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Chapter 385

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Yi Fentian thought that by exposing Xue Fanxin, even if the others did not believe him, Xue Batian would definitely have doubts. But the outcome was different from his imagination. Not only did Xue Batian not have any doubts, but he also trusted Xue Fanxin.

Why was that?

“Duke, why won’t you believe me? You watched Xin’er grow up with your own eyes. You know better than anyone what she’s like. Look at this Xue Fanxin in front of you. Does she look like Xin’er?” Yi Fentian did not give up, still wanting Xue Batian to believe his words.

“Yi Fentian, do you know my son?” Xue Batian asked in return.

The question confused Yi Fentian. “Why are you mentioning him? We’re talking about Xue Fanxin.”

Xue Batian ignored Yi Fentian and continued, “My son is called Xue Feichen. He’s an extremely outstanding child, both talented and smart. At the age of fifteen, he reached the Spirit Refining Realm. This is already very impressive for people outside the Tongxuan Realm. Look at Xin’er again. She is exactly the same as her father. She is equally talented and smart, reaching the Spirit Refining Realm at the age of fifteen. For someone as outstanding as my son, how could his daughter be shabby? There is a reason why Xin’er has been stupid. Now that she has returned to normal, she is my real granddaughter.”

“This…” Yi Fentian was rendered speechless. Those words did make sense.

Had he made a mistake?

“My precious granddaughter got injured in her childhood. There were some problems with her mind. It was incomplete, which was why she was stupid. I never told anyone about this, nor do I want to, lest I bring unnecessary trouble to her. When she was pushed down the cliff by Li Yaoyao, she met Ye Jiushang at the bottom. He healed her injuries. Yi Fentian, this is the truth. If you have any doubts, just ask. I’ll give you a satisfactory answer.”

It had to be said that Xue Batian was smart, perfectly hiding Xue Fanxin’s identity.

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If word got out without an explanation, her identity would definitely be suspected. Someone could even use it to cause trouble.

Xue Batian clarified Xue Fanxin’s identity, even pulling Ye Jiushang into the mix. This would shut everyone’s mouths.

Yi Fentian stared at Xue Batian in disbelief, then looked at Xue Fanxin. He was so panicked that his mind was blank. He did not know what to do next.

He did not know why things had developed to this point. Not long ago, he and Xue Fanxin had been fine. He even said that he would take Xue Fanxin to eat delicious food and compensate her, but…

Why had things become like this?

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What went wrong?

“Hey, hey, hey, are you guys done? I’m going to start beating people up now,” Little Lei broke the atmosphere again.


To Little Lei, he only cared about the ten feasts. The rest did not matter. Anyway, Yi Fentian was a dead man to him.

Killing a bad person in exchange for ten feasts was worth it.

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