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Chapter 406: Never Meet Again

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Bai Wuchen suddenly felt an invisible kingly aura from Xue Fanxin. It made people feel inexplicable reverence and fear from the bottom of their hearts.

What kind of woman was this Ninth Imperial Consort?

“We got off on the wrong foot. What must I do for you to change your mind? State your conditions. As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely satisfy you.” Bai Wuchen endured the frustration in his heart and forced himself to control his emotions. His rationality kept reminding him that he could not offend this girl again. If he missed an opportunity to regain the ability to stand, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Furthermore, provoking the Nine Cloud Palace was an extremely troublesome matter. He might suffer greatly, just like two years ago…

When he thought of the feces pit incident, Bai Wuchen was so afraid that his hair stood on end. He had thought of taking revenge on Nine Cloud Palace, but unfortunately, he did not even know where they were.

Most importantly, this girl’s medical skills were superb. He could not miss out on such a powerful doctor.

“I already said that I won’t treat you. You can continue to be your Young Master Feces Pit. We won’t meet again. Goodbye,” Xue Fanxin said, disregarding how ugly Bai Wuchen’s expression was.

“Young Master Feces Pit, I hope we really won’t meet again. If we meet again, haha…” Before Little Lei left, he did not forget to mock the guy. Just the thought of Bai Wuchen being soaked in the manure made him want to laugh.

Bai Wuchen’s expression was already ugly. When he heard Little Lei’s mocking laughter, his face was as black as the bottom of the pan.

Of these two people, one had amazing medical skills and the other was powerful. Their backgrounds were mysterious, and they were really not to be trifled with.

Xue Fanxin left just like that. She was really leaving. She was leaving, leaving…

The Bai family thought that Bai Wuchen would stop Xue Fanxin and then use forceful methods to force her to treat him. Who knew…

“No matter what method you use, you must invite this girl back to treat me. If you can’t even handle such a small matter, it’s time to change the people in charge here.” Bai Wuchen did not make things difficult for her. Instead, he targeted the Bai family. After giving his order, he controlled his wheelchair and flew away.

The Bai family looked at each other helplessly.

You were the one who offended her. Why should we invite her back? Xue Fanxin had a bad temper. It was not easy to smooth things over.

“Han’er, I’ll leave this to you,” Bai Feng said with an awkward smile, feeling a little guilty.

“Father, you were the ones who offended her. Why should I do it?” Bai Han said angrily. He was not only displeased with Bai Wuchen but also with his father.

His father’s attitude towards Xue Fanxin was bad from the start. He even wanted to force her to apologize to Bai Wuchen, but in the end?

“You’re more familiar with Xue Fanxin and have a little friendship. It’s best to leave this to you. Han’er, Young Master Bai’s identity is too special. We have to do as he says, or our entire Bai family will suffer. You should work harder.”

Actually, he did not want to do this either, but Bai Wuchen’s identity was extraordinary.

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