The CEO’s Hidden Bride

The CEO’s Hidden Bride
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# little idiot # frivolous # two-faced # fondnessovertime

Eighteen-year-old Liu Li had just entered freshman year. But during her winter vacation, she inexplicably became a married woman?! Ah, wait. That was a mistake. She became engaged. What?! They’ve been engaged since childhood! Wouldn’t it be more convincing to say that she had made that decision in her previous life instead?! Who would believe a story like this? Did they think she was a kid that was born yesterday?! But then… Why does she have a love token from the Tang family? And it was something she had worn since young till now. Can she not get married? No! What to do? She was only eighteen years old. The law states that girls can only marry once they reach twenty years of age! Oh, they’re not going to register here, so they didn’t need to wait till she reached twenty! Highlight 1:“Hello, may I know how to get to the Tang family residence?” With a smile on her face, Liu Li looked at the address on her phone as she asked a driver who had stopped at the side of the road for directions. Then, her gaze traveled upwards. A man had opened the car door and gotten out of the car, standing in front of her. He was almost 30cm taller than her! Liu Li couldn’t help but stare. Finally, the kind hearted driver personally escorted her to the Tang family residence. Wait a minute, he’s the Tang family’s eldest son…Her fiance!!! Highlight 2: “Do you know that I’m only eighteen years old?” With an indifferent look on his face, the man glanced at her cooly but didn’t respond. Liu Li puffed up her chest, summoning her courage as she continued, “So, you can’t force a little girl to do something she doesn’t want to do! “I have a list of rules so that we’ll get along after marriage, and we’ll abide by them together. “First, I sleep on the bed, and you sleep on the couch. If you’re not happy with that, we can do it the other way around too! “Second, we’ll pretend we don’t know each other if we see each other in public. Of course, you can’t call me ‘wife’ or ‘darling’ either. “Third, this marriage will go on for two years. We’ll sign the divorce agreement first in case you regret it when the time comes.“Fourth, you have to give me an allowance every month. If you can’t give me one thousand, five hundred is fine too!”

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