Terminally Ill Female Lead Of An Angst Novel Went Rampant After Her Awakening

Terminally Ill Female Lead Of An Angst Novel Went Rampant After Her Awakening
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Lin Shanchu loved Lu Shiyuan too much. She was even willing to lay down her life for him and sacrifice everything even if Lu Shiyuan wouldn’t bat an eyelid at her. On the day she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lu Shiyuan pushed her down a building for the sake of his dream girl. When Lin Shanchu hit her head, she suddenly came to a realization that she was the female lead of an angst novel. In the future, she would continue to torture herself by spending effort on Lu Shiyuan. She would be abandoned and humiliated… until she got a happy ending. Now that Lin Shanchu possessed normal intelligence, she blurted out, “Can I even get a Happy End by doing this? Bah!” System: Detected female lead’s character setting is falling apart. Commencing repairs. Lin Shanchu: To hell with scums! System: Character setting repair failed! On the first day of her awakening, Lin Shanchu found out the secret of the novel’s most popular crippled bigshot, Huo Xunzhou. Lin Shanchu said, “Bring down Lu Shiyuan for me, and I’ll keep your secret.” Huo Xunzhou was sitting in his wheelchair with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Are you threatening me?” The system reminded her: [The male lead won’t die easily, but the female lead will die if she isn’t in a relationship.] Lin Shanchu replied, “Got it.” Later on, ‘Popular chinese opera singer Lin Shanchu was seen kissing the retired movie star, Huo Xunzhou, on the streets’ became a trending search. The system said, ‘Oh well. You can do whatever your please as long as you can get a Happy End.]

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