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Chapter 115

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Chapter 115-Mysterious Old Man Part 2


“It’s better for you to familiarise yourself with a warlock’s skills first. Don’t be too greedy, as you won’t be able to absorb all of it. If you want both sides to be compatible with each other, you have to have an even deeper understanding of them.’ Xiu pointed out to her.


Shen Yanxiao could only drop that idea that she’d held, and continue fighting to the death with the warlock books in her hand.


During this time, a string of footsteps came from the stairs leading to the second floor.


Shen Yanxiao immediately put away the Light Congealing Crystal, then hid immediately afterwards in a dark spot.


The old man who was in charge of watching over the Warlock Tower carried a crystal lamp as he unhurriedly walked towards the pitch-blackness that encompassed the second floor. He quietly walked until he was before a bookcase, and prudently placed a pile of books from his hands on the bookcase. Afterwards, he turned around and returned to the first floor.


Seeing that the old man was leaving, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but be somewhat touched.


Within such a large tower, there was only an elderly man looking after it. He’d seemingly spent all of his time every single day mending these few books—putting his heart and soul into attending these books that hadn’t been touched in so long by anyone.


Shen Yanxiao walked to the place where the old man had previously placed some of the books, and took a few of them out.

They were just some cursing technique skill books and some notebooks.


Shen Yanxiao’s vision was very quickly drawn to an endlessly dilapidated sheepskin book. The old book had distinctly recorded notes on the inside, regarding every stage of a warlock’s path. Not only were there detailed about combination curse techniques even more was that, to the side, there were remarks regarding detailed circumstances of the single-based curse techniques that the combinational cursing techniques actually needed.

This notes were practically charcoal sent in the middle of winter toShen Yanxiao, as this was exactly the thing that she needed the most right now.  

When she reached the last page of the sheepskin book, she noticed a bold and vigorous signature.

‘Yun Qi. ‘


It was clear that this book full of notes had personally been written down by a person named Yun Qi, and seeing the the degree of dilapidation that the sheepskin cover had, this book had at least fifty to sixty years of history

Could it be that old man…


Shen Yanxiao very quickly struck down her own conjecture, as Xiu had already verified that there wasn’t a smidgen of magic and Dou Qi within that old man’s body. He was merely an ordinary old man who couldn’t possibly be any more normal. If he’d been an expert, it would be impossible for him to not have sensed her arrival these past few days.

No matter who this Yun Qi was, just this book of notes alone was very important to Shen Yanxiao. She immediately put the sheepskin book put into her storage ring. Afterwards, she quietly departed from the inside of the warlock tower.


The moment that Shen Yanxiao had exited, the warlock tower welcomed a rarely-seen guest.


“It’s been so many years already. Are you still not tired?” The guest was a white-bearded old man who seemed to be around sixty or seventy years old. He wore a white robe that covered his entire body, which appeared to be especially grandiose and elegant. Atop his aged appearance were a pair of penetrating eyes that carried the trace of a smiling expression.


The manager of the library who’d immersed himself within the pile of books unhurriedly lifted his head. Taking a glance at the guest, he once again lowered his head and continued mending the book in his hand.


“Why would I be tired? All of these books are the most precious pieces of wealth for warlocks; I can’t have them be lost at my hand. Contrarily, Ouyang Huanyu, the dean of the Holy Roland School, why do you seem to have the time to degrade your honour, and come to this place of mine?”


Unexpectedly, the guest who was currently paying a visit to the Warlock Tower wasn’t just anybody. He was precisely the world-famous dean of the Holy Roland School, Ouyang Huanyu, and was also the strongest magician in the Long Xuan Empire.


“I’m just here to see whether or not you, this old fogey, is still insisting on this meaningless task.” Ouyang Huanyu looked at the absolutely empty Warlock Tower and softly sighed.

It had once been a place where a galaxy of talents had gathered, but along with the withering of the warlock path, the warlock branch hadn’t recruited a single student in the past few decades.

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