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Chapter 423: Courting Death

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Xue Fanxin used a scheme to buy half a day.

The Heavenly Saints Emperor was a cowardly and suspicious person. He was ambitious but did not have the guts, and he was indecisive. Although he wanted to take back those green crystals, he was afraid. He hesitated a few times, eventually agreeing to wait for half a day.

If anything huge happened, he would have to change his strategy and try his best to prioritize his own interests.

In this half a day, with the help of Little Lei, Gu Jinyuan, and the others, the four great families and the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company all took action. There was no need to mention the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. As for the four great families, their minds were much clearer than the Heavenly Saints Emperor. They knew what was really powerful about Xue Fanxin and knew how much potential this little girl had. They were not stupid enough to go against her for some small benefits.

Among the four great families, even the Xue family immediately responded, choosing to stand on her side, let alone the others.

Although the Heavenly Saints Empire was ruled by the Heavenly Saints Emperor, the imperial authority was controlled by the four great families. If they joined forces, they could change the ruler of the Heavenly Saints Empire at any time. But going that far might not be a good thing for the four great families, so they had never thought of doing such a thing.

“Pass down my orders. All the forces that the Xue family has distributed in Heavenly Saints City will be mobilized. Everything related to the royal family will be stopped, especially business dealings. All supplies to the palace will be halted.”

This was an order from Xue Lianfeng.

Xue Hanxi listened from the side and was satisfied. Just as he was about to carry out the order, Su Wanlian ran out and scolded, “Xue Lianfeng, what do you mean by this? Are you going against the Prime Minister’s Estate? I don’t ask you to help the Prime Minister’s Estate, but you can’t help Xue Fanxin either.”

She had just received a secret letter from Su Baifeng. She wanted to join forces to deal with Xue Fanxin, so she had to think of a way to use the Xue family’s power. When she was about to take action, she heard Xue Lianfeng’s orders and was so angry that she couldn’t help but rush in and scold him.

Xue Lianfeng ignored her and said to Xue Hanxi as if nothing had happened, “Do as I say. No matter what, we have to win some favor from Xue Fanxin.”

Yes, in order to win a little favor from Xue Fanxin, they had to work so hard, but it was worth it.

Su Wanlian could not understand Xue Lianfeng’s actions. She only felt that he was biased towards Xue Fanxin and would not hesitate to go against her family for her. This was unacceptable for her, and she was raging. “Xue Lianfeng, are you really going to treat me like this?”

“It’s not that I want to treat you like this, but your Prime Minister’s Estate is courting death. Do you really think that Xue Fanxin is so easy to handle? Anyone with a little brain will avoid confronting her. You’re stupid, but we won’t be stupid with you. So what if Ye Jiushang isn’t around? Just that young man by her side can raze your entire Prime Minister’s Estate to the ground with a slap. Adding the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, these two forces alone are something your Prime Minister’s Estate can’t deal with. You even want to fight with Xue Fanxin. It looks like Su Baifeng’s reputation is undeserved. How can such an idiot be called a talent?”

“How… how is this possible?” Su Wanlian’s mind was blank, and her heart was a mess. She had already forgotten why she was here.

Was it really as Xue Lianfeng said? Was their Prime Minister’s Estate courting death?

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