Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother
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Lu Yang, the big-shot of a post-apocalypse world, has transmigrated back to her original world. She soon found out that she was cannon fodder in a novel about showbiz. Her own brother, Lu Mingyu, is one of the many people in love with the female lead. After Lu Mingyu took part in a survival variety show, he became insomniac and paranoid about food every day, becoming widely infamous because of it, with their family falling apart soon after. To avoid that fate, Lu Yang decided to participate in the survival game show with her brother.***Before recording began…Lu Mingyu: My younger sister has been sickly since she was a child, making her weak and dependent. Please take care of her, everyone. But on the first day of the game show, Lu Yang picked up a dart, and with a rushing sound, it shot through a camera, shattering the lenses. Netizens: Please play that again, director! 

The next day, Lu Yang showed her reflexes by catching hold of a snake’s head and tail with perfect, ruthless precision without batting an eye. Netizens were left gaping: you call that sickly, weak, and dependent?! More days passed since, and they realized that Lu Yang was good at everything from scouting a new area, undersea fishing, and processing animals she caught… if survival skills were an exam, she would score full marks!***Paparazzi caught photos of Lu Yang making out in a car with an unidentified man, who turned out to be the heartthrob of local showbiz, Jiang Yanzhou. The entire internet was screaming: Come home already, Lu Mingyu! Your brother from another mother is becoming your brother-in-law! Lu Mingyu, who was sent to a training camp by a certain scheming man: ?!!

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