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Chapter 397

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It was already extraordinary for common people to obtain a mid-level magical beast, and only a strong and influential family could give their younger generation a high-level magical beast.  As for the Mythological Beasts, even the king of a country would have difficulties obtaining them. In fact, if not for the agreement between the five great clans of Long Xuan Empire and the five ancient beasts, even they would not have been able to possess a Mythological Beast.


A newborn Phoenix was already a high-level rank eight magical beast, and after it had become an adult, its level would directly leap onto the level of Mythological Beast. Such a powerful magical beast would immediately cause a rain of blood as long as one appeared in sight of the world!


Here was one which would soon become a Mythological Beast. Who wouldn’t get excited by thinking of it?


‘A pair of Phoenixes can give birth to a young beast in thousands of years. This little one must be the two Phoenixes’ child, and it looks like it will be born soon. This time, in order to ensure that the chick will be born successfully, the Feng and Huang are protecting the nest,’ Xiu said unhurriedly, and even in such a fiery place, his voice was still as cold as snow.


Shen Yanxiao was lost in thoughts as she listened. Not only did she meet the legendary Phoenix this time, but she was also likely about to witness a small Phoenix breaking out of its shell.




Shen Yanxiao looked at the egg which was only half the size of the palm, then she looked at the two huge nests and silently said, "Isn't the Phoenix a big one? How come their child is... so small?"


In terms of volume, this current Phoenix's egg and an ordinary egg simply didn't have any difference at all!


Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly said, 'You have seen the Vermillion Bird's real form, so do you think that his present appearance and his real form are comparable?'


Vermillion Bird's real form...


Shen Yanxiao gazed into the distance. Vermillion Bird's real form wasn't any less than the two Phoenixes'. As for his current appearance...


Shen Yanxiao looked towards Vermillion Bird, but when she saw what Vermilion Bird was doing, she suddenly gasped.


She didn't know when did the proud young master get beside the Phoenix's egg, but he seemed rather curious as he looked at the timid little egg left and right. He even squatted down his body directly, stared at the red Phoenix's egg with a tilted head, and then stretched out his white and tender fingers to poke at it.


"Vermillion Bird, what are you doing?" Shen Yanxiao was astonished. What was the matter with Vermillion Bird? He didn't want to eat that egg, did he?


In her past life, she had heard that eggs were an endless delicacy for mammals. Wild beasts were often hovering near the birds' nests and eating the unborn birds from their nests while the parent birds were away.


But Vermillion Bird was also a bird ah!


He should not do such a cruel thing!


Shen Yanxiao could almost imagine that if Vermillion Bird really did swallow the egg, the two Phoenixes out there would hunt them to the ends of the world until they killed them.


It took a thousand years to brew an offspring, so for it just to be eaten by another magical beast —it would be strange if they wouldn't kill Vermillion Bird with all their might.


"Your expression is strange. I'm just a little curious and want to see it. Can you not look at me like I am going to eat it?" Vermillion Bird obviously felt his master’s emotional fluctuations, and he was very speechless. He was just a little curious; he didn't want to eat the same kind at all.


He and the Phoenix were both birds, okay!


On one side, he was whispering about his own master's logic, and on the other side, he was poking at the lovely egg a bit. Vermillion Bird poked and poked at it, and the next second, the hard shell under his fingertips had turned into a soft, furry touch.


"Chirp ~"

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