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Chapter 569: The Only One I Want

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It was not difficult to leave Ghost Street. They only needed to come to the previous entrance and use the badge to exit.

When they used the badge, it turned into smoke and dissipated into the world.

Xue Fanxin asked in surprise, “Ah Jiu, what’s going on with that badge?”

“It can only be used once. To go there again, you have to obtain a new badge,” Ye Jiushang said indifferently.

“Is it difficult to get?”

“Ghost Street releases a batch of badges every year, so it’s not that difficult. Alright, now that the money has been spent, let’s return and finish up. We should set off for the Mystic Realm.” Ye Jiushang stroked Xue Fanxin’s head, his eyes filled with love.

“Yes, once we distribute the pills, the matter will be over. I want to see what will happen to the Blue Sea Villa after this batch of pills is thrown into the market. I’ve studied their pills. Ignoring the low grade, the most important thing is that there’s a problem with their pills.” Although Xue Fanxin had been busy with other things recently, she had not forgotten about her enemy, the Blue Sea Villa.

If it was only about Xiao Muyan, she would not hate them so much. However, they actually cast a Gu on her grandfather. This grudge was huge.

Before leaving, she would give those bastards a huge gift.

The Blue Sea Villa was aware that Zhu Hai was captured by Xue Fanxin. They also knew that his only son got killed by her people. Because of this, the Master of the Blue Sea Villa was enraged and personally brought people to Heavenly Saints City, planning to settle scores with her.

Xiao Muyan also came, but he was still recuperating. His legs had been broken and had yet to recover. He had to sit in a wheelchair when he went out and needed someone to serve him at all times.

Logically speaking, Xiao Muyan should have stayed in the villa, but he insisted on coming along for no other reason than to obtain Xue Fanxin’s acupuncture technique.

He did not care about Zhu Hai. The only thing he wanted was the acupuncture technique.

However, after coming to Heavenly Saints City and hearing quite a few things about Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang, especially when he found out that the four great clans and three great sects were all on their side, he had a bad feeling that something big was about to happen.

Nevertheless, he was not willing to give up easily. He had to obtain her acupuncture technique.

“Who exactly is this Ninth Lord? Why are the three great sects giving them so much face?” When the Master of the Blue Sea Villa, Qi Yuanzhan, heard about Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang, he was both furious and uneasy.

The Blue Sea Villa might have a little fame in the Tongxuan Realm, but it was a small and unknown villa in the Mystic Realm. It was not worthy of the attention of the three great sects.

Even the three great sects did not dare to provoke the Ninth Lord’s Estate. If their Blue Sea Villa insisted on going against them, they would probably not have a good outcome.

But if they did not counterattack, they would lose all their face. How could they gain a foothold in the Tongxuan Realm?

“Master, something bad has happened. I just heard another piece of news. The Ninth Lord’s Estate is doing some pill exchange activity. They said that as long as it’s something of value, it can be exchanged for pills.” The person in charge of intel ran back to report.

“Exchanging pills for treasures? I want to see what kind of pills this Ninth Lord’s Estate can take out.” Qi Yuanzhan punched the table, thinking about how to get back his face from the Ninth Lord’s Estate and save their Deputy Master.

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