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Chapter 590: A Little Lion Cub

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Xue Fanxin rested for half an hour before setting off. After walking for five kilometers to the east, she saw three rats attacking a young cub.

The cub was covered in injuries. In a few more moments, it would become food for the three earth-burrowing rats. However, it was still resisting with all its might. Several times, it got up but lay down again because its injuries were too heavy.

The three earth-burrowing rats did not seem to be that hungry. They were not in a hurry to eat the cub. Instead, they treated it as a toy. When the little cub stood up, they would slap it down.

Xue Fanxin already knew how powerful a Rank Three demonic beast was, so she did not act rashly. She approached the scene like a hunter. She realized that the cub was getting abused. The sense of justice in her maiden heart surged.

However, if she directly faced the three rats, she did not have much chance of winning. At most, she could barely survive.

She could definitely escape, but saving the cub would be difficult. Furthermore, her goal this time was to fight. She could not escape before killing these rats.

What should she do?

While she was at a loss, the three rats seemed to have gotten tired of playing and planned to share the little cub.

In such an urgent situation, how could Xue Fanxin have time to think of a way? She used the Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance and used a group of butterflies as a diversion and blocked the sight of the rats. Then, she rushed over and carried the little cub away.

The earth-burrowing rats resolved her Heavenly Spirit Butterfly Dance and charged toward her.

“Go.” Xue Fanxin threw the little cub into the distance and let it escape while she dealt with the three rats.

She would no longer waste her energy fighting randomly. With her current cultivation level, she could not break through the defense of the Rank Three demonic beasts at all. She could only attack their weaknesses.

However, the three rats kept attacking her and consciously protected their weakness. She couldn’t find an opportunity.

The little cub saw that Xue Fanxin had fallen into extreme danger because of it and got anxious. It wanted to run back and help, but its small body was too heavily injured. After taking a few steps, it collapsed again.

Xue Fanxin had never counted on the little cub to help her. When she saw that it had not escaped, she shouted, “Leave. I’ll be fine. Hurry up.”

She wondered if this little cub could understand human language. If it could not, that would be tragic.

The little cub indeed did not understand her, but it could roughly guess. After hesitating for a long time, it finally ran in the opposite direction.

Xue Fanxin heaved a sigh of relief and focused all her energy on the battle.

The three rats were indeed powerful, but she knew their weaknesses. There was a chance of winning this battle.

“Come on, come on! If you have the ability, jump up! Come on!” Xue Fanxin jumped up against a large tree as she provoked an earth-burrowing rat below.

The earth-burrowing rat felt provoked. It jumped up and wanted to bite Xue Fanxin, but its neck was pierced by a golden needle instead. It was in so much pain that it plunged from the air and rolled on the ground.

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