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Chapter 545: A Lesson

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Bai Wuchen was feeling depressed because of the title ‘Young Master Feces Pit.’ He wished to retort, but seeing Xue Fanxin’s sinister smile, he shuddered and had a bad premonition.

After interacting with this little woman a few times, he no longer dared to look down on her. He treated her as Ye Jiushang and did not think that he could provoke her like others.

If anyone dared to touch the treasure of the Lord of the Nine Cloud Palace, the outcome would be tragic.

He was forced to adapt. He would never go against Xue Fanxin.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, what happened last time was purely a misunderstanding. I came with sincerity today.”

“Sincerity? Where?” Xue Fanxin asked with a smile.

Bai Wuchen got her meaning, so he gestured to the person beside him.

The attendant stepped forward with a small box and handed it to Xue Fanxin with both hands. “Ninth Imperial Consort, this is a little token from my Young Master. Please accept it.”

“Thank you!” Xue Fanxin took it without hesitation. She opened the lid slightly and peeked inside. Just one look made her thrilled. With a satisfied smile, she closed the box and said to Bai Wuchen, “I know why you’re here. Appreciating your sincerity, I’ll also state my conditions.”

“Alright, I’ll try my best to fulfill them.” Bai Wuchen no longer had any hope that Xue Fanxin would treat him respectfully. As long as she was willing to speak to him, everything could be resolved.

He had no choice. After all, he could not defeat the Lord of the Nine Cloud Palace. His fists were not as strong as his, so he could only go with the flow.

“The consultation fee will start at 500,000, and the treatment fee will start at 5 million. The exact fee will be calculated according to the specific situation.”

“Alright, there’s no problem.”

“Don’t agree so quickly. Let me finish first. The so-called fee is not calculated in spirit coins.”

“Not in spirit coins?” Bai Wuchen suddenly had a bad feeling, as if he had been targeted by a wolf. His entire body went numb.

Xue Fanxin smiled and said, “In crystal coins.”

Hearing the word ‘crystal coins,’ Bai Wuchen could not help but cry out, “What did you say?”

He agreed so readily because he thought the currency would be spirit coins. Unexpectedly, she wanted crystal coins… Five million crystal coins was not a small sum. It was equivalent to half of the Bai family’s annual income.

Such a large number, he had to discuss it with the elders in the family.

This detestable Xue Fanxin had actually asked for so much. She was too shameless.

Xue Fanxin only knew that crystal coins were the common currency of the Mystic World. She did not know what kind of currency it was. When she saw Bai Wuchen’s reaction, she probably had some confidence. Five million crystal coins should be a considerable amount in Mystic World, but it was not an impossible sum either.

The Bai family could afford her fees, so she could start slaughtering without worry. It could also be considered a lesson for Bai Wuchen for bullying her that day.

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