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Chapter 511: No Need to Serve

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Ye Jiushang was too tired. He lay down beside Xue Fanxin and fell asleep not long after, sleeping for an entire day. When he woke up, in another two hours, the sky lit up.

He looked at the girl who was still sleeping beside him. Seeing her cute sleeping posture, he could not help but kiss her cherry-like lips. He then traced her facial features with his slender fingers. Finally, he stood up reluctantly and left. He instructed the people outside the room not to disturb her.

Ruying and Suixing recovered after resting for most of the day. They were waiting for him in the study. When they saw him approach, they immediately tensed up. Especially Ruying, his heart was in his throat. He was afraid that Ye Jiushang would settle scores with him early.

Although Xue Fanxin was fine, it was a fact that he had defied his master’s orders.

The first rule of the Nine Cloud Palace: No matter when or where, you must listen to the orders of the higher-ups.

He hoped that his master would not punish him for the sake of his loyalty and devotion over the years. Even if he had to be punished, he should not suffer too much…

While Ruying was on tenterhooks, Ye Jiushang walked into the study and occupied the main seat. He did not speak immediately. Instead, he stared at the duo expressionlessly.

Suixing knew that Ruying had made a mistake and angered their master. He had no choice but to muster up the courage to break the ice. “Master, the Asura Warriors yesterday are related to the Heavenly Saints Emperor. I have already investigated. He used the Asura Black Badge and summoned the so-called Asura Envoy. His request was to not leave a single person alive in the Ninth Lord’s Estate.”

Ye Jiushang was still staring at Ruying. Everyone could sense the bone-piercing coldness in his body. Ruying was so frightened that he did not even dare to move. His heart was clenched tightly, and his entire body was covered in a cold sweat.

“In the future, you will be in charge of the matters in the Desolate Region. In two days, you can set off.” Ye Jiushang finally spoke, but his first sentence was to give Ruying a new mission.

Ruying’s face turned ashen. He was unwilling to take this mission, but he knew better what the outcome of disobeying orders was, so he had to accept it. “Yes.”

Not only were there very few people in the Desolate Region, but it was also filled with danger. Every day, they had to face a pile of yellow soil, and it was difficult to even see a green leaf. Going to such a place was a serious punishment.

His master was really powerful. He had punished him so silently.

Ye Jiushang did not care how miserable Ruying was. After assigning him the mission, he ignored him. Instead, he said to Suixing, “Suixing, you’re in charge of the Asura Hall. I want to investigate it completely.”


Neither Ruying nor Suixing dared to disobey. They could only listen to his orders.

Zhuri knocked on the door and entered to report, “Your Highness, the Ghost King requests to see you.”

“Bring him to the side courtyard. There’s no need to serve him. I’ll come over in a bit.”

“Yes.” Zhuri left. During this time, he did not dare to look around and speak nonsense. No matter how curious he was about Ruying and Suixing, he did not ask anything, minding his business.

However, by sending the Ghost King to the side courtyard and not serving him, he wondered if the Ghost King would kill him in a rage.

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