

“The Beast Space…” Su Bai felt the changes in his body, and then a thought flashed.

A piece of Beast fragment in the Beast Space slowly floated and rippled in the air.

“Not bad.” Su Bai was very excited. This was finally his territory.

The previous Beast Space was, at most, a warehouse. The Beastmasters were like porters. Su Bai himself couldn’t arrange the items in the Beast Space.

He could only do the two simple tasks of putting it in and taking it out.

But now, he could materialize his will and control the items in the Beast Space at will.

The Beast Space was far from that simple.

As a special existence that could only be used by Beastmasters, they could do even more unimaginable things after reaching the Upper Platinum level and above.

Since Su Bai still had 5,000 merit points left, he didn’t waste it and exchanged it for another purple stone stele.

The Beast’s future improvement rate was reduced by 100 times after being upgraded to the Silver level!

The stone stele was no longer of much use to Silver level Beasts.

They couldn’t even have much experience, let alone talent.

Su Bai left the training center after he had gained qualitative change through the upgrade.

However, he didn’t expect that the moment he stepped out, hundreds of pairs of eyes would fall on him.

Immediately, he felt goosebumps all over his body and was at a loss.

“What’s going on?” Su Bai asked with his mouth twitching.

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