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Chapter 503: Thinking of a Solution

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Ruying picked up Little Lei, who was sleeping like a dead pig, from the bed and rushed to the front yard, throwing him down when they arrived.

Little Lei was no longer sleepy. When he was dragged out of the room by Ruying, he sensed a strange aura, realizing that there were quite a few powerful enemies. After arriving at the scene, he observed the situation first. He was shocked to see that ten black-clothed people could fight Ye Jiushang to a draw.

Up to now, apart from the Lord of the Nether City, he had never seen anyone who could fight with his master like this. Although the other party had the numbers advantage, this was not the main point.


“Ruying, who are these people?”

“Asura Warriors.” Ruying joined the battle, lending Ye Jiushang a hand.

Little Lei exclaimed, “Asura Warriors? Why are there Asura Warriors here? Oh my god! A disgusting thing like Asura Warriors actually ran here. Huhu, so terrifying. Master, Master, let me help you.”

Just then, Xue Fanxin ran over, but she was repelled by a powerful force and sent flying to the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Those Asura Warriors are not something you can deal with. I’m afraid you’ll be killed the moment you go up. Quickly retreat.” Little Lei did not immediately start fighting. Instead, he ran to Xue Fanxin and helped her up while stopping her from rushing into the battlefield.

“Little Lei, are those black-clothed people the Asura Warriors you mentioned?” Xue Fanxin had already realized that her strength was insignificant in such a battle. If she insisted on charging forward, not only would she be of no help, but she would also drag Ye Jiushang down. She could not let her emotions take over her as it would only harm others and herself.

However, it was really difficult for her to do nothing.

“Ruying said that they are Asura Warriors, so they must be.”

“Then do you know how to deal with these Asura Warriors? They seem to be very strong.”

“Of course the Asura Warriors are strong. They are all monsters that can’t be killed. They will only go down after exhausting their strength. However, every Asura Warrior is powerful and is very difficult to exhaust. I’m afraid you will lose your stamina before them.”

“Exhaust their strength?” Xue Fanxin pondered over Little Lei’s words and tried her best to think of a way to resolve the problem. This was because she could tell that Ye Jiushang did not have much of an advantage.

Those Asura Warriors were knocked down dozens of times but could still stand up and continue fighting as if nothing had happened. Furthermore, their bodies were tough, simply invulnerable. Every slash was like hitting at black iron, completely useless.

Facing such an enemy, fighting to the death was definitely not a wise move.

Ye Jiushang was using all his might. He barely forced them to a draw, not letting them have the energy to hurt others. When he saw Xue Fanxin run to the scene, he was a little distracted and accidentally fell to a disadvantage.

“Ruying, take the Consort away.”

“Yes.” Although Ruying was unwilling, he still retreated from the battle. He came to Xue Fanxin’s side and wanted to take her away. “Your Highness, please leave with me.”

Xue Fanxin was working hard to think of a way to deal with the Asura Warriors and did not notice Ruying approaching her. When she heard a noise, she waved her hand gently and said, “Don’t be noisy. I’m thinking of a solution.”

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