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Chapter 420: Team Up

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Xue Fanxin followed the imperial guards into the palace. On the way, she was thinking about a question: Why had the Heavenly Saints Emperor not interrogated her immediately but locked her up instead?

What was he doing for the past half a day?

She believed that it would not be long before she knew the answer.

The Heavenly Saints Emperor had been playing chess with Su Baifeng. He only left when Xue Fanxin came. Before leaving, he asked Su Baifeng again, “Are you really sure that the Ninth Imperial Uncle is not around?”

He waited because he wanted to see if Ye Jiushang would suddenly appear. If he did, he would immediately release her and push this matter to Su Baifeng. On the other hand, if he wasn’t here, he would make things difficult for Xue Fanxin, forcing her to hand over all the green crystals she had collected.

Now that half a day had passed and Ye Jiushang had not appeared, it proved that what Su Baifeng said was true. He could do what he wanted without worry.

After the Heavenly Saints Emperor left, Consort Su immediately came to Su Baifeng’s side and asked nervously, “Baifeng, do you think the Emperor will really deal with Xue Fanxin this time? Although he has removed my ban, I’m still very worried. That Ye Jiushang might return at any moment. If he returns, we…”

“That’s why we have to get rid of Xue Fanxin before he returns. If we don’t, the ones who will die will be us. Go to the Empress now and tell her that Xue Fanxin stole something from the Prime Minister’s Estate and framed the Duke of Zhongyi’s Estate. Fan the flames. We must make the Empress join our side. As for the Ghost King…” When Su Baifeng thought of the Ghost King, she became even more confident in getting rid of Xue Fanxin.

She did not believe that even so many people could not kill Xue Fanxin.

“Baifeng, you still want to join forces with the Ghost King? Don’t forget that back then, you even indirectly killed his mother. Although the Ghost King hates Ye Jiushang, he more or less hates you. It will be very dangerous.”

“No matter how much the Ghost King hates me, he won’t kill me, so don’t worry. You just have to follow my instructions. The Heavenly Saints Emperor has already gone to interrogate Xue Fanxin, so I should go and talk to the Ghost King.”

In the past, for Ye Jiushang, she would not seek the Ghost King for help no matter how difficult the situation was. But now, she did not mind it anymore.

She believed that the Ghost King would be very interested in this matter.

Su Baifeng made up her mind and left, but she did not know that a dark purple light was flickering in a corner.

When she left, the purple light disappeared as well. In an instant, it appeared in the Ninth Lord’s Estate and transformed into a human. The people in the courtyard swarmed over and pattered him with questions.

“Little Lei, you’ve been gone for so long. Did you find out anything? Xin’er asked us not to act rashly. Everyone has to stay in the Lord’s Estate. This is making me anxious.” Xue Batian wanted to rush out to save his granddaughter.

When the people from the Ministry of Justice took her away, he almost attacked. However, he was stopped by his granddaughter.

“Little Lei, tell us what’s going on,” Zhuri asked anxiously.

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