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Chapter 333: The Wrath of Fanxin (1)

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When Su Baifeng’s sharp cry sounded, the black light on Ye Jiushang’s body seemed to become stronger and the purple light weakened.

Xue Fanxin was enraged. Her face was filled with killing intent.

“Little Lei, you and Zhuri stay here to guard Ah Jiu. The rest of you, be on alert, just in case. As for that damned woman surnamed Su, leave her to me. Su Baifeng, since you want to die so much, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Seeing Xue Fanxin walk out with a murderous aura, everyone’s hearts trembled. They felt uneasy.

Although the usual Xue Fanxin was eccentric, a bit crafty, and a little barbaric, she was still quite easygoing. Even when she hit people, she was filled with joy and was very lively and cheerful.

However, Xue Fanxin of now was quite terrifying. Her gaze was filled with killing intent. She could scare people to death from afar.

Once Xue Fanxin got angry, she was so terrifying. Everyone in the room decided that they must not casually provoke this woman. Otherwise, they would be in for a beating.

That stupid woman with the surname Su was going to be in trouble.

Su Baifeng was in a miserable state. She looked furious and wanted to rush into Xue Fanxin’s stone house, but she did not dare to. Hence, she could only scold from the outside.

“Xue Fanxin, you slut. Get the hell out here.”

Su Baifeng’s clothes were filthy, her hair was messy, and there were new injuries on her face. She was pitiful and enraged. Maybe because blood had rushed to her head that she ran over to vent her anger on Xue Fanxin.

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A powerful sword aura attacked her out of the blue. If she had not dodged in time, she would have been slashed into two.

Xue Fanxin walked out of the courtyard with the Xue You Sword in hand. She attacked Su Baifeng right away, lest those curses affected Ye Jiushang again.

Su Baifeng actually felt afraid. However, she was unwilling to admit her fear and could not let Xue Fanxin overpower her. The huge difference fueled her anger. She pointed at Xue Fanxin and scolded, “It’s all because of you, slut, that I am in this state. Xue Fanxin, since you have made me suffer, I won’t let you live well either.”

She ordered her followers to catch fish. When they approached the lake, they got entangled by the water vines. Everyone was dragged inside. Had she not sacrificed her followers and employed all her methods, she would have died in the lake.

Even if she had survived, her followers were almost all dead, with only one maidservant left. But what was the use of a cowardly maidservant?

“Then go die.” Xue Fanxin could not be bothered to waste her breath on Su Baifeng. The sword in her hand attacked again.

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Su Baifeng did not expect Xue Fanxin to really attack her. Furthermore, her strike was ruthless. She had no choice but to use all her ability to resist.

After exchanging one move, she realized Xue Fanxin had gotten stronger. This was an even greater blow to her.

A month ago, Xue Fanxin was merely a weakling who had just awakened her spirit. But now, she was in the Spirit Refining Realm. If another month passed, wouldn’t she reach the Spirit Transformation Realm or even surpass her?

No, this could not happen. She could not let Xue Fanxin surpass her, or she would never be able to snatch His Highness back. She had to get rid of Xue Fanxin as soon as possible.

“Xue Fanxin, today is the day you die.”

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