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Chapter 215: Too Vicious

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Chapter 215 Too Vicious

When Xue Fanxin heard Su Baifeng’s words, she was incensed and decided to teach her a lesson.

If you dare to call me ugly, I’ll make you ugly. “What are you doing?” Ye Jiushang saw Xue Fanxin take out a bag of medicinal powder from her space and asked curiously

“This is the itching powder that I developed with the herbs I plundered from the Hundred Herbs Hall during my free time. I added some ingredients to it, increasing the effects by ten times. If I sprinkle it on Su Baifeng’s face, she will scratch her own face and become an ugly monster.”

“That’s a good idea, but how exactly are you going to do that?”

“This is indeed a problem.” Xue Fanxin stroked her chin and racked her mind on how to do the deed without anyone noticing.

“Give it to me.” Ye Jiushang took the bag from Xue Fanxin’s hand and opened it, gently waving at the itching powder.

The itching powder seemed to come alive and drifted towards Su Baifeng along with the air, silently settling on her face. Furthermore, it only landed on her face, not even touching Huangyi beside her.

Since it was night, even though the moonlight was bright, these tiny particles were difficult to notice with the naked eye.

Su Baifeng did not feel anything at all and was still mocking Xue Fanxin. Only then would she feel comfortable and satisfied. “What’s so good about Xue Fanxin? She used to like a man called Yi Tian, but for some reason, she’s pestering His Highness now?


“Such a fickle woman. She’s ugly and doesn’t have a background. She’s not qualified to stand by His Highness’s side at all. In fact, she’s not even worthy of being His Highness’s maid.”

Actually, she really wanted to run to the Ninth Lord’s Estate and cause a scene like Princess Yun Qiao, but no matter how much she thought about it, she had to suppress this impulse. Otherwise, it would only ruin things.

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“Miss, it’s late at night. You should go back and rest early. There are many things waiting for you to do tomorrow!” Huangyi listened to Su Baifeng complain about Xue Fanxin. She was tired of hearing those words again and again.

So what if Xue Fanxin is ugly? The Ninth Imperial Uncle likes her! Huangyi did not dare to say such a thing. She only muttered it in her heart.

After venting her emotions, Su Baifeng felt much better. At this moment, she suddenly felt slightly cold, and her face was also a little itchy. She listened to Huangyi’s suggestion and decided to return to her room.

“Let’s go. I still have to enter the palace tomorrow. I’ll see if the emperor is willing to see me.”

That damned Heavenly Saints Emperor had actually hidden himself after locking her father in the prison. How hateful.

Seeing Su Baifeng scratching her face from time to time, Xue Fanxin was secretly delighted. Once the other party went away, she emerged from the roof and said smugly, “How dare you call me ugly? I’ll make you ugly.” “Your itching powder might not have much effect. Su Baifeng’s cultivation level is not low. She’s influenced by her mother and knows more about poison than ordinary people. Your itching powder will be cured by her in a few days,” Ye Jiushang said.

“If I can make her ugly for a few days, so be it. I’ll deal with her when I have the chance in the future. At that time, I’ll definitely develop an even more powerful itching powder that will prickle her to death.” “Why must it be the itching powder? Can’t it be another poison?”

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“Ah Jiu, have you ever felt like you were itching so much that you wanted to skin yourself?”

When Little Lei heard Xue Fanxin say this the moment he returned, he was so frightened that he almost lost his balance and fell from the roof.

Oh my god!

This woman is too vicious.

It seemed like he had to stay away from her in the future lest he skinned himself.

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