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Chapter 247: So Many Treasures

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Chapter 247 So Many Treasures

Ye Jiushang’s face darkened when his intimate moment was disturbed. He was furious and wished he could tear Little Lei apart.

Every time, Little Lei would spoil his fun. It seemed like he had to find a time to teach this guy how to act.

Hearing Little Lei’s cry, Xue Fanxin was concerned that this guy would barge in rashly, so she quickly escaped Ye Jiushang’s arms.

This further fueled Ye Jiushang’s rage. He wanted to hang Little Lei and beat him up, then skin him alive.

Little Lei did not enter the tent. He had no idea how dark Ye Jiushang’s face was and how furious he was. He was even shouting excitedly from outside, “Master, Master, come and look. Quickly look. Wow… There are so many treasures!”

In the tent, Xue Fanxin mourned for Little Lei in her heart while pondering about how to calm Ye Jiushang down. Unexpectedly, she heard Little Lei shouting outside, “There are so many treasures!”

Xue Fanxin did not have the mood to think about anything else. She ignored the black-faced Ye Jiushang and rushed out of the tent, yelling excitedly, “Where’re the treasures? Where are the treasures?”

Ye Jiushang’s face turned even darker. It was black as a pot now. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, secretly deciding that he would definitely teach Little Lei a lesson later. Fuming with anger, he took out clean clothes from his interspatial ring and wore them himself before leaving the tent.

He wanted to see what treasures were outside that could make Little Lei so excited.


At this moment, Little Lei was guarding a huge pit not far away. Zhuri and Fuyun were with him. The three of them stared intently at the things in the pit. All of them were in stunned excitement.

Little Lei was even more exaggerated. He held a large purple crystal in his hand and sat on the ground smiling happily. From time to time, he would shout loudly, completely unaware that his actions had already angered a certain lord.

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“Purple Crystals, there are so many Purple Crystals. Haha… Master, Master, quickly come, quickly come. There are so many treasures here.

“This is the real treasure! The things that idiot woman has are all trash.

“Master, see. There are so many treasures.”

While Ye Jiushang was still in the tent, he could already hear the pitter-patter of Little Lei’s voice. He was very frustrated and swore to himself that he would definitely make Little Lei sorry later.

When Xue Fanxin heard Little Lei’s voice, she also got excited. She had long forgotten about a certain lord’s emotions. Now, she only wanted to know what the treasure was. She hurriedly walked over and saw the shiny crystals in the large pit. There were all kinds of colors, and there were many indescribable natural treasures. Her eyes were wide open.

“There are really a lot of treasures.”

But why were there so many treasures here?

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No matter how ordinary a tomb was, it would not place burial items like this, let alone this was not an ordinary tomb.

Something was wrong. These treasures might not be good. They might die if they took them.

“Girl, do you see that? This is what a treasure is. The things you took previously were all trash. Do you know what this is? Purple Crystals are countless times rarer than your green crystal. And this, that…” When Little Lei saw Xue Fanxin, he kept holding the treasures in the pit for her to see. He was thrilled, and his entire person was immersed in the world surrounded by treasures.

Xue Fanxin was not tempted by them. Instead, she looked at Little Lei’s abnormal actions and then at Zhuri and Fuyun. They seemed to be a little off.

Could there really be something wrong with these treasures?

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