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Chapter 399: Visiting the Bai Family (2)

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Although Xue Fanxin said that she would visit the Bai family in two days, they were not sure if she would really come.

The Bai family had still made sufficient preparations. They stationed people at the door to welcome her early on and even sent people to the Ninth Lord’s Estate, asking if Xue Fanxin had gone out.

When they learned Xue Fanxin was coming, the Bai family immediately got busy. Not only did they have to welcome her, but they also had to do a lot of preparations, such as dealing with the person who had to be treated.

“Young Master Bai, the doctor we invited is already on the way. He’ll be here soon. I hope you can cooperate later and let her take a look at you.” The Bai family’s family head, Bai Feng, was talking to a white-clothed young master sitting in a wheelchair. His tone was filled with reverence and fear for the person.

The young master wore white clothes, sat in a white wheelchair, and even his hair was white.

“The doctor you’re talking about is that Ninth Imperial Consort from the Ninth Lord’s Estate?” the white-clothed young master asked coldly. There was some disdain in his eyes, and he was filled with arrogance. When he looked at Bai Feng, he gave a disgusted expression. Seeing that Bai Feng was a little close to him, he said unhappily, “Don’t get too close to me. Dirty.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Bai Feng was so frightened that he immediately retreated a few steps and distanced himself from the young master.

It couldn’t be helped. This Young Master Bai was obsessed with cleanliness. He could not tolerate even a speck of dust on his body, and the same went for the people near him. Otherwise, he would tell you to get lost. Whoever moved too slowly would be sent flying.

Although Bai Feng had withdrawn, he still felt that it was not safe, so he took two more steps back to be at ease. “Young Master Bai, although the Ninth Imperial Consort is a woman, her medical skills are very impressive. The Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, Gu Jinyuan, was cured by her. I think she can help you, so I invited her to see you.”

“How good can a doctor be in such a small place? I’m afraid her reputation is undeserved. I don’t need her to treat me. Let her go back.”

“Young Master Bai, she’s almost here. Why don’t we let her take a look? Perhaps she can really tell something? Just inviting her over has costed a million spirit coins. The starting price of treatment is ten million spirit coins. She said that she would decide the exact figure after seeing you, so…”

“A woman actually dares to ask for such a high price? Then I want to see how capable she is. Go and arrange it. Remember my rules.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll make the arrangements now.” Bai Feng finally convinced the arrogant and mysophobic young master in white. He felt that he had completed a huge mission and was quite relaxed.

However, he still had a lot to do. Thinking about it, he felt that it was not easy.

Xue Fanxin was treated politely by the Bai family, making her feel good. But they did not let her meet the patient and actually asked her to take a bath and change. It confused her.

“I’m only here to treat someone. Why should I take a bath and change?”

“Ninth Imperial Consort, I’m really sorry. That person has a very serious mysophobia. Anyone who wants to approach him within three steps must first take a bath and change into pure white clothes, so…” Bai Han was embarrassed and troubled.

“Why didn’t you make this clear earlier?”


If I had said it, would you have agreed to come?

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