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Chapter 408

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In fact, the Phoenixes did not dare because of two reasons: first, because the mysterious man was too powerful; and second, because of their own child...

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Without the intention of making a move again, the two Phoenixes quickly turned into two huge flames. The flames were gradually shrinking as it slowly landed. The moment they stepped on the ground, the flames took on human forms, and only when the dazzling brilliance faded did a man and a woman appear in front of Shen Yanxiao.

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That man was extraordinarily handsome. His fire-colored hair was hanging down to the ground, and covering his whole body was a cheongsam that made out of flame feathers. His long and narrow phoenix eyes were proud and aloof, and between his eyebrows was a little dot of flame mark. Standing beside him was a woman wearing quite an elegant dress. Her appearance was also a first class beauty, only this time she was more petite and delicate. Her beauty made people couldn’t help but embrace her into their bosoms and protect her.

Once a magical beast reached the Mythological Beast level, they would have the ability to turn into a human form. This pair of man and woman before her were surely the two Phoenixes.

Vermillion Bird also took his human form and turned into a little kid. Above his head lay an even more petite little guy.

"Chirp~?" The little Phoenix seemed to be curious about the change in Vermillion Bird’s appearance. Its two little paws grasped Vermillion Bird’s hair, then shifted its body inside, leaving only its small head to look out.

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"My son is naughty, but still, please forgive him," the Phoenix with a male form said when he saw the twitching expression on Vermillion Bird’s face. He already guessed why the previous scene had broken out.

The magical beasts that had attained the level of Mythological Beast would mostly be aloof and cold. Suddenly being mounted on like a glue by another beast’s child would certainly make them feel uncomfortable.

Vermillion Bird coldy humphed and didn’t say anything. Being defeated by these two Phoenixes had really destroyed his self-esteem. He was secretly depressed. If it wasn’t for the injuries on his body, these two Phoenixes wouldn’t even be his opponents.

Shen Yanxiao naturally understood Vermillion Bird’s proud temperament, but the two Phoenixes didn’t seem unreasonable. Previously, before they fought each other, they had seen Vermillion Bird acting rude against the little Phoenix.

In the final analysis ...

It was Vermillion Bird that had provoked this disaster!

"It’s not important; this is all just a misunderstanding," Shen Yanxiao smiled.

The dainty female Phoenix looked at the male Phoenix before shifting her gaze to look at the little Phoenix on top of Vermillion Bird’s head. And in a wronged tone she said, "In fact, on normal days, we won’t attack you so rashly, but our child was about to be born at this time. Several groups of people had already tried to snatch our children previously, so we began to panic. That’s why in the nest, we were hostile to see younger brother throwing our child out and see that you were all human beings. But seeing that this younger brother is actually a Mythological Beast, we presume that our child isn’t your goal.” The Phoenix's voice was soft and sweet. It was especially comfortable in the ears when listening.

As Xiu had said, the Phoenix was naturally arrogant, but its nature was very good. It would seldom take the initiative in attacking others. The brutal behavior they had today was because they were annoyed by the humans who had tried to rob their child previously. It must be said that they had taken a lot of years to nurture the little Phoenix, so it was no wonder how important the little Phoenix was to them. That was also why when human beings kept on stealing their egg continuously, it had reached their bottom line.

When they saw clearly that this person before them was a Mythological Beast, their anger began to subside.

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In Vermillion Bird’s case, he was stronger than either of them. If they hadn’t teamed up together, they probably would not have been Vermillion Bird’s opponents.

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