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Chapter 229: Chapter 229

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Chapter 229 You Want to Go Too

Xue Fanxin was stuck to her face by something. After overcoming her shock, she saw that it was the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace.

After she threw it into the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space, it got bored. Finally, when its master came, it pounced on her and kissed her cheeks. If it could speak, it would definitely chatter non-stop. You woke me up but left me here. How mean.

“Little Furnace, what are you doing?” Xue Fanxin removed the furnace from her face and placed it in her palm. She looked at its lively movements as if it was complaining to her. She felt that it was interesting and extremely cute.

However, as she watched, she recalled the herbs she had bought at the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company some time ago. She wanted to use them to refine pills and earn some money, but she had been too busy recently and forgot about them.

But it was not too late to remember now.

The tomb of the Spacetime Emperor was definitely filled with danger. She had to have medicine for possible injuries.

“Little Furnace, quickly help me refine some pills. In two days, I’m going to a dangerous place. I have to bring some medicine with me. Not only that, but I also have to bring more food and water. There are also clothes, blankets, tents…”

Anyway, she had the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space. There was no harm in bringing more of these things.

Xue Fanxin spent the entire night refining pills in the space and used up all the herbs. She only finished when the sky was about to brighten. The next morning, she got up early to do other things and got Fuyun to instruct the people in the kitchen to prepare all kinds of ingredients for her, as well as firewood, oil, salt, and vinegar tea. Furthermore, she wanted a lot of them. Just the pork and mutton were in dozens of catties, not counting chickens, ducks, and fish.

Fuyun was stunned and a bit puzzled. She asked in confusion, “Your Highness, why do you want so much meat? Are you going to make that hotpot?” Even if she was making hotpot, she wouldn’t need so much food, right? “No, I’m going out tomorrow and will probably spend some time there. I’m bringing more food and ingredients for emergencies. Get someone to prepare some light clothes and tents. Actually, throw in some extra tents, both big and small.”

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“Your Highness, are you going out with His Highness?” Fuyun asked nervously. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to.

Xue Fanxin saw through Fuyun’s thoughts at a glance and asked directly, “You want to go


Fuyun nodded. “Yes, I want to go out with Consort to broaden my horizons.”

“But this trip will be dangerous. You might even lose your life. Do you still want to accompany me?”

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“I’m not afraid of death. I beg you to bring me along.” Fuyun knelt on one knee in front of Xue Fanxin. Her attitude was firm and uncaring of death.

She did not want to be mediocre and do nothing for the rest of her life. Only by following important figures like the lord and consort could she at least become a capable expert like Zhuri. Even if she was only a follower, she would be a top figure among followers.

Xue Fanxin understood Fuyun’s desire to get stronger and respected her decision. “Alright, I’ll take you with me. But I’ll make it clear first. That place is full of dangers and unknowns. You have to be mentally prepared.”

“Fortune favors the brave. The strong survive in adversity. I understand.”

If she remained cooped up in the Lord’s Estate, no matter how hard she cultivated, she would not have many achievements. Only by going out to broaden her horizons and experiencing more things could she perhaps gain new insights.

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