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Chapter 456: Out of Skills

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Xue Fanxin did not want Ye Jiushang to take any risks, so she did not let Little Lei send them back. Instead, she set up a tent on the spot and treated Ye Jiushang in the destroyed Spirit Origin Mountain Range.

Anyway, she had medicine with her and medical tools. As long as she set up a tent and set up a suitable environment, there would be no problem.

However, Ah Jiu’s injuries were really serious. It was impossible to treat them with the Yin Yang Nine Needles Art alone, and the effects were not very great. The other medicines were also ineffective, including the painkillers. Even if Ah Jiu was unconscious, he was in so much pain that his brows were furrowed. He even had a high fever.

“Why is his condition deteriorating?” Xue Fanxin realized that her medical skills were insufficient. She had tried everything but to no avail. At this moment, she felt like she had run out of tricks and wished her medical skills could be better.

Apart from the Yin Yang Nine Needles Art, her medical skills did not seem to be of much use here. She could only diagnose the illness by taking the pulse. The other medical theories could only treat some common illnesses and nurse the body. She really could not do anything about the injuries caused by spirit energy.

“Woman, don’t you know how to use spirit energy to treat Master?” Little Lei was also concerned as he watched from the side. Although he did not know medicine, he had seen quite a few doctors treat people. The most common method was to use spirit energy in the treatment.

But if this idiot woman did not understand such a common method, how could he not be anxious?

“How can I use spirit energy to treat him?” Xue Fanxin really did not know the method. After all, she had not been in this world for long and understood very little. If she had not met Ah Jiu, she might be even more ignorant.

“I’m not a doctor. How would I know? Aren’t you a doctor?”

“I’m a, but I’ve never learned to use spirit energy to treat people.”

“It looks like you’re not omnipotent either.” Little Lei rolled his eyes at Xue Fanxin. Not expecting much from her, he thought of a way himself and said whatever came to mind, “Don’t you know how to refine pills? Refining a Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill will definitely save Master.”

“Bone Regeneration Pill?”

“Forget it, forget it. This Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill disappeared even over there. You definitely won’t be able to refine it.” Little Lei thought of the most effective method, but he quickly overthrew it.

With this idiot’s low-level pill refining skills, even if she had the pill formula, she would not be able to refine it.

Furthermore, the pill formula for the Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill had long been lost. This method was unrealistic…

While he did not have any hope for the pill, he saw Xue Fanxin take out the Nine Revolutions Burning Yang Furnace. She even took out all kinds of spirit herbs that the four great clans had given her previously. She took out what she needed and even plucked a leaf from the Tree of Life that had just grown a small sprout in her space.

She had no choice. The Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill needed the juice of the Tree of Life. She could only pluck the sole tender leaf.

“Divine Tree of Life, I’m really sorry. I really need your juice now, so I’m sorry.”

The Bone and Flesh Regeneration Pill was in the new unlocked content of the Myriad Spirit Record. She had already gone to take a look. She had all the herbs she needed. The hardest to find was the sap of the Tree of Life.

Fortunately, the four great clans had sent her many precious spirit herbs previously. Otherwise, she would be worried about getting them.

No matter what, she had to refine the and Flesh Bone Regeneration Pill.

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