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Chapter 242: Eye of the Aurora

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Chapter 242 Eye of the Aurora

Xue Fanxin was freaked out and had lost all her composure. She was screaming her lungs out, but when Ye Jiushang pulled her back, even if he was only holding her hand and her body was still falling, she was no longer so panicked. Through the warmth and gentleness of his palm, she knew that she was not alone.

The words ‘don’t be afraid’ were like a flame in the darkness. It made her feel the warmth and gave her hope.

Ye Jiushang grabbed Xue Fanxin’s hand and pulled her tightly. With his other hand, he took out a Night Pearl from his interspatial ring, which illuminated the surroundings. Not only did he see Xue Fanxin, but he also saw Little Lei, Zhuri, and Fuyun, who were also falling rapidly not far away, like them.

This place was like a void passageway. The surroundings were gray and there was nothing. They could not see the bottom either, so they could only keep falling like this. “Ah…” Little Lei screamed like a pig being slaughtered. His cries were ear-piercing, and he hugged the little white tiger tightly in his arms, almost strangling it to death.

The little white tiger did not know why it had bumped into Little Lei when it was swallowed into the water jade coffin by the whirlpool. It was even hugged tightly by Little Lei. It almost couldn’t breathe and struggle, making it depressed.

“Awroo, awroo…”

Boohoo, it didn’t want to be with this guy. It wanted to follow its master…

“Awroo, awroo…” The little white tiger was in the dark void passageway and was really uncomfortable being hugged by Little Lei. Hence, its instincts kicked off, and its eyes turned crystal white, emitting a bright white light. The little white tiger could see everything around it clearly no matter how far away it


The first thing the little white tiger thought of was not how to find a safe place but Xue Fanxin. Seeing that she was not far from it and was with Ye Jiushang, it struggled with all its might to break free from Little Lei’s embrace and jump towards Xue Fanxin. It landed on her shoulders and waited there.

“Little tiger, how did you jump over?” Xue Fanxin looked at the little guy who was resting on her shoulder and found it unbelievable.

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Her body was falling rapidly. Even Ah Jiu had to expend a lot of effort to pull her back, but this little guy could actually jump over and even stay on her shoulder effortlessly…

Something was wrong!

Ye Jiushang also noticed the abnormality. In particular, the little white tiger’s glowing eyes shocked him.

It was the Eye of Aurora.

He had not expected this little guy to activate the Eye of Aurora. He had underestimated it.

When the little white tiger jumped over, a crazy and furious roar sounded from Little Lei’s side. “Damn tiger, how dare you leave me? I’ll skin you alive later. Ah…”

The little white tiger nestled on Xue Fanxin’s shoulder and could not be bothered about Little Lei. He could scream as much as he wanted; its master would protect it.

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Just as its nerves were about to relax, its body was suddenly picked up by someone, startling

“Awroo, awroo…”

“Go, find the exit of this tunnel.” Ye Jiushang threw the tiger out after giving the order.

“Awroo, awroo…” The poor guy’s small body was thrown into the void just like that, and it let out a sorrowful cry.

Boohoo… It just wanted to follow its master. Why was it so difficult?

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