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Chapter 138: Naming Her Fuyun

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Xue Fanxin was almost done resting. She stood up with difficulty and came to the kneeling woman, examining her carefully.

She was not bad-looking and was not so cold or self-righteous. In fact, she was a well-behaved and diligent girl. At the same time, she had her own tenacity and principles.

Once such a person sacrificed their loyalty, they would never change.

“May I ask your name?” Xue Fanxin asked politely. She had a faint smile on her face, expressing her goodwill. There was no disdain or contempt in her eyes.

The woman first kowtowed to Xue Fanxin, then answered respectfully, “Replying to the Imperial Consort, my strength is insufficient and I have yet to reach the Spirit Transformation Realm, so I only have a number and no name. I am number 40, ranked 40th among the Night Shadow Guards, belonging to the bottom rank.”

The woman did not have an inferiority complex when she introduced herself. She spoke the truth very seriously.

On the other hand, Zhuiyue threw a look of disdain at the woman. She raised her chin and revealed an arrogant expression, acting like she was superior to everyone else. From time to time, she would cast a meaningful gaze at Ye Jiushang. Unfortunately, she did not receive any response.

Xue Fanxin did not even look at Zhuiyue. Her attention was all on the woman in front of her as she asked, “Are you willing to be my personal maid and guard?”

“I’ll follow your orders, Your Highness.” The woman kowtowed to Xue Fanxin again.

“Very good. Then you can work by my side in the future, but you have to have a name. Ah Jiu, give her a name.”

“From today onwards, she is yours, so the name should naturally be given by you,” Ye Jiushang said gently. There was only Xue Fanxin in his eyes, and he regarded everyone else as air, especially women.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhuiyue was so angry that her fingers pinched into her flesh.

A lowly person who had come from outside had no status, background, or even strength. She was also so ugly. Forget about being unworthy of the Lord, she did not even have the right to make her be her guard. She despised such people.

Just you wait. When the Lord gets tired of playing with you, he’ll definitely abandon you.

Xue Fanxin could not be bothered by other people’s thoughts. She pondered about what name would suit her new maid. “You can call yourself Fuyun in the future.”

“Fuyun thanks the Imperial Consort for bestowing me with a name.” Fuyun kowtowed to Xue Fanxin again. Every time she spoke, she would kowtow, and there was no hint of dissatisfaction in her words.

“Alright, you may rise. There’s no need to keep kneeling. Bring me to take a bath and have a good sleep. We’ll talk about the rest after I wake up. Ah Jiu, what are my sleeping arrangements?” Xue Fanxin looked at Ye Jiushang, who was standing elegantly by the side, and asked casually as if this was a normal conversation between friends.

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However, to Zhuiyue, this ordinary conversation was considered a great disrespect to Ye Jiushang. She wished she could reprimand Xue Fanxin, but she did not dare to speak carelessly, afraid that she would make Ye Jiushang unhappy.

From beginning to end, Ye Jiushang did not show any strange actions. He sat there indifferently. Apart from being gentle and doting towards Xue Fanxin, he was extremely cold to everyone, including Zhuri. “In this estate, you can stay wherever you want. Pick any room you want.”

“You said it yourself. I won’t hold back. Fuyun, let’s go.” Xue Fanxin was really not polite at all as she brought Fuyun to choose her room.

Zhuiyue watched Xue Fanxin leave with envy and hatred. Her hands clenched even more tightly, her fingers almost digging into her flesh.

She really did not understand how such an ugly waste could obtain the favor of the Lord.. If even such a person could enter the Lord’s eyes, wouldn’t she be even more capable?

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