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Chapter 345: Bad News

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Xue Fanxin returned to the stone house. The black light on Ye Jiushang’s body had dissipated by now. She ran up to him happily and asked, “Ah Jiu, are you okay? Did that black light do anything to you?”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a little dark power. It can’t do anything to me.” Ye Jiushang stroked Xue Fanxin’s head gently. Then, he pulled her hand and looked at the snake bite. His eyes were filled with anger.

He knew that Su Baifeng had a Fine Blood Silver Snake, but he did not take it to heart. He never expected the snake to actually hurt his Xin’er.

Anyone who hurt Xin’er could forget about living in peace.

“I’m fine now. Xue Hanxi helped me expel the poison. I really have to thank him, or my hand might have been crippled. Ah Jiu, Su Baifeng fell into that crack. Do you think she’s dead?”

“There’s a tomb under the crack. She’s most likely still alive. If I’m not wrong, someone saved her.”

“Someone saved her? Who could there be in such a damned place? Did the Spacetime Emperor save her?”

This was impossible, right? How could the Spacetime Emperor save Su Baifeng?

“This is a tomb within a tomb. Apart from the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor, there is another tomb. Its owner must have saved her.” Ye Jiushang’s face revealed hints of concern. It was evident that Su Baifeng’s matter was bothering him.

If Su Baifeng was saved by the owner of the tomb, then she had most likely obtained the inheritance and was already outside. Hence, if they wanted to get rid of her, they had to wait.

“Ah Jiu, I really don’t understand. Why didn’t the owner save anyone but Su Baifeng? Did he have something to do with her?” Just the thought of Su Baifeng jumping around in glee annoyed Xue Fanxin.

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A scourge indeed lived for a thousand years. How could Su Baifeng easily die?

It seemed that the next time she faced Su Baifeng, she had to seize the opportunity to eliminate this scourge as soon as possible.

Ye Jiushang thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps it’s because Su Baifeng’s resentment is strong enough.”


“The tomb below is filled with vengeful spirits and grievances. These things have always been nourishing the master of the tomb. However, the master of the tomb is being suppressed by the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor. He’s merely a wisp of a remnant soul now, which has extremely strong grievances. If he wants to leave this place, he must find someone with as many grievances as him.”

He wondered if the Spacetime Emperor had expected this to happen.

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The suppressed vengeful spirit had escaped. This was not a good thing.

“Ah Jiu, I’m confused. What remnant soul, what vengeful spirit? What has this got to do with Su Baifeng?”

Little Lei happened to walk in with the little white tiger in his arms. He said arrogantly, “Master has already said it so clearly, but you still don’t understand. You’re really a fool. To put it simply, Su Baifeng’s resentment is strong enough. Her body can bear powerful vengeful spirits and remnant souls, so the owner of the tomb chose her as his host.”

In short, Su Baifeng had brought a powerful vengeful spirit out of the tomb and run outside to do evil.

In that case, things were really bad!

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